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Ok my friend code is in my sig if anyone wants to play co-op and stuff.

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Unclaimed Orders Center

Total: 1 (Qualified: 1) (Unqualified: 0)
Snip your posts.

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i cant find touching edge button…

Africansavannah07 wrote:

i can't find touching edge button…

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Neither can I. Something is wrong with scratch there is not all of the scratch blocks on the side of the screen

By default, it is this:
<touching [mouse-pointer v] ?>
Click the dropdown box to change it from mouse-pointer to edge
<touching [edge v] ?>
macpotato in 質問コーナー3 at 12:35:03 PM 22/2/20203849512
I finished one of @RedGuy7's orders:
Déjà pour bouger l'arrière-plan tu devrais en faire un objet qui dès qu'il reçoit l'ordre de bouger, il va bouger aléatoirement, puis ce remettre a sa position d'origine, pour les sprites fais en des clones qui bougerons avec l'arrière plan

exemple :
quand le drapeau vert pressé
répéter indéfiniment
si <ennemi touché > alors
répéter (10) fois
ajouter (nombre aléatoire entre (0) et (10)) à x
ajouter (nombre aléatoire entre (0) et (10)) à y
aller à x: (0) y: (0)
RoboStudiosGames in Cloud Variables at 12:32:18 PM 22/2/20203849509
My cloud variables don't update live, and actually you have to refresh your page to see the changes to the cloud variables, anyway to fix?
When the game is done, set the world record to the new time if it is faster than the current record.

when I receive [start v]
reset timer
when I receive [finished v]
if <(timer) < (☁ worldrecord)> then
set [☁ worldrecord v] to (timer)

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A survival game that is very fun and enjoyable!
Play My Game
takkun0530 in 質問コーナー3 at 12:22:36 PM 22/2/20203849505
captain_lizard in 質問コーナー3 at 12:21:14 PM 22/2/20203849504
(-2) から (2) までの乱数)
takkun0530 in 質問コーナー3 at 12:20:11 PM 22/2/20203849503

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@greenFlag がクリックされたとき
[ありがとう] と言う

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Don't snip my entire post.
Could you please remove the sniped post next time, leaving one sniped post? It’s technically spam… Not trying to sound rude or anything.
SnipPed, not sniped. Sorry, and not to be rude, but there’s a big difference there

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This is definitely a duplicate.
Of where?
I found this topic while I was searching myself.

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Any error, and what website? Can you embed other things like YouTube?

I've tried Wordpress, Wix, and Google Sites, all of them can embed Youtube videos. When I try embedding a Scratch project it just shows up as blank.
If you want to show how many people are in your server…
1. Make sure that ‘Players’ is a cloud variable.
If you want players to see the ‘Players’ variable as well, make sure that the variable is showing.
(@cloud Players)
2. Create this script:
Obviously, when the player joins the server you should broadcast the message ‘join server’.
when gf clicked
set (local player in server) to (0)
when I receive [join server v]
change (@cloud Players) by (1)
set (local player in server) to (1)
3. Add a timeout script:
when gf clicked
set (timout timer) to (15)
if <<(local player in server) = [1]> and <not<key [any v] pressed>>> then
wait (1) secs
change (timeout timer) by (-1)
set (timeout timer) to (15)
if <(timeout timer) < (1)> then
change (@cloud Players) by (-1)
set (local player in server) to (0)
stop [all v]
Hope I was able to help you!
If you mean a list of every person that's played your project, you can follow this guide on the wiki:
Simple Username Cloud List
Remember that each player must have Scratcher status (not New Scratcher) to be able to append to the list.
It could go to a page like the Report Post one.

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Any error, and what website? Can you embed other things like YouTube?

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Even more proof people don't know about the new app!
The topic acknowledges the desktop app.
What I believe they're referring to is that not a lot of people are aware of the Android version of Scratch since they didn't acknowledge that an Android app already existed in their OP like what they did with Scratch Desktop.

If a version of Scratch were to be released for iOS, I doubt that they'll be adding the full online website experience to their offline programs as it'd be kinda redundant to have their website (more or less) in two distinct locations, which not very many programs do. I think the ST are preferring to make the website more usable on mobile devices (the design used on the homepage, on projects and other pages with this style is that design idea in practise), and then offering the offline app as separate and not being reliant or heavily integrated with any online features.

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Instagram can be okay if you don't share personal information (such as your real face). Some users use Instagram to showcase their artwork, and that is fine as long as, again, the art is appropriate for Scratch.

Hi, I have one post on my Instagram that has half of my face on it,, (a trend that has been going around) is it okay for me to advertise my username I dont share anything about myself other then my art and that half of my face in the one post..?
It might be best to not share that Instagram account.
Santiago020267 in Funciones Globales at 12:05:43 PM 22/2/20203849493
¿Como puedo crear “Bloques” para todos los “Objetos”?

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Есть какие то способы, а так, это бессмысленно. Скретч - учебный язык для детей…
Не скажи…
Скретч создан в образовательных целях, если ты хочешь изучать программирование, то параллельно скретчу тебе нужно изучать Английский язык и математику.

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как экспортировать проект в .ехе
Тот же вопрос. И как выложить в PlayMarket?
заплати им 200$
Создать аккаунт разработчика в playmarket (Маркет не пишеться с большой буквы) стоит не $200, а в 8 раз меньше, то есть $25

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当按下 [Ctrl v]
当按下 [左Altv]
当按下 [Shift v]
当按下 [Tab v]
当按下 [Windows v]
当按下 [Windows v]
[✚●●]|当按下 [w i n d o w s  v]键::#00BA7C hat
▅ ▅
▅ ▅