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R4356th wrote:

DefeattheHuns wrote:

R4356th wrote:

I can translate anything to Bengali. Can I get a job, please?
Sure, how active are you?
I am active 8 at a scale of 1 to 10.
Hired, and you seem to be following the discussion so just make sure to check in for requests. :3
fortnitepro300 in New Sprites at 7:51:20 PM 15/5/20204017609
when green flag clicked
play drum ( v) for (0.25) beats
play sound [ v] until done
say [yay new sprttes]

-_scratchTeam_ wrote:

Hello! I'm new to scratch! I found scratch when I did a typo on google! I love scratch and already know it around!

when green flag clicked
say [Scratch is awsome! :)] for (2) secs
What were you trying to type?
Brownden in New Sprites at 7:50:58 PM 15/5/20204017607
add [Scratch] to [schedule]
stop all other activities
if <(distance to [0]) < [Scratch]]> then
go to [Scratch]
make a new platformer
go to [Sprite area]
choose new sprites!


RedGuy7 wrote:

FloatingMuffins wrote:

No support.

I know that the requests forum does contain a lot of shops, but is still made very clear that users can order without using a shop and many do. Shops are very efficient, at completing orders and I don't think there is anything wrong with them. Many users do prefer using shops as opposed to making their own topic, as an order gets more attention in a shop. I strongly oppose currencies and as far as I know, there aren't any active currencies anymore, so it doesn't matter.
only active curency:
Ya, well that opened today so I didn't notice it.
deathgod12 in New Sprites at 7:50:40 PM 15/5/20204017605
say [lets go]
That script would not do anything, the go to 0 0 needs to be out of the forever loop.
weirdbuttruelover in New Sprites at 7:50:30 PM 15/5/20204017603
Thanks Scratch team!! It's always nice to see new updates.

kitten769 wrote:

WarriorsRoleplayer wrote:

Here ya go, without the white space inbetween
Thanks! (How on earth do you do it?) At least I know how to do pfps that automatically update.

Haha, it's quite complicated but easy once you get the hang of it. It works as good as cube upload (basically a life-saver for school computers).

Go to (don't worry, it's made by @World_Languages on Scratch) and drag the bookmark into your boomarks tab.

It can be used for non-animated stuff.

Click it in a Scratch Project, and select the thumbnail you've saved/screenshotted that you want.

Go to “My Stuff”. Right click on the image like you do now. It will look smushed, but in the forums it will be fine. Paste the link in the forums.

Adjust the dimensions or whatever. Done!
i'm a an experienced scratcher! i have been on scratch for 3 years! but i moved to this account, so on this account i'm a new scratcher =_=
i can help you! tell me how can i help you
We now do oc's so there you go
ttaapp in New Sprites at 7:50:18 PM 15/5/20204017599
If you like this project follow me please thanks @scratchteam you made the brand new sprites so thanks a lot!!
Support. All of the explore pages are either “mIneCraFt pLuS mAriO: a ScRolLinG pLatFOrmEr!” or made by very popular scratchers. What makes it worse is that there's only 3 options in the explore page: “Trending”, “Popular”, and “Recent”. Two of those things are based purely on popularity.

honestly, i liked scratch 2.0 the way it was. 3.0 is not nearly as good.
hippo000 in New Sprites at 7:50:02 PM 15/5/20204017596
adimadiraju in New Sprites at 7:49:48 PM 15/5/20204017595
when green flag clicked
say [New sprites!]
play sound [New sprites!!! v] until done
turn cw (999999) degrees
pen up
move (i98uy3) steps
pen up
JBEACH10 in New Sprites at 7:49:38 PM 15/5/20204017594
when green flag clicked
say [NEW SPRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] for (1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) secs

Agzam4 wrote:

GreVovan wrote:

Agzam4 wrote:

Почему импорты не поставлены?
Они сами ставятся ели программу вставить, ты то же на java программируешь?
Да. В редакторе Eclipse.
coolunited3 in New Sprites at 7:49:15 PM 15/5/20204017592
Scratch Has Now Left The Internet Thank You!
How to pay for your order
a follow
MRDS28 in New Sprites at 7:48:57 PM 15/5/20204017590
when green flag clicked
say [This is AWESOME!] for (2) secs
CoolGuy00001 in New Sprites at 7:48:56 PM 15/5/20204017589
when green flag clicked
say [Look foward to my new upcoming scratch project named 'Scratch-tale'!!!]
SCerulean in Ethereal Evils at 7:48:51 PM 15/5/20204017588

2blonde2function wrote:

-gaIaxi wrote:


So Nova…. i'm drawing on the panels @SCerulean made correct? When will her bg be done? Or do I just start right away?
I'll try to finish the other hallway ones by the end of today. I'll probably do the dining room tomorrow.
но это займет больше времени, чем говорить по-английски
userCONFIG123 in New Sprites at 7:48:39 PM 15/5/20204017586

ceebee wrote:

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce that we are adding brand new sprites to Scratch! We designed these to be easy to edit and make your own.

You can find the new sprites by searching for “character” in the sprite or costume libraries.

We’re excited to see what you make with them! What will you create?

Scratch On!

(Fun fact: These sprites were all created by Scratch Team members. Thanks to @dsquare, @KayOh, @pondermake, and @Zinnea!)