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558: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:53:54 AM 2/7/20204183288

he got down on one knee but i said no way
packed my bags and moved into a nun-un-unerry
joined the gospel choir
our riffs were on fire
at the top of the charts is where im gonna stay
557: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:52:46 AM 2/7/20204183284
i had to stop with the six lyrics bc it gets less scratch-appropriate
actually idk if it'd be ok to put on scratch
im being safe
what other lyrics

556: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:51:41 AM 2/7/20204183282
mmmmmm more reserving
i am so bored
i wonder if this counts as words
i hope it does
555: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:49:26 AM 2/7/20204183277

dont worry dont worry dont lose your head
i didnt mean to hurt anyone
say oh well
or go to heck
im sorry not sorry bout what i said
dont lose your head
554: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:48:23 AM 2/7/20204183276
i didnt know i would move in with his mrs
get a life
you're livin with his life?
like, what was i meant to do?
sorry not sorry bout what i said
im just tryna have some fun
553: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:47:23 AM 2/7/20204183272

oooh ooh sent a reply
ooooh oooh just sayin hi
oooh oooh you're a nice guy
i'll think about it maybe X O baby
uh oh here we go you sent him kisses
552: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:46:12 AM 2/7/20204183268

then he sent me a letter
and who am i kidding i was prêt-à-manger
551: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:45:09 AM 2/7/20204183265
and soon my daddy said
you should try to get ahead
he wanted me
huh, obviously
kept messaging me
like every day
couldnt be better
550: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:44:02 AM 2/7/20204183263
fifteen twenty two came straight to the uk all the british dudes
epic fail
oooh ooooh i wanna dance and sing
not my thing
ooooh oooh but then i met the king
549: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:42:23 AM 2/7/20204183260
come on lets do a page
548: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:41:13 AM 2/7/20204183257
come on how many more
maybe i'll do the whole page
how much will that suck
547: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:39:46 AM 2/7/20204183253
this is gonna suck so much
i set a timer now so maybe i'll be less bored
but life was a chore
so she set sail
546: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:38:33 AM 2/7/20204183251
Random bit of fanficy stuff
Amber walked over to Halcyon's flat excitedly. She knocked on the door, then let herself in. She was greeted by Halcyon sitting on the couch, with a dog on his lap. She dropped down next to him on the couch and petted the dog. Halcyon put his arm around her.
She looked around the flat. It contained the bare essentials. Amber turned towards Halcyon.
“Why do you still live here? We can afford a better flat, together.” He grumbled. “I like it here.”
“I know you do” Amber said. “But gran wants us to get married. And this place isn't really big enough for two.”
Halcyon didn't answer; he was too busy kissing her hair.
“Well then she can live here. And I'll live with you.”
Amber giggled.
“You can’t be serious. Imagine Gran here. She'd rather live with us! On the street! Heck, she'd spank you just for suggesting it.” Halcyon laughed, agreeing.
“She's so grumpy nowadays. Remember when we first met, after that weird adventure we had? She was so nice”
Amber smiled, thinking back at the rest of the group. They'd all parted ways but still mostly kept in touch. “You know her arthritis is getting bad. And she's still annoyed I have a boyfriend.”
Halcyon said “Annoying old hag” under his breath. Amber giggled and clapped her hand over his mouth. “Maybe I'll tell her you said that. I wonder what she'd say.”
Halcyon put his hands up, pulling a mock terrified face. “She'd have me hung, drawn and quartered!”
Amber laughed. “No, she'd just lecture you about courting back in her day.”
He shivered. “even worse.”
Amber nodded. “Of course. Anyway, you said Luna called?”
Halcyon let go of Amber to pull out his phone. “Yep.”
They dialled Luna's number. She answered straight away, and they switched to video call.
“Hey guys!” She said. “Ready for our little tradition?”
Amber nodded, while Halcyon pulled her in a little and said “I still don't get what's special about it”
Amber swatted at him lightly. “Then don't participate.”
Luna piped up. “I never said Halcyon was invited. Don't be bothersome.”
Halcyon frowned and crossed his arms, his pride bruised. “Maybe Amber and I are busy right now. Maybe we'll just hang up on you.”
Luna laughed. “You know Amber will choose me over you. Tonight at least. I even persuaded Aurora to call in later.”
Amber's face lit up. “Seriously? I haven't been able to get hold of her in ages.”
Luna nodded. “Yep, she's been having trouble with her parents. You know how they are…”
Halcyon got up. “I'll leave you two to your little slumber party, I guess. I'm getting hungry.”
Amber called out “bring me something too!”
They sat in silence for a while; Luna was studying, and Amber was eating dinner. But soon enough, Aurora's icon popped into the call and Luna put away her books. “Hey Aurora” She said. “How's it going?” Aurora glanced at Amber. “Ok. How are you guys?”
As the night wore on, and they chatted, Luna began to hear distant bangs. “Amber, Aurora! Look at the sky.. ”She said, pointing her camera out the window.
The three of them watched and admired the floral bursts of colour, each exploding one after the other in a continuous explosion of colour and light. The sky and buildings around it started to sparkle.
“Happy new year, Luna” Amber said as the fireworks paused to let thick clouds of smoke clear from the sky. “I'll help you celebrate in three hours.”
Luna smirked. “I still don't get how you put up with being hours behind the rest of the world.”
“Ha. Ha. What a funny joke. Please continue rubbing it in.” Amber deadpanned."
Aurora had gone quiet. The two others noticed and also fell silent.
“Aurora…” Luna said softly, wishing she could reach through the camera and hug her. Aurora just shook her head and turned away from the camera, tears streaming down her cheeks.

idk what happened to the end there
545: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:37:23 AM 2/7/20204183249
Rant - Why I press enter so much
I press enter too much.
There's a pretty straightforward reason why.
I have a macbook, and an iPhone. So I usually end up texting my friends from my computer.
It's really convenient and great, but that means the best way to get a linebreak is to just send the text.
To create a new line without sending the message, I need to hold shift and press enter.
I never remember to hold shift.
So I just press enter a lot.
But there's another reason.
I prefer to send short texts, because they seem funnier with less context.
So I press enter more.
Combined together, I generate a lot of messages.
Like, a lot.
It really annoys my friends
None of them have macbooks, so they don't understand
But it's a habit now. I guess I'm just destined to use my enter key until it breaks xD

whyyyyy this rant was a bad idea
544: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:36:22 AM 2/7/20204183247
Rant - Why I hate clarinet
I hate clarinet.
I started learning last year.
It wasn't compulsory but it felt like it was. My school doesn't require you to learn an instrument but my parents do. I already learn Piano. As a year 7 student, starting at a new school, with high study goals, I couldn't cope. Clarinet was fun at first.
“Look! I can make this sound!”
“Wow, I know so many notes!”
“It's so easy!”
Were several things I thought regularly. But other things suffered. I practiced Clarinet about three times a week. So I stopped practicing piano at all. I was moving forward, but not getting better. Just “learning” new pieces every week. I didn't mind. But my mum did. So I started practicing piano too, at the expense of clarinet. I'd practice piano once a week, and clarinet twice.
Then Clarinet started getting hard. We learnt how to go over the break - How to play a high C. My fingers weren't quite big enough to seal the holes properly. I couldn't play reliably over the break at all. I felt like I was falling behind. The rest of my class could manage, couldn't they?
I worked it out in the end. I just had to press harder.
Sometimes my fingers would bend backwards, like double jointedness, and I'd have to physically pick them up off the holes with my other hand. That was no good. It never hurt, I think it was just from pressing too hard.
I felt like my playing was starting to come together. Then Band started.
Suddenly, I had twice as much to practice. Band was horrible. I had to give up a lunchtime, just to help set up chairs that wouldn't be used, listen to the percussion section be incompetent, squawk a bit, and then pack up. I never skipped. You could have your lesson revoked for skipping. People used to “forget” their instruments. I never did. I just sat there, getting more and more annoyed as others skipped and got off scot free.
Clarinet started to drag on. I had to miss lessons, just for a clarinet class.
Half the time, I missed art
Missing maths was ok, but then I had so much catching up to do.
I had to take my clarinet to school. It was heavy, and bulky.
The case didn't fit in my bag
Then it was sitting in my locker for ages. Getting in the way, squishing my stuff.
I started hating clarinet.
It started to be the end of the year.
Here’s where the mistake happened.
At the end of the year, the forms for continuing you instrument came out. I didn't ask to quit.
I hated clarinet.
I constantly ask myself why I didn't just ask to quit.
I know why I didn't.
I thought I'd be told no.
Why should my parents let me quit? They'd already spent money on a Clarinet, and on reeds, and having it serviced.
I surely wouldn't be allowed to quit now.
I was wrong
But I found out too late
And so I'm stuck learning clarinet for another year.
Sometimes I wish I was less of a goody two shoes
If only so I would feel ok about skipping
543: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:35:20 AM 2/7/20204183244
How to: Study for a Test
A procrastinator's guide
  1. Find out about test
  2. Decide not to study for test
  3. Realise you have a week left until the test and should be studying
  4. Decide not to study because you know the material
  5. Realise you do not know the content
  6. Refuse to study for a few days because the teacher said it would be “easy”
  7. Realise there are three days left
  8. Panic
  9. Get super, super stressed and start studying
  10. Go into denial and stop studying
  11. Decide that you don't care about the test anymore
  12. Start telling everyone that you're going to fail
  13. Agree to fail with precisely 95% of your class
  14. Continue telling yourself that until the day before the test
  15. Panic some more
  16. Study really, really hard while still telling yourself you don't care anymore and are expecting to fail
  17. Subconsciously get your hopes up because you've been studying
  18. Wake up on the day of the test. Be exhausted from panicking and emphasise that you don't care
  19. Ignore the test until the period before the test, at which point you panic and start making your friends help you cram
  20. Notice that the whole class is cramming, even the people who agreed to fail with you
  21. Stop cramming, so you'll be top of the class without having crammed
  22. Yep, your hopes are still high. Forget that you really haven't studied much
  23. Ten minutes before the test. CRAM
  24. Keep telling people you're ready to fail and don't care
  25. Test begins. Lend pens to three different people because everyone's incompetent and realise you're left with the uncomfortable one that's always out of ink
  26. March up to the most annoying person that borrowed a pen and grab it out of their hand, giving them the uncomfortable pen.
  27. When asked why you did that, explain “This one's nicer”
  28. Sit the test
  29. Not know many of the questions but guess them all and be relatively confident in your answers
  30. Finish the test, and refuse to check over it in fear that you'll change all the answers to be wrong by accident
  31. Submit it really early and sit back satisfiedly, on your computer
  32. Listen to all the people whispering about you finishing early
  33. Wait out the rest of the session
  34. When people think they've failed, comfort them by saying “I guessed everything”
  35. Forget about the test for a month
  36. Results day! Get your hopes up. After all, the test was pretty easy.
  37. Get like 90%.
  38. Be really, really annoyed at yourself for not doing well. Be super upset because you were subconsciously hoping for 95%+
  39. Realise you got really high for the class
  40. Be mad that you can't tell people you're upset that you did badly
  41. Watch them laugh and not take you seriously
  42. Be told by at least three people that “yeah, stop showing off”
  43. Listen to everyone say “Haha yeah, that's bad for you, we're all wishing we got that mark”
  44. Take offense at the laughing
  45. Be more upset
  46. Realise you can neither boast nor complain because other people did worse than you
  47. Get really, really sick of putting on a happy/comforting face
  48. Mental breakdown time!
  49. Jkjkjk
  50. Go through the test and mark all of the “honest mistake”s you made to get the mark you “should have gotten” (i.e. mark yourself right for all the times you wrote the wrong number by accident)
  51. Realise you should have gotten like 95
  52. Be very, very annoyed
  53. Write a rant
  54. Realise you have a test soon and go back to step 7
  55. :>
542: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:34:03 AM 2/7/20204183242
Headcanon for Elementals
Go check out Elementals, it's cool, here's my headcanons for the characters
Tee hee me thinks everyone's older than generally accepted :>
Also sorry about tense problems in the headcanoning i had to combine like 3 different word docs all describing different times. The last lines for each person should be future tense

Parents had her older siblings young, there are two - a boy and a girl? They had a pretty messy divorce when she was a baby and bc of reasons she was raised by her grandparents, but her siblings both earn money and they never struggled financially. She's really good with kids - she babysits younger kids in her neighbourhood because she loves kids.
Amber is studying to be a vet and still lives with her gran. She and Halcyon are engaged.

Infamous winged family - they are very rich but he prefers to make his own money so as to have less to do with them. He has been working part time helping at a school bc it's one of the few things you can do without power. He's an only child, and really bad with kids. But the school keeps him on out of pity
Jay is travelling and sort of on the run from his family. Luna said she'd go to but he insisted she stay and study like she wanted to.

Luna has a bunch of younger siblings, about 5-6 although most of them are half siblings. Her parents have both been married several times and are divorced. She usually ends up looking after her own siblings as well as her dad's new partner's kids. They're all younger than her, and she hates them, but doesn't blame them for it. She doesn't mind the littlest ones (babies) but resents that she's the one looking after them. Ashton is her only full sibling - and her oldest sibling; even though he's younger. She usually makes him help with the kids, but she wants to make sure he doesn't have to grow up too fast. She dislikes the kids between 4 and 10ish - she says they're “disobedient troublemakers” and would call them (swear word removed by me) if she hadn't been called that one too many times growing up.
Basically - had to grow up fast. Lots of little siblings and strong “motherly instinct” but also resents that she's the one stuck looking after them
Luna's studying law and living in a sharehouse.

Kai is a bit older - 18 or so? Carter was bullied in primary school - probably because of his weird powers. His parents are really progressive and supportive but he asked them to keep quiet about his weird powers instead of using them as an example to how corrupt the system is. They agreed that it was a good idea.

He has/had an abusive father, his mother left him when he was small. He likes to think kids love him, but is an only child. Now, he lives alone but at one point he was in and out of foster homes a lot.

Halcyon lives in a flat on his own near Amber.

Aurora has a lot of much older siblings, she's the ignored younger sibling. She never had anyone to play with and was treated like dirt by many of her siblings, since she's the youngest by a lot. Because of this, she has low self esteem and is prone to anxiety and panic attacks, as seen in episode 4 and 1. She also has extreme “aaaaaah” energy; again, probably from being the youngest and no one ever taking her seriously or treating her like a human being.
Aurora lives with her parents and is finishing high school, which she missed much of because of PTSD etc.
541: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:32:25 AM 2/7/20204183239
This topic will serve as proof for SWC and a place for me to get feedback / share my work, I guess.

If you quote this, please, please, please snip it. And also - there's not really any need to quote. Thanks!

Note: Not all of the writing here will go towards my word count; since some of it is from before SWC started, and needs context. But mostly it's from SWC.
Headcanon for Elementals - Backstories etc
Just my versions of the elementals characters and their backstories and stuff

How to: Study for a Test (A procrastinator's guide)
A 55 step tutorial on how t study for a test as a procrastinator, beginning weeks before the test and ending weeks after.

Rant - Why I hate Clarinet
I learn clarinet, and really hate it

Rant - Why I press enter so much
I press enter a lot and thought it would make a good rant. It didn't :shrug:

A random bit of fanficy stuff
What do you think this is (jkjk it's elementals fanfic set a couple of years after the story ends. At the start I was like “idk where this is going” then it went all romantic and I was like “WAIT NO” and shoved luna in and idek about the end there maybe i'm unhinged who knows

Ok thanks for reading / not reading I don't really care bye

--Explosion-- wrote:

Yes, as this is a very niche thing I wouldn't want it as a seperate block, perhaps this would be better:
([username v]::sensing)//With the user ID option
I suggested that before; it seemed to be the general consensus that that's how it would be implemented
539: Discussion Search at 1:50:43 AM 2/7/20204182903
There are several forum searches made by scratchers, but the one I use is this: