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98: The Profile Activities at 3:21:14 AM 23/8/20193679001
That sounds like a good idea, but lots of text sections would compete for space. Maybe being able to change the titles of the sections or replacing one of them would be better
97: When Mouse "up" Block at 3:16:52 AM 23/8/20193678993

MaximunPokeMaster wrote:

great_elmo wrote:

mouse up? ::sensing boolean //support! we have mouse down, but not mouse up, we need this
Nice Necropost
it is debated whther suggestions can ever be necroposted…. remember that the user may have been sent here from a duplicate (but yes)
96: Account bug report at 3:14:54 AM 23/8/20193678990
You'll need to give a bit more information for the ST to be able to help. Are you switching between alt accounts? Does it do it if you click a link to a project or just every time you open a new tab and type in “scratch”? Have you set your account to “remember me”? Details like the above can help the ST work out the problem, the issue you are experiencing isn't necessarily a problem with scratch, it might be a problem on your end
95: Why does turbo mode exist? at 3:10:55 AM 23/8/20193678984
I don't know exactly how it works but i think it works similarly to “run without screen refresh” for custom blocks . It is used a lot for projects that run mathematical calculations or simulate things. (Things that run slower because of scratch, not because of “wait” blocks)
94: glitchy black dots?? at 12:03:28 AM 23/8/20193678830

vlpiscanc wrote:

My browser / operating system: ChromeOS 12239.67.0, Chrome 76.0.3809.102, No Flash version detected
It's happening to me…
yes, I think we came to the verdict that it was happening to ChromeOS (chromebook) users. No one seems to know any way to stop it.
93: glitchy black dots?? at 12:00:27 AM 23/8/20193678825

kidgoldanimates wrote:

i just tested different browsers like yahoo and bing ima test a different device the next day cause I'm hearing it's only happening on chrome welp gn
can you send over your operating system etc.? You press the black and white globe in the main bar while typing a post.

VideoGamerCanInvent wrote:

AFNNetworkK12 wrote:

VideoGamerCanInvent wrote:

(Replying to partnership question)

I believe that our shops will establish a good connection and be able to assist each other when having trouble with order completion, as well as give feedback to expand and improve each other
Please provide examples.
im the partnerships officer
That isn't really something you can provide physical examples of…
I think AFN means an example situation to better explain how it would work

deck26 wrote:

lorolom wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

of course. Sharing the project is what is generally done so other users can help. I would never claim credit for a project that wasn't mine.
well,how do I forward my project (the fact that the site I registered recently and engaged in the offline version)
You'd need to upload the project to the site and share it. An alternative would be to create something similar to demonstrate the problem which means you can protect bits of the original if you're worried about sharing.

If you've already verified your email, there should be an orange “share” button in the blue bar at the top of the screen while you are in the project editor. If you haven't verified your email, you'll have to do that first
90: glitchy black dots?? at 10:56:26 AM 22/8/20193678024

CatsUnited wrote:

Lovestruck19 wrote:

Could do if I had the money (Which I don't)
I have the money, I and monkey can't give out personal information on Scratch because that bad (and because I'm not buying a chromebook)
Let's just hope someone on the ST has a chromebook or someone who does forks a version of Scratch to try and fix it themselves.
Temporary solution is to not use a chromebook
hopefully a patch will be in a future update (though not too far into the future, they seem horrible)
89: quitting? at 7:58:07 AM 22/8/20193677951

Mrcomputer1 wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

you can choose. Either all your projects are deleted as well as your profile or all your projects stay there and people can view them but they can't go to your profile.
Or you can choose to not delete your account at all and if at some point you decide to come back to Scratch, you can log back in to your account and continue using it.
yes, I'd say that's a better option
88: quitting? at 7:51:54 AM 22/8/20193677947
you can choose. Either all your projects are deleted as well as your profile or all your projects stay there and people can view them but they can't go to your profile.
of course. Sharing the project is what is generally done so other users can help.
85: glitchy black dots?? at 6:43:31 AM 21/8/20193676878

Lovestruck19 wrote:

It only seems to be affecting Chromebook/Chrome OS users, (Possibly) people on Windows are fine. So something in the update must be glitching for Chromebook/ Chrome OS users.
hmmm…. I haven't experienced it…
My browser / operating system: MacOS Macintosh X 10.14.6, Chrome 76.0.3809.100, No Flash version detected
Does that help?
84: Featured Project at 3:17:32 AM 21/8/20193676798

MrKingKong77 wrote:

but who will suggest? could it be anyone?
well there are a few rules, but pretty much anyone. It is up to them to decide though. You are allowed to ask them to but you can't force them. And even if someone proposes your project to be featured, that does not guarantee that it will be featured. That decision is ultimately up to the ST.
go to the backgrounds section and draw a big black rectangle to fill the entire stage

h-o-u wrote:

Because I was erasing parts of a picture and on vector you cant do that.
but when you turn a vector image to bitmap and then back to vector, you can't edit it. If you're using bitmap, the best thing you can do is make the stage dark and paint on the costumes editor but look at the stage.
81: Search at 3:05:54 AM 21/8/20193676789
no it doesn't. I tried just now. it does make searches lowercase though.
80: Featured Project at 3:04:16 AM 21/8/20193676788
someone has to suggest it to be featured. They can be one of your friends, but they can't be related to you and you can't suggest your own project to be featured

DaEpikDude wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

adsuri wrote:

Then why shouldn't colour and color work? instead of a popup message with conditions that are potentially difficult to implicate (would the popup only appear when using [ and ] or would it also appear in code blocks etc.) just make it so both of them work
Well, to start, Scratch doesn't make BBCode so I'm not sure if they'd be able to change it.
Regardless, I'd imagine it's probably easier to make another “keyword” in the color tag to make both spellings of græy grey / gray map to the same hex code than making another tag with all the same features as the color tag, or making a way to have two tags use the same functionality automatically.

(edit: fixed broken color tag in the innermost quoted post)
yes, good point. I forgot…