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Accepted! Here's the code to put our banner in your partnerships list:
Pie, here's the code to put them in our partnerships list:
What is a banner?
the wide image at the top of the front page, or in my siggy. They show tell people things about you and make your shops recognisable. Often they have a link to the thing they're advertising.
577: Dropdown Input Type in Custom Blocks at 12:53:56 AM 3/7/20204186392

ampara wrote:

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I think that it could just be words that they choose. (define their own options). For example, an “on/off” dropdown would be a super simple one (I know this can be replaced with a 0/1 input or even a boolean input, but remember this is about clarity. also, these dropdowns could have even more options anyways (like when selecting a variable/message, it brings up a selection list with a scroll)

It would be also interesting to have the “sprites” or “variable” inputs, but we in fact already have the ability! (though, with JSON editing only, but the current suggestion is not possible even with JSON editing as far as I am aware)
I like the idea of being able to choose a variable/list to run a function on, but that might take a lot of work on the scratch team's part
(for instance, trying to code so that variable dropdowns can take a certain type of custom block input but not all)
Do you have any ideas on how the input would work?

xXRedTheCoderXx wrote:

One last thing, please stop saying suggestions aren't useful or unnecessary. Sure, they may not be useful to you, but they can be useful to other people.
Thanks for calling me out, I think I'm just having a weird mood day.
I'm going to take the rest of the day off the forums, maybe that'll help.

lightningspark6545 wrote:

Accepted! Here's the code to put our banner in your partnerships list:
Pie, here's the code to put them in our partnerships list:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time, I created a snowman platformer game that I want to be shared on Christmas Day. Then, I get so excited with gifts that I forget.

Or even, I was out of town, and didn't have a computer with me? Scratch is harder to use on mobile devices.

What if I was really busy with travel that I couldn't share it, although I want to?

There are many reasons for this to be implemented, most of which I never mentioned.
I disagree that it would be useful. Scratch is so much more about coding than about social media that I don't think sharing projects on a specific day should matter. Plus, it could easily lead to people being expected to create and maintain a sharing schedule, which just causes unnecessary stress.
573: Dropdown Input Type in Custom Blocks at 12:24:01 AM 3/7/20204186320
How would the creator choose the options in the dropdown? Would they define their own options and the program's response to each, or would they choose sets of options, such as “sprites” or “variables”? Maybe a combination of both?

I really like this idea but there's a lot of details to discuss
Ok. I can't guarantee I'll feel ready to participate in this conversation at all later but I completely respect your decision to close this. It was about to turn into flame wars.
571: Distance to at 11:57:44 PM 2/7/20204186261
Do you mean
(distance to x:() y:()::sensing)
because what you've suggested is already a block.
distance to [sprite1 v]

madfedad wrote:

pin would do the important one, heart just is one that the creator likes. and the reason other people cant do it is because to prevent people making alts for their comment to get noticed.
Remember that scratch isn't a social media site. I'd argue that there's no need for both, since scratch is primarily about coding. Maybe being able to pin up to three comments or something might be good, so the creator can leave a note for everyone, but being able to heart comments is just unnecessary

Za-Chary wrote:

1.10 “Change mouse pointer” or “hide mouse pointer” blocks
The block below, and others, could be used to hide the mouse pointer or change the way the mouse pointer looks in a project. These blocks, however, do not significantly change the types of projects that can be created with Scratch. In addition, they may cause confusion to users, wondering where the mouse pointer went.

hide mouse pointer :: looks
Above is a quote from the rejected suggestions list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this falls under the category of “change mouse pointer” doesn't it?

KittyFireSt0rm wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

Why would this be useful?

Because you might want to share a project on a certain day, but you might not have the opportunity to be online when you wanted to share it
And why do we need this? Remember, scratch is a kids coding site, not social media.
Why would you need to release on a certain day? You wouldn't
Scratch isn't youtube.

xXRedTheCoderXx wrote:

(everything else is addressed below)
Also, why are people so obsessed with trying to find a workaround to this?
Because this is how the suggestions forum works. People suggest things, and others discuss the options, then think of workarounds while we wait for the feature.
I don't think it would be necessary. Yes, it could be useful, but only in some very select occasions. 99% of the time you'd be able to just use two scripts. I don't think it's necessary to implement.

But doesn't that only allow a custom block to be run only twice at maximum at once?
What do you mean by this? You can run three things at the same time, just make a third custom block. And so on.

And having to figure out which custom block to use takes up a variable
You say this, but I don't think you understand my workaround. If they run at the same time, why do you need to figure out which custom block to use?

not to mention this entire thing takes up a lot of space
But only in the rare cases where you'll need it. As I said before, most of the time, you won't need to use a big long workaround, just two scripts. Occasionally, you'll need this workaround, but it's not that long, in fact I consider it to be quite short. It's less than ten blocks.

madfedad wrote:

no they can do multiple comments, and pin, only does one.
Why would pin only pin one comment?
565: Suggestion at 11:24:37 PM 2/7/20204186172

D-ScratchNinja wrote:

However that would mean that somebody could just create a ton of spambot accounts that…yeah.
Good point, all you'd need to create a bunch of spambots is to have access to one account that's a scratcher.

So, hypothetically if we weren't worried about the above issue, how would they check and verify that it's your account?
Would you have to put in the login details, or would it just check to see if extra accounts are registered with the same email?
I could see issues with sibling accounts for the latter option.

xXRedTheCoderXx wrote:

The only possible workaround is incredibly complicated and requires a list for every single argument of every single custom block.

Block you want to make:
define block (arg 1) (arg 2) (arg 3)
run {
thing 1::grey
} while running {
thing 2::grey

When flag clicked
block () () ()

define thing 1 (arg 1) (arg 2) (arg 3)
thing 1::grey

define thing 2 (arg 1) (arg 2) (arg 3)
thing 2::grey

When flag clicked
thing 1 ( ) ( ) ( )::custom

When flag clicked
thing 2 ( ) ( ) ( )::custom
Just make custom blocks with the same arguments and you shouldnt need variables

programmer204 wrote:

@ppppie Can I be promoted to employee?
do you fulfil the requirements?
560: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:57:23 AM 2/7/20204183293
last one i think
you could perhaps
call us the tudor von trapps
just kidding
we're called the royalling stones
we're one of a kind no category
too many years
lost in history
free to take
our crowning glory
for five more minutes
we're six
559: An assortment of writing for SWC at 6:55:05 AM 2/7/20204183290
henry sent me a poem all about my green sleeves
i changed a couple words put it on a sick beat
the song blew their minds
next minute i was signed
and now i'm writing lyrics for shakesy p
since my first son
our family's grown
we've made a band
and got
quite well known