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78ch3 wrote:

LydzWinry wrote:

It concerns me that the SSRAF has a policy specifically designed to circumvent the decisions of PR Officers, which are meant to handle those decisions. Presidents always have the final say, of course, but it's still concerning.
Why would it be concerning? While our policy states we require presidents to have the final say, we do also state that BoD members can discuss it.
because the exact job of a PRO is to make the decisions.
The president should appoint people they trust to make the decisions.
being PRO means nothing if you say that only the president can make the final decision.

78ch3 wrote:

It’s up to the shop owner and not other BoD members, as stated in our policy. May I ask why not?

BoD members can discuss joining but cannot tell the owner they can’t join. Ultimately, it’s up to pie
we are the PR officers, which means that pie put us in charge of this. If i must, i'll ask her to confirm but the answer will be the same.
We decided not to join because we don't usually join federations and don't think we'll get much benefit from joining a new federation like yours.

78ch3 wrote:

Are we gonna discuss SSRAF any time soon?

(Sorry for double post)
ok talked to cong (elsewhere) and we've decided not to join. Thanks for the offer though!

78ch3 wrote:

Are we gonna discuss SSRAF any time soon?

(Sorry for double post)
uhhhhh ill talk to cong

itschaoticcrazycat wrote:

Can I apply as a rep? I'll represent this place very well.
sure, anyone can apply!

FollowCherryBlossom wrote:

I know y lol but it's a secret inserts tapping head emoji
haha me too
*cunning plan emoji*
(again, topics sure need bumping often atm)

congyingzhou wrote:

i dont need to be a rep and i probably wont be active in the USS unless TIPS joins or something, im really busy with school starting and im probably going to have almost no time for scratch after school officially starts
I'll be a rep then

We're joining the USS!

What does that mean?
It means we get to share our orders with other shops when we can't do them, and can get other perks like priority in some shops!
The forum link is here if you want to check it out.

Why is this so important?
Well firstly, we can get rid of some of our old orders! Popsy or maybe the new asec, when they get picked (please bother Pie ) can go through and choose out orders that will never get taken, then submit them to the ISOC, or Inter-Shop Order Completion. This way other shops will be able to take our old orders!

Secondly, as with many federations, we get a number of reps - people that represent our shop in the organisation and help to make sure our voices are heard! We officially get 9 seats, but the BoD discussed this and think it's too many, so we're going to give some people extra “seats”.

How would that work?
Basically, each of the 9 “seats” is like one vote. So we can just make people's votes worth two, or even three.

So how many reps are we having?
We are having four people, which split the 9 seats between them:
  • Pie. She, as the president, is going to have 3 of the seats.

  • Cong or Myself As PROs, Cong or I will be the next rep, and have 2 seats. We haven't decided who yet.

  • Two shop members! We have decided to open applications for two shop members to become reps, and have two seats each.
These reps will be BoD members, but it will work a little differently to usual.

Who can apply?
Anyone, even people already on the BoD, you won't lose your other BoD position! There are two spots, which will be chosen by the BoD from the people that applied.

We want to try to balance these reps, so it's likely that at least one (maybe both, depending on who applies) of the positions will go to a non-BoD member.
We urge you to apply even if you think you won't get it - think of this as an expression of interest form, just so we know the candidates.

How do I apply?
With this form:
USS rep application form
Current position in shop: (just write worker / trainee if not on the BoD)
Are you currently a USS rep for another shop? If you are, would you give up your USS rep position in the other shop for this one? (unfortunately you can't be a rep for two shops )
Why do you want to be a rep?

When's it due?
In a week - 23 Septemberish. You can ask if you need an extension (although it's just a form, who cares )
Basically submit it soon, i'm making it up as i go along.

Applications for a new position are open, please apply

Angel_Coder919 wrote:

Angel_Coder919 wrote:

Username: Angel_Coder919
Shop: The Halo Shop
Shop link:
Shop banner link:
Shop owner: Me
Person in charge of your partnerships: Me
What services your shop provides: You can find that here
How active is your shop: I am active 5/7 my only other employee is Active most of the time
Why you want to partner with us: I NEED more employees
Why we should partner with you: We could complete untaken orders.
Any other info: i really need more employees.
I would like to know if this is accepted.
Sorry, it's declined

wowtmomfisscratch wrote:

Steve0Greatness wrote:

wowtmomfisscratch wrote:

well he(me) can't edit his comment
I for one, CAN edit my posts thx
You're a New Scratcher, so you'll have to wait until you become a Scratcher to edit your posts
649: Sangled pfp manager topic at 10:25:42 AM 12/9/20204412050

whiteandblackcat wrote:

QOTW ideas
  • When did you get your sangled pfp?
  • Do you like making OCs and other characters?
  • Does your pfp look like you or not? Feel free to share some similarities and differences!
  • Do you know any other good picrew image makers?
  • What made you choose to have a sangled pfp?
  • How many times have you used the sangled icon maker?
  • How did you find the sangled icon maker?
  • What are some of your favourite sangled elements - i.e. “I like the blue hoodie”, or “I think the fangs are cool”
  • What is unique about your pfp? (current)
(striked out QOTW's have already been used)
Suggestions would be amazing!
648: Sangled pfp manager topic at 10:24:28 AM 12/9/20204412049

pg36 wrote:

when I receive [I have another QOTW suggestion. v]
move (What do you think is unique about your Sangled PFP?) steps

(to make a new topic, you go to the main forum page, choose the category your post is and press “new topic” which is a blue button in the top right corner)

PndaGmr978 wrote:

Stuff for Pie to do -
  • Change the UOC link on the front page to the new one since it still goes to Mango’s version. (I would take some orders but I have no idea where the UOC is…)
  • Pick the new assistant Secretary since that was suppose to be yesterday or the day before that.
  • Be active.
I hope this doesn’t offend anyone and now I’m going to go politely tell Pie to check The Emerald Shop on her profile now…
I'll go tell her..

78ch3 wrote:

Hello, I’ve invited your shop to join the SSRAF, and so far you have not joined. Please have your owner fill in the form and post it here, otherwise you will not be able to join until we open applications to the public.
Please do not spam us. We get the message and are still thinking about it, we don't need you to bump it every three days.

crossme72 wrote:

Banner -
Banner Type (shop, signature, etc): shop
Banner Maker: Idm
Text: The Wondowsill Shop
Fonts: Idm
Pictures: Idm
Size: normal size
Other Details: Just make it look cool!
I've finished! Here it is:

Please let me know if you need anything changed or want it hosted on Scratch! Please leave a review if you get the time!

Thank you for shopping at Buzzy Bee Banners and have a Bee-utiful day!

crossme72 wrote:

Banner -
Banner Type (shop, signature, etc): shop
Banner Maker: Idm
Text: The Wondowsill Shop
Fonts: Idm
Pictures: Idm
Size: normal size
Other Details: Just make it look cool!
Taken! I should finish it within two days! Just a question - It appears you have a spelling mistake in the text - would you like it to say “Windowsill Shop” or “Wondowsill Shop”?

clove- wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

(do we need to “bump” the mock topic?)
if not, just take this as a reminder it exists
Yes, please treat this as if it were the actual shop.
(do we need to “bump” the mock topic?)
if not, just take this as a reminder it exists