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14: python beginner at 11:13:03 PM 22/9/20204439879
Ah, so thats why it wasnt working before.
13: python beginner at 4:27:06 AM 17/9/20204424382
Oh, it works now! i did this code :

from turtle import *
for move in range(8):
size = 100
12: python beginner at 4:25:21 AM 17/9/20204424381
hang on, in the book that i have for python tutorials, it says that “ for move in range(8): ” means that the code will repeat 8 times.
11: python beginner at 4:22:49 AM 17/9/20204424378

imfh wrote:

The part of your code which makes the turtle move forwards is fd (shorthand for forward() ). Let me break down what your code does:

1. You set the appearance of your turtle. shape(“turtle”)
2. You enable pen fill. This means that the next shape drawn with the pen will be filled in and not hollow. I don't believe there is any reason to run it multiple times.
3. You set size to 100, and then move forwards size, or 100, steps.
4. You turn left by 360/8, or 45 degrees.

As you can see, you tell it to move forwards once, just like you see happen.

It might help you to check out the turtle documentation:

At the top of the page is a list of every function in the turtle module. If you don't know what something does, you should look it up before using it.

okay thanks, ill try that.
10: python beginner at 8:00:29 AM 16/9/20204421981
Hello, im having a problem with python. Im a complete beginner and i keep getting this error in this code.

from turtle import *
for move in range(8):
size = 100

Syntax error : expected an indented block

please help?
uhm, if you want to do that then try to contact them, not sure how though, sorry
what do you want to join
join what
5: problem with scratch at 5:17:14 AM 5/9/20204392662
i made a raycaster game a while ago, 2 actually, and for some weird reason, they disappeared from “my stuff”! i went back on to one of them as i still had the like, and it said it was unshared but had 11-12 views. I checked the unshared area and it wasn't there either! i tried resharing it but it was no use. help?
send the link to your game and ill try to help
3: raycaster wont work (list based) at 3:49:20 AM 29/8/20204372061
The main forever loop only activates one of the blocks then all of the other blocks and the forever loop dont actvate
link here
2: raycaster wont work (list based) at 3:48:07 AM 29/8/20204372060
The main forever loop only activates one of the blocks then all of the other blocks and the forever loop dont actvate
linke here
1: raycaster problem at 8:33:19 AM 28/8/20204369160
so ive been working on a raycaster project, and this happens when i click flag. (my colour) line across the right of the screen, and thats all there is. when i turn the line seems to move though. heres the game:
heres the tutorial :