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338: Warriors - by Erin Hunter at 6:33:34 PM 1/7/20204181898
wow i'm reading OotS and am now shipping jayfeather with every cat who has ever been grumpy.
what is wrong with me
337: Help with Defining Blocks at 3:18:54 AM 1/7/20204179591
You need the block to run with screen refresh.
336: Entering in comments at 3:15:12 AM 1/7/20204179586
just realized this is from 2016 XD

Support. Tired of not being able to hit enter, as my commenting style uses enter a lot.
Matching the search as in having the keywords.
The most popular projects matching the term are in front.
Place a sprite that is showing, but no art at the cordinate.
332: can we f4f pls [its good requests] at 1:40:09 AM 1/7/20204179419
umm.. no. Reporting to be closed.
it says on my profile that i do not do f4f
Why did you recreate this?
330: can we f4f pls [its good requests] at 1:36:56 AM 1/7/20204179415
Can you please type out the text in the image? I can't view it.
329: can we f4f pls [its good requests] at 1:31:59 AM 1/7/20204179402
umm… What is the purpose of this topic?
try deleting your account.
You can log back in to recover it.
It should send an email.
326: Posting on announcements at 1:12:48 AM 1/7/20204179364
You cannot make your own topic, but you can post, I belive.
This has been suggested, but is not implemented.
Isn't it strange that clicking “Unfollow Studio” doesn't do this?
YT links on the forums are directed to a special page with only the video, nothing else, so only report it if it is inapropriate.
Scratch Cat's official account has no forum presence, as far as I know. Sorry.
322: This ruined my project!!! at 1:04:36 AM 1/7/20204179346
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Firefox 77.0, No Flash version detected

Hmm. It appears that you are using dark mode, which does not exist for Scratch yet. Is you device up-to-date?
And yes, I know that I am also using Windows. I just started, so I have no idea what the most recent things are.
321: Subtitle block. at 12:57:51 AM 1/7/20204179334
According to Za-chary, they should not be customizable. Also, they will be enabled by placing a block in the code from the creator's end.
Just realized this could allow users to sub projects into another language.
320: Make a template for a shop! at 10:29:23 PM 30/6/20204179045
So, you are asking for a shop template so you don't have to yell at the 60s rule while reserving posts?
319: COMING SOON at 8:21:44 PM 30/6/20204178675