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8: Scratch Month is here! at 1:34:09 PM 4/5/20203981837
7: Curators at 7:39:17 AM 4/5/20203981076

WindOctahedron wrote:

They are people who are able to add projects to studios. Unlike managers, they are unable to delete projects if they are not their own, cannot invite, promote or delete other curators, and cannot edit the studio's title or description.

Thanks a lot!!
6: Curators at 7:15:02 AM 4/5/20203981037
Hello, just a little question, what are Curators?
when green flag clicked
say [What are curators?]
5: Scratch Month is on its way! at 10:58:30 AM 28/4/20203964727
I wonder what the studios will include…

Me too…
4: deletion of projects at 1:40:23 PM 31/5/20193568931
3: deletion of projects at 11:21:20 AM 31/5/20193568770
Why does scratch deletes some projects sometimes? ( like this cool scavenger hunt in scratch that was called gamebender and know it doesn't exist)
2: miaou language at 11:08:18 AM 16/5/20193547994
it is a language in scratch 2.0
1: miaou language at 10:41:54 AM 16/5/20193547975
Why don't we have miaou language in scratch 3.0