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1439: scratch 3 sur linux at 4:10:46 PM 18/9/20204428201
Salut! Ce sont les forums anglais, et bien que je connaisse un peu le français, pas assez pour résoudre votre problème. Je rapporterai ceci pour être déplacé sur les forums français. Veuillez y poster la prochaine fois!
1438: is "dont give me credit" bad at 3:50:56 PM 18/9/20204428147
Well, you can, but you don't have to? I think you can say this.
Dropbox, seems to me like that would be a big no. I don't know what Mediafire is though.
1436: ✤》The Art of Culture《✤ at 2:50:41 PM 18/9/20204428014
The art of culture was a wonderful studio created to celebrate the differences of the people in the scratch community! If you'd like to check it out, here is the link :)
1435: why do people reshare projects at 2:40:55 PM 18/9/20204427983
Sometimes you accidentaly click unshare. I'm guilty of that. Or you accidentlay click share before it's done.
1434: How to make a moving gif pfp at 2:33:15 PM 18/9/20204427958
1. Draw the frames
2. Go to a gif making site and compile them
3. Upload the gif as you would a normal pfp.
1433: Attention, Scratch Team! at 2:24:48 PM 18/9/20204427930

GreenGrids_278 wrote:

This should be moved into the Suggestions forum.
I don't really think it should. The forums are a place to give and get help. While I'm sure the ST will appreciate this, itd be better for a studio.
No. Id recommend saving copies every time you make a major update or closing out of Scratch when you go to use it on another device.
1431: Propose Studios to be Featured at 2:10:49 PM 18/9/20204427877

youngcoffee wrote:

220720080 wrote: this is a fun studio that will help the scratch community be more informed on different cultures. Many people's cultures affect how they act and why they do things, which is why we should learn more about it. You can make projects about a specific coulture's food, traditions, music, languages, and many other things. This studio also fits all requirements and has a great topic. Scratch team, please consider it

lol you don't propose your own studio
You can.
1430: Flat line at 2:05:20 PM 18/9/20204427859
What do you mean? The image doesn't show, try uploading it again.
1429: "I Don't Like This Project" at 2:02:57 PM 18/9/20204427846
If you click it, it leads to a page telling you to be respectful and constructive. It does nothing.
To make an animated background, upload a gif file. Then do a script such as:
next costume
wait (?) secs
1427: Why is Leogames2016 Blocked? at 8:30:59 PM 17/9/20204426101
Use contact us, also you really should log out before your ban gets extended.
1426: Propose Studios to be Featured at 8:25:32 PM 17/9/20204426087
This studio is about celebrating and embracing our differences! It should be featured! He'res a link:
1425: Hey, Is Ipzy On The Scratch Team? at 7:57:27 PM 17/9/20204426018
Please note this is questions about scratch, not questions about Scratchers. Sometimes, people move on to better, bigger, other things. Maybe they left scratch, and it's totally their choice.
But from the evidence you provided, they probably are no longer on the ST.
1424: Someone ruined everything at 7:32:07 PM 17/9/20204425973

fdreerf wrote:

FloatingMuffins wrote:

But this a fault on your part as well. When you promote someone to manager, you are giving them permission to remove other managers. You can't report this user because they simply did something that they were able to do.
By this logic, offensive comments can't be reported because everyone has the ability to make offensive comments and it was your fault for not turning off the comments beforehand.
Well, offensive comments are against the cgs while removing everyone from a studio, while annoying, there really isn't anything you can do.
1423: Use Scratch News page for something at 7:04:03 PM 17/9/20204425889
Support. The announcment forums are 95% spam, and this seems like it would handle that. My first post was actually a constructive post in Announcments, but no one seemed to notice it and that made me confused on what the forums were even for.
i'm pretty sure that user was being sarcastic
It's already pretty clear. It's a kids site, so of course profanity isn't allowed. I'm not very sure what you're suggesting, so i don't support, but i don't not support either.
1421: Cannot delete sprites in scratch jr at 6:42:26 PM 17/9/20204425825

Shajiui_Da_Black_Fox wrote:

TapingAnimations wrote:

Kutipie119 wrote:

I have had this problem before. Luckily, I know how to fix it! Just tap and hold a sprite's picture on the left and a little x should pop up. Hope this was handy!
Please don't necropost

It's not necroposting if your helping even if the topic is years old. (I don't think)
It is, In QAS. I really doubt the OP is still active.
1420: Add list of accepted suggestions. at 6:20:18 PM 17/9/20204425762

Basic88 wrote:

I remember Za-Chary saying that the list would have to include every feature (since every feature was suggested). This itself is rejected.
Not every feature was suggested- i think the ST would have to have some originality.