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167: swc memory book - november 2020 at 9:45:00 PM 19/9/20204431596
everyone please let us know your cabin and what job(s) you'd like as soon as possible
166: swc memory book - november 2020 at 1:24:44 AM 18/9/20204426716

swiftrush wrote:

so for the theme, since this session is gonna be done differently with the cabin groups and stuff, maybe like a family tree theme sorta thing? idk but it would be cool if we had like the tree of like the hosts and then they birth the leaders who birth the cos who birth the ppl from their group. idek
that's a cool idea!
165: swc memory book - november 2020 at 1:10:22 AM 18/9/20204426682

swiftrush wrote:

idk if i can really be a screenshotter but i'll definitely try to screenshot stuff from my cabin (i'm co for mythology)
164: swc memory book - november 2020 at 1:05:56 AM 18/9/20204426673

honeybreeze wrote:

oh another edit because i have an idea!
instead of going through a ton of comments all at once for quotes/screenshots, we could assign a few quote collectors/screenshotters to each cabin (each person could probably be assigned to multiple cabins) and they could go through once or twice a week so that we spend less time waiting for comments to load

also thanks miri and birdi for organizing the memory book committee!
that's a brilliant idea! once we get more people on the committee we can do that!
163: november 2020 swc! at 12:48:35 AM 18/9/20204426643
here's the memory book forum-
just post on it if you're interested in helping with the memory book
162: swc memory book - november 2020 at 12:47:27 AM 18/9/20204426639
here is the thread for anyone involved in the scratch writing camp november 2020 memory book to discuss the making of the memory book.

this session, @bellevue91 and i will be running the memory book together!

(also, i basically just copied this from last session's memory book thread lol)

important stuff:

what should the theme of the memory book be? last session, the theme was landscapes. please give suggestions, and we'll vote on a theme in like a week.


*we're using roughly the same timeline as we did last time*
- november 7th: release cover contest
- november 18th: release cover vote
- november 25th: cover voting closes
birdi or i will share the memory book after the results are shared (probably 3 or so days afterwards, depending on what we have going on)

we will need people to do all of these jobs. you can do as many or as few as you like, they won't be assigned or anything, just help out wherever and as much as you can. i'll explain each job in detail below.
- screenshoters
- quote collectors
- designers
- data collectors

if you choose to help with taking screen shots, all you need to do is screenshot silly comment chains or moments you see in any cabin, including the main cabin. before screenshotting, get permission from anyone who would be in the screenshot.


quote collectors
quote collectors, you are on a hunt for quotes from all cabins! these can be silly, serious, or whatever! just make sure to ask the person you'll be quoting if it's okay to have them quoted in the memory book. then, just add the quote directly into the memory book on the designated page.

Quote collectors:

your job is to design the memory book. try to reflect each cabin in the pages as best you can, and see what the cabin leaders think of the design. i'll be helping with this job the most.


data collectors
you will be collecting data (amazing, right?) this will be things like adding in all the leaders, co's, and campers. adding the most likely to answers when we get those, and more.

Data collectors:

Helping with everything:

- - -
- birdi and i will likely be helping with all the jobs, but especially with the design team, as there are literally 45 pages in the memory book to complete
- we will have the leaders' and co-leaders' profile pictures in the memory book, and just list the campers
- please follow this thread so you get updates on it and stuff

memory book committee members:

memory book
(link coming soon)

please use the link above to access and edit the memory book ^^

so that's it for now! i'll edit this if needed, but that's pretty much it! thanks for reading and helping with the memory book!
161: november 2020 swc! at 12:07:23 AM 18/9/20204426556
hi im miri and im not leading or co leading a cabin this session but i am running the memory book with birdi
so icy said i could post here occasionally when i need things for the memory book.

so first off, does anyone here want to help with the memory book?
160: july 2020 swc memory book at 7:25:23 PM 20/8/20204345670
we also need dystopian and hi-fi's most likely to's if someone wants to go bug them
159: july 2020 swc memory book at 7:20:02 PM 20/8/20204345651
so we are going to need some songs (and yes it's been forever since anyone was active here ;P)

does anyone have ideas for songs to use in the memory book? like 2 or three songs, preferably upbeat, and maybe instrumental? though really anything is fine.

i'll also need someone to get the songs in a project so i can backpack them because mp3 converters are blocked for me
158: july 2020 swc! at 4:25:02 AM 1/8/20204279167
my thank yous:

thank you sunny and icy, you two are amazing for hosting this. getting all the dailies and weeklies together, keeping everything organized, and just everything you do to make sure camp goes smoothly, it's amazing, you are amazing.
thank you birdi, you were an amazing co leader. thanks for running the cabin so well, i wasn't as active as i would have liked because of all the things that happened in this past month. you are a great friend and a fantastic leader.
thank you to any thriller campers who happen to be here for some reason
sorters, thank you so much for all the time you put into getting everyone into a cabin and making things as even as possible <3
moony, li and sc, thank you for judging the writing contest. there are tons of entries to read through, thanks for the time you put into doing that <33
thank you to my memory book team. i would not have completed (and we're still working on it a bit) the memory book without you.
and lastly, thank you to my fellow leaders and co's <3

this was an amazing session of swc, and i can't wait for the next one
157: Secrets of The Sea at 3:59:36 AM 1/8/20204279148
Feedback time!

I think this is absolutely amazing. I love how descriptive the writing style is. I feel like this character is really well made, not too perfect. She feels really real. One thing I'm wondering is about the line “my eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean I long to see.” Has she never seen the ocean before? Is she blind? This story is short, but it gets to the point. I love how you ended it. It feels like a satisfactory ending, yet it could be expanded upon if we wanted. If I were rating this, I'd probably give it 4 out of 5 stars. Like all stories, there are some parts that could be improved (e.g. it moves quite quickly, transitions could potentially use work), but this amazing. Well done team!
156: swc announcements july 2020 at 5:16:36 PM 31/7/20204277523
to anyone who entered the memory book cover contest-

we're looking for the person who made back cover B2. it was one of the runner ups and will be featured in the memory book. we can't find the owner of this cover, as we think they've unshared the project. if B2 is your cover, please temporarily reshare the project (as proof that the cover is indeed yours) and send me the link on my profile. after we've added it, feel free to unshare it again.

155: july 2020 swc! at 3:31:01 AM 29/7/20204268654

-ChocoLoco- wrote:

apart-- wrote:

-ByTheSea- wrote:

Oh this was a ton on fun- Although it was really hard to get everyone to participate. I think only one group finished their story completeLY- (IT WAS AMAZING AND WE HAD A TON OF FUN- especially now since all 6/8 of us from that group are doing the weekly together). I think the end result is amazing and really rewarding, but you need a group (preferably smaller maybe 3-8) that is 100% active and willing to write on demand. I would love to try it though.

It is an awesome way to bond though. I've become so close with so many people in my group. We pushed each other to finish our chapters, but if someone was too busy to do one part, others would step up and help. We had so much fun joking around, starting a short silly story, and it honestly feels SOSO GOOD when you finish

i gotta say- it was about 17k words and now that we have it done, we're planning on doing a sequel. Some of us have written fan fics and OMG WE'RE HAVING AN AWESOME CABIN DESCRUTION RN WITH A BUNCH OF OUR CHARACTER SHIPS
haha, glad you enjoyed it maybe moony and i could run another session sometime, though we'd probably try to have smaller groups or less groups so we can try to get everyone to stay more active
154: SWC Weekly collaboration at 3:16:37 AM 29/7/20204268633

Fire-Breather wrote:

These all sound amazing!
153: july 2020 swc! at 3:10:14 AM 29/7/20204268626

apart-- wrote:

-ByTheSea- wrote:

All the ideas about the writing workshops and stuff sound great guys.
Just had an idea.
Maybe, a whole cabin could work collaboratively to write/illustrate a book, and the hosts of the session could set certain things that you have to include.
This would be about quality instead of quantity because at the end of the camp we could have people judge each cabin's books. It would also be a chance to bond together as a cabin.
The ‘book’ would only be short, with like 10000 words or something like that.
I'm not sure if it would work great though, it's a lot for the leaders/co-leaders to coordinate, so give me your thoughts.
i think there's already a camp for that
i believe it's called sbwc?? i know a couple of people here have participated in it
but i do think we can implement some of those things too? i'm not sure
yep, sbwc
@autumnlunarmoon and i ran it in may, and it was a lot harder to do than we thought. i think trying to get an entire cabin of 30+ people to write one book is going to be difficult. there will just be too many people to split up all the work involved.
152: swc announcements july 2020 at 7:03:33 PM 28/7/20204267289
hi again, everyone!

as we near the end of camp, the memory book is getting to the final stages of creation. the only things we have left to do are really the “most likely to..” pages and the “quotes” pages for each cabin. please check out this project: for more information, and then discuss with your cabin who you're going to pick for each “most likely to” category.

also, for anyone wondering, the memory book will be released a day or two after the final results come out, because we put the writing contest results and final cabin standings in the memory book.

and the results for the memory book cover contest!

front cover:
1st place (cover will be used as our memory book cover): A13, by @okae!

back cover:
1st place (will be used as the back cover): B1, by @-ByTheSea-

all of the runner ups will be in the memory book

please congratulate @okae and @-ByTheSea- for the winning the contest! their covers are beautiful!
151: july 2020 swc! at 7:34:12 AM 25/7/20204255080

-ByTheSea- wrote:

Wow, is it just me or are cabin wars are so chill this time around
hardly anyone is warring (well, warring us at least.)
Yeah, it does seem a lot quieter and less panicked in my cabin as well.
150: swc announcements july 2020 at 6:12:56 PM 18/7/20204234523
hello everyone!

the cover contest for the memory book has now finished, and it is time for the voting! here is the voting project: please read through the entire description of the project.

i'm looking forward to see what you all think of the beautiful covers that were submitted! <3
149: july 2020 swc! at 8:56:43 PM 16/7/20204229158

moonlark- wrote:

hoIographic wrote:

moonlark- wrote:

Bellevue91 wrote:

that is slightly susp- what's their wpm? they would have needed to write like around 4k words per day which is possible but still think we should check up on it
alright, just checked the camper sign up project, their wpm is 60
148: july 2020 swc! at 8:53:04 PM 16/7/20204229148

hoIographic wrote:

moonlark- wrote:

Bellevue91 wrote:

Hey there! Random thing to say while you're on this topic, but one of thriller's campers, 1luckydolphin, has written 65928 of their 200k word goal. It's definitely not impossible (compared to some campers in fantasy, whoa) and they're also an experienced camper, so I was wondering if any of you had any experience with them? Should I do anything or just leave it be?
I was wondering about that myself.
that is slightly susp- what's their wpm? they would have needed to write like around 4k words per day which is possible but still think we should check up on it
i'm not sure about their wpm, i'll go check the camper sign up project.
4k per day is a lot. i wrote roughly 5.5k for cabin wars, but that's like a one time thing for me. i don't think i could write 4k on a daily basis if i tried.