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I sat up on my resting island and felt a piece of fluff quickly floating toward my face.

“Az!” I giggled as I stood up and floated over to her. “Just because you're always around doesn't mean that you are certified to bug me every time I wake up!” I teased.

Az gave me a playful slap. “So I guess you don't want your honey? I baked some biscuits too, golden brown and crunchy!”

We slowly glided to an eating island and sat down on some pillows. Azelea really wanted me to have a good morning.

“Yep! I did it all myself!”

I shook my head at Az, trying to get some words out while laughing at her erroneous statement. “I bet you that Jaune helped you- no, that he did most of it- no-”

“You got me!” Azelea smiled as she tried to fool me. “Jaune did most of it.”

I looked at her carefully, trying to make sure I got the whole truth.

“Fine, Jaune did all of it,” Az bit her lip. “But just because I'm not able to do as much-

Az was interrupted by a whirring sound and a lot of black- no, a charred, dark grey smoke burst from behind me.

”I don't think Airedale has a Noir, but correct me if I'm wrong,“ I said, my face masked with confusion

Azelea shook her head. ”I didn't think so either, but I guess there is now?“

A young woman, around our age, stepped our of the smoke. ”No, darlings. There still is no Noire here.“

I looked at her and gasped. She was gorgeous, wearing the most beautiful color of green on her dress. Her deep, defining green eyes glittered as the sun shone down on us.

”Do you need anything from us?“ Azelea's words tore me out of my daydream.

The mysterious woman knelt down next to us. ”I just need to find Queen Iris. I have a question for her.“

I pointed in the direction of Ciel palace. ”Just follow that direction until you see a multicolored, large castle.“

The mysterious woman's face went expressionless and a sheet face peeled off, revealing a different face. Her dress fell and revealed another dress. A wig fell off and revealed something else. She pulled off some white, lace gloves and revealed something no one expected.

It was a full noir. She was wearing a short, showy black dress, 3-inch black heels. Her hair was slick and thin, with a white streak peering through the flat layer on top. Her face was covered in black makeup, black eyeliner at least half an inch thick, eyelashes as long as her nose, and lips covered in black. Her hands were the home to false nails, almost the size of her ear, colored pitch black. She cackled.

”Better get to the palace to report me before I get to her! Oh, and report the name Negro to Queen Iris!“

My jaw fell and it hung in horror, my brain hurting, not wanting to believe what was swirling around my head.

”Blanche!“ I heard Azelea's familiar voice shake me out of my thoughts. ”We gotta go. We don't want Queen Iris to be…. you know what. C'mon!“

Az and I stand up and whistle a long, complicated tune as we fly as fast as we can to the palace.

Just as we finish, a warning comes my way. ”Watch out!“

I duck, following Azelea's command, and an apple that was painted-no, colored black shot in our direction, just missing my head.

I exhaled as I yelled to my right. ”I guess she spotted us. Should we try to speed up or do we call for the unicorns?“

”We're almost there. I think we can make it ourselves, but we should head in through the roof,“ Azelea nodded ahead. ”C'mon!“

We fly upwards and hover close to the surface. I see a brown-no, tan, wooden square on the ground. I point towards the trapdoor and all of a sudden, guards, armed with sticks of metal, block our path.

”What do you want, young ladies?“

We gasped for air as I tried to spit some words out. ”There's a- lady that-“

”A lady came up to us and asked us where the palace was. I think she wants to do something to the Queen. We are here to report her. She told us the name Negro as she flew off in this direction.“ Az confidently interrupted my broken speaking.

A guard snickered. ”Send someone downstairs and report to the Queen. We also need two more guards to bring these girls down for questioning with the Queen. Send them to the dungeon before it's time.

I shrieked as another guard grabbed my wrists, twirled them expertly behind my back, and forced me down into the dungeon.

“Blanche!” Az called at me while she was also getting cuffed.

I struggled as I was forced forward by the guard behind me. “Az? I'm here, just-” I gasped for air as the guard shoved me down a dark flight of stairs.

Heavily breathing, I shut my eyes, pulling at the guard's grip, which was getting tighter by the second.

I heard Azelea's confident, brave, and energized voice, and I gained some strength. “How long until we're in the dungeon?”

Yelling, the guard expressed that he didn't know much. “I don't know, man, just wait. It doesn't matter.”

Az sighed as she continued following and listening to the guards. I pulled at the guard's grip on my hands, which was still getting tighter, until he released some pressure. I quickly pulled at my hands, trying to slip through the guard's loosened grip. My hands flew in front of me, and I held them in front of my stomach. The guard reacted quickly by capturing me in his arms, and pulling out a rope.

“Be careful. You might be whipped, next thing you know.” I shrieked as he let go of my body and relocated my hands back behind me.

I shook my head. “Please at least let me hold my hands to myself. I'm losing energy and I can't keep up,” I whimpered.

“Blanche?” I heard Az's voice, but it didn't really seem like it was coming from behind me, where Az was.

“What?” I looked around and realized I was pulling my hands around, which were still held by the guard. “Az?”

I turned around to try to look at Az. I saw the rope about to come down on me, which was headed for my face. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to turn my head to protect my face. I prepared for the impact, and instead of a rope coming down on the back of my head, a bunch of water comes into my face instead.

“Blanche? Are you awake now? Finally! Get into a dry dress and then get to the tea island. Roja has been waiting to talk to you for about 2 hours! It's 12:23! GET UP!”

I shake my head as I sit up and groan. “Roja? Our tutor?”

Az grinned. “Who else? Remember? You said that you would come up with an idea for a story by today!”

I blink in realization. “Well, at least a dream helped me with a great idea.”

“What dream?”

“I'll tell you at the meeting.”

Azelea made a sad puppy dog pouty face. “Please?”

“Fine. I'm planning to start it like this…

”I sat up on my resting island and felt a piece of fluff quickly floating toward my face…."

-t h e e n d-

Word Count : 1,260 words

Cabin : dystopian
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