PintOfMilk wrote in Unpopular Nintendo Opinions at 7:18:51 PM 28/7/2018
Super mario odyssey is the spiritual successor of super mario 64 DS not other games.
Debate me.
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Ryasis wrote in Song lyrics you like at 1:34:12 AM 22/7/2018

Wahsp wrote:

Got a gun, fact I got two. That’s okay man, ‘cause I love God
Don’t think, dumb is strength
Okay just to be clear this song is completely different to most of the songs the bad does, I don’t listen to stuff like this
apparently the first one is by pearl jam older music fan I see
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The fastest way to get bells IMO:
1. go to the island and get tons of fish and bugs
2.Sell them at re-tail
69: Bad voice acting galore! at 11:55:59 AM 17/6/201357709
Oh geez, i forgot Megaman 8.


Here it is.. the awful voice acting
Frost man sounds like there's something wrong with him (AHL CWUSH YEW AWL MAHKE A PAWHPSIKLE OF YEW)
Grenade man sounds like he's had too much energy drinks (CRASH EEVERYON HOHAHO)
Tengu man sounds like a male ninja from a badly dubbed anime (DO U EHXECPT MAH CHAWLENGE? BEE REAHDE!)
Clown Man… well sounds creepy (SEE IN MAH DREAMZ)
Search Man sounds incredibly weird. I can't describe him (HEY BOI CAWM AWN!)
Aqua Man sounds REALLY REALLY CREEPY (what i said before)
68: Awesome video game music! at 2:07:35 AM 17/6/201357566

haxcharsol wrote:

Mega Man 2's Dr. Wily's Castle
The Wind Waker's Great Sea
Starfox's Corneria Theme
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon'sExplorers of Sky Theme
Metal Gear Solid'sEncounter
MM2's is way too overrated. It's good, but overrated.
In my opinion, THE best Wily theme in any MM game is Megaman 9-Wily 1. You should go listen to it, Its a hearing experience you'll never forget.
67: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at 9:25:49 PM 16/6/201357308
Pegasus all the way!

As for EqG, i'll just watch it online or something.
66: Awesome video game music! at 9:20:19 PM 16/6/201357303

I love all of the Megaman and X series music. Currently i've been listening to this even though it's from the worst game in the series, Bad games can still have good ost's right? And how could you resist that sweet bass line.

I just caught a gar and like 5 dorados

Did i ever post my FC here? Well, it's 0044-3358-6040
64: Bad voice acting galore! at 11:56:50 AM 16/6/201356850

ToxicQuillz wrote:

Shadow the Hedgehog, anyone? FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM.
Oh pie, i forgot that


(sorry i meant to quote link faces of evil.)
63: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at 11:09:57 AM 16/6/201356829
Equestria girls is out now!

now i want to see the RT review for some reason
62: SUMMER VACATION at 3:39:51 PM 15/6/201355942
Call me crazy, but i'm excited for next school year. I like summer, but for some reason, i'm really excited for 7th grade. I don't know why.

But i don't want summer to end.
61: Bad voice acting galore! at 11:52:57 AM 15/6/201355820

Luigitailsdoll45 wrote:

Sonic Adventure. Tails is terrible
I LOVE that game! Well the first one.

If i you think that's bad get a load of this.

60: Bad voice acting galore! at 11:34:14 AM 15/6/201355813
Discuss movies and video games with hilariously bad voice acting!

One is Megaman X7, i'll post that later.
Splash Warfly sounds like a creepy 40 year old
Vanashing Gungaroo sounds like a annoying 2-year old (but that's the point even though it's still bad)
Soldier Stonekong sounds like he's having a soar throat
Ride Boarski sounds like a angry manager at a office building
Snipe Anteater sounds like a 60 year old man
Wind Crowang's voice is okay.
Tornado Tonion (WHO'S A ONION) sounds like a crazy taco shop owner
59: Absurd youtube videos at 11:15:02 AM 15/6/201355806
I couldn't find the old one so i made a new one

58: Mega Man 3 Review at 11:11:01 AM 15/6/201355804

ImagineIt wrote:

Great review! I'll check it out!
Yeah, it's on 3DS E-shop and it was on the Wii points channel.

If it's your first time playing a MM game, i reccomend 2 on 3DS, and 10 on wii points channel (I transferred my data on my wii to wii u.) Those were the easiest for me.

Except in 2, taking out airman before heatman is a good idea because heatman has the dissapearing block part.
57: Mega Man 3 Review at 11:30:32 AM 13/6/201354067
I love the Mega Man games. I have the original on Wii U, 5,6,9 and 10 on the Wii, and 1,2,3 on 3DS. I've already beat 1 and 2, and i started 3 about a month ago. I beat 3 last night.

So, the plot of 3 is that after Wily's last two plans failed, he decides to team up with Light to build a peace-keeping robot named Gamma. However, 8 new robots go off with Gamma's eight power crystals. After he beat the first 8 and the doc robots (we'll talk about that later) wily steals Gamma and turns it evil in his new fortress. This was also, the first appearence of Rush, To replace the items in 2.

You've got the new 8 RM's, which are:Top Man,Shadow Man,Spark Man,Magnet Man,Hard Man, Snake Man, Needle Man, and Gemini Man. I think taking on magnet first is easiest. But you've got the stupid ones as usual, like Top Man and Hard Man, But you've got sweet ones like Shadow Man and Snake Man. The weapons i mostly used the most were Shadow Blade and Needle Cannon.The worst weapons were easily Top Spin (we all know it sucks) and Spark Shock was a pretty bad weapon. Then you have the “meh” weapons like Magnet Missle (even though it was really useful in Shadow Man's stage, which i think is pretty hard) and Hard Knuckle (even though it's Yellow Devil II's weakness.)

One thing that really stands out in this game though;DIFFICULTY. It is HARD. Shadow Man's stage was so annoying. It wiped you out of energy and then you died when you got to Shadow Man. And not to mention, Shadow Man is weak against the WORST weapon in the whole game. But what really made this game stand out from 2 and 1 in difficulty was that when you beat the first 8, you have to go back to Spark,Needle,Gemini,and Shadow Man's stage. You had to fight the 8 robots from 2 ALL OVER AGAIN, and they're also HARDER in this game. But thank pie that Capcom cut us some slack because this game EASILY had the easiest castle in the series. Also, the final boss was really easy.

Overall, i think Mega Man 3 was a pretty good game. I'll give it a 8/10 (2 points were taken away because of difficulty) But it isn't i wanna be the guy. If you like Megaman games and want a good challenge, i say go buy it. If you dislike hard games and want a MM game to play, I suggest playing 2 or 10, i thought those were pretty easy. I'll start 4 in a week.

I bought a wetsuit at the island today! Yay!

What's your guys town fruit? Mine are Oranges. Also, i'll make a list of all the fish,bugs,and fossils in my museum.
Got the island, now i have tons of rare fish and bugs, and diving is fun. I got quite a bit of diving animals too.
54: E3 2013 at 2:25:58 PM 12/6/201353360
MEGAMAN IN SSB4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
53: SUMMER VACATION at 12:11:54 PM 11/6/201352502
Jeez you guys are getting released late

I us North Carolinians got out on the 7th
My FC:
51: XBox One at 10:48:39 AM 11/6/201352473
Yeah, it's going to bomb. The price is ridiculous, it looks like a VCR, the press conference was just about sports and TV, you have to log in EVERY DAY, NO BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY, and much more.

Wii U, you are awesome.

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PintOfMilk wrote in What will ACTUALLY happen on August 1st? at 10:44:07 PM 26/7/2018
August 1st is when we leave 2.0 but we have an implementation period until January 2019.
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2301: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 10:39:38 AM 15/12/20193783339
sinon c'de la pub mensongère
2300: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 2:48:48 PM 14/12/20193782593

AK_Scratcher_54 wrote:

Bonjour/Bonsoir tout le monde,

Le grand, le suprême, l'unique, le FANTASTIQU- enfin bref vous avez compris Supergustin vient de partager un nouveau jeu: Mario&Luigi Battle simulator
Il s'agit d'un combat du style Mario&Luigi, mais avec d'autre protagonistes :0
Les commandes sont dans les instructions du projet.
sur ce n'hésitez pas à aller voir c'est vraiment sympa et si vous vous abonnez à Supergustin (ou à moi) hé bah c'est super sympa
je tiens à dire que j'ai été payé pour dire cela

2299: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 8:27:44 PM 13/12/20193781919
Oui, un projet par post svp.
D'ailleurs même si je vais moins souvent ici je suis pas encore mort
oubliez pas d'aller faire la guerre à pour qu'il me débloque, c'est important svp merci
2298: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 8:30:42 PM 11/12/20193780341

D4MI3N wrote:

Bonjour, je viens de créer un nouveau projet ! Il s'appelle "Snow & Alone ". Il s'agit d'une scène qui montre la neige entrain de tomber, dans une prairie gelée, isolée, qui met dans l'ambiance. Je pense qu'il vous plaira. Le lien:
Le projet est vraiment pas mal et la musique est au top gg
2297: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 2:30:31 PM 8/12/20193778155

Lextaire_ wrote:

Bonjour, j'ai crée un jeu plutôt sympathique et je souhaite y ajouter des tags mais je ne sais pas comment faire…
Pourriez-vous m'aider ?

Merci d'avance
ça existe plus pour la 3.0
2296: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 10:59:35 AM 1/12/20193772239
Non, il n'y a pas de copyright dessus
Le truc c'est que haydenledean se l'est complètement appropriée, c'est pas vrai ça, j'étais juste venu rétablir la vérité…
Enfin bref, pour les questions légitimes allez tous harceler smrman pour savoir ce qu'il en est
2295: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 1:23:51 PM 30/11/20193771262

haydenledean wrote:

fortwoone wrote:

haydenledean wrote:

Venez sur mon profil !!!!
C'est super !!!!
(Je n'ai pas trouvé d'argument xD)
Pas mal la pub pour les Scratch Wikis !
Merci ! Copie là si tu veut je ne demande pas de credits (juste pour toi fortwoone !)
PTDR c'est genre littéralement la même bannière que celle qu'un des admins du wiki a crée xD
Elle est pas à toi hein
2294: comment devenir populaire sur scratch at 2:59:37 PM 27/11/20193769029

The_InkSans wrote:

Pour devenir populaire
-fait une animation drôle
-fait un jeu original
- fait un jeu undertale
Pour devenir populaire il faut…
- ne pas remonter de posts
- aller lire les règles du forum
- demander à @smrman de me débloquer
enjoy ban brother <3
Neoxys le coupable je dis ça je dis rien
2291: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 5:04:39 PM 30/10/20193744370
Oui, pas de problème tant que tu rédiges tout en un post

haydenledean wrote:

J'ai pour projet un site qui récupère les données cloud et qui les post ! J'aimerai savoir comment faire j'ai déjà trouvé le json : mais je ne sais pas comment l’afficher ! Merci !
Un peu de lecture ne fait jamais de mal
2289: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 6:57:41 PM 23/10/20193738029

Grizou_fan wrote:

J'ai besoin d'aide pour animer une serie nommée DeltaSlap
Ok, génial, ben ouvre un nouveau topic, là t'es dans la publicité

KillianGamer2 wrote:

Moi KillianGamer (le nom de mon compte c fait ban alors que j'ai rien fait)

SVP débanissez moi KillianGamer
( je suis sur mon second compte)
Merci de ne pas remonter de vieux sujets. Si tu as été banni c'est que tu as dû enfreindre une règle de Scratch.
2287: Faites votre publicité ici ! at 6:28:15 PM 22/10/20193737074
bruh moment xd
retour aux pubs svp merci soyez gentils

GalaxyFromTheSpace wrote:

Je ne trouve pas de gif qui font min de 500k
500k… patates?

Kisado31 wrote:

Ok mais ce que je cherche a faire ses Convertir un clip vidéo en musique
Il va donc falloir faire une conversion mp4 → mp3.
Puis, une fois que le fichier mp3 est téléchargé, il faut importer le son dans cette partie de l'éditeur…

Si j'ai bien compris la question, tu voudrais avoir le flux RSS du forum.

AlexB84 wrote:

La réponse la plus courte du monde : C'est interdit maintenant de faire des messageries.
Eh bien c'est tout à fait possible…
1. Crée-toi un compte sur
2. Rends-toi sur
3. Dans la case du If, clique sur “Flux RSS” et remplis ça
4. Dans la case du Then (ou équivalent, la deuxième case), eh bien moi je clique sur Webhook, car c'est un webhook que je veux. Tu peux choisir n'importe quoi qui te convienne ici.
5. Dans mon cas, il faut que je remplisse l'URL de mon Webhook et son “Body”, qui est le message à afficher quand un nouveau post est crée.
6. Et voilà, mon merveilleux webhook est crée, et je n'ai pas besoin de rafraîchir la page 10x par minute pour savoir s'il y a un nouveau post dans le forum

2283: Graphisme dans Scratch at 10:43:03 AM 5/10/20193720331
Humm, Paint? Même pour du pixel art, pas sûr que le rendu soit magnifique…