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273: My First project won't open at 8:27:04 PM 6/7/20204196752

Madcatofdoom wrote:

Can you tell me a description of what code you had inside? Or what you intended to do inside?
when green flag clicked
turn cw (15) degrees
wait (1) secs

Just this. That is all the code
272: Sratch for biginners at 8:53:33 PM 5/7/20204194031
Hello johnmanyang! Welcome to Scratch!!
271: Hello there! at 8:50:11 PM 5/7/20204194021
Hello CityFan2011! Welcome to Scratch!
270: Just made a new account! ;) at 8:48:34 PM 5/7/20204194018
Glad you came back! Welcome back to Scratch!
269: stuff needed in scratch 4.0 at 8:47:24 PM 5/7/20204194015

cs3021223 wrote:

WAIT!!!! how do u got the line under the speech and some text like:
кᴀтнɪᴇ | ♀ | ɪɴғᴘ | ʀᴀνᴇɴᴄʟᴀᴡ | ғσʀᴜм нᴇʟᴘᴇʀ | 2 ʏᴇᴀʀs+ σɴ scʀᴀтcʜ | † | нσмᴇѕᴄнσσʟᴇᴅ | cᴜʀᴀтᴇᴅ x1
♥️ ᴘʀσғɪʟᴇ • sтᴀтs • ᴀвouт ᴍє • wσʀkshoᴘ • ɪɴѕρɪʀᴀтɪσɴ вσᴀʀᴅ • σғғɪcɪᴀʟ σreσcσмɪc sтuᴅɪσ ♥️

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268: Space to jump. at 8:20:17 PM 5/7/20204193957

HighFlyer222 wrote:

Uh, this is not a suggestion, and people choose how the player will jump when they make games. It is not even a feature, people code it.
Exactly. To make a player jump, use this block
<key [space v] pressed?>
267: HI SCRATCH!! at 1:05:49 PM 5/7/20204192992
Hello! Welcome to Scratch!
266: Hi scratch at 1:04:28 PM 5/7/20204192989
Hello! Welcome to Scratch!
265: My First project won't open at 12:46:30 PM 5/7/20204192935
Big big BUMP
Please HELP!!
not sure if it will work but try updating chrome there –> chrome/settings/help

RonaldoSharma wrote:

my stuff is not loading a there is a cat with one eye on my screen when i type my name in
Please make a new topic instead of replying to an old one. Thanks!
262: My First project won't open at 6:30:14 PM 4/7/20204191103
261: Make the forum blocks 3.0 at 9:04:45 PM 3/7/20204188702
deleted by me
260: My First project won't open at 8:39:49 PM 3/7/20204188616
259: My First project won't open at 8:31:19 PM 3/7/20204188569

Abigblueworld wrote:

leahcimto wrote:

My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 83.0.4103.116, No Flash version detected

When I click on my first project it says “Oops! Something went wrong. We are so sorry, but it looks like Scratch has crashed. This bug has been automatically reported to the Scratch Team. Please refresh your page to try again.” Even when I click “see inside” I can't see the scripts the whole page just says the same thing

click here to find my first project.

note: i have tried refreshing the page and updating chrome
1. Is it the age of the project? 2. Did any of the photos get removed of the web, 3. was it made in scratch 1.3? 4. Outdated audio? I think one of these are the case, if this is not anything of them, then it’s the computer’s support.
Edit: this is definitely the 2, 4 error, it doesn’t work for me!

It had no images or audio
258: My First project won't open at 9:11:57 PM 2/7/20204185809
257: Add button to demote managers at 9:06:40 PM 2/7/20204185793
256: Make a template for a shop! at 10:22:06 PM 30/6/20204179027

HTML-Fan wrote:

this has nothing to do with money
255: 12 vs. 24 Hours at 10:15:51 PM 30/6/20204179009
Support. It is annoying to keep doing math when you just want to know when something was posted.

254: An Option To Turn Off 24 Hour Time at 10:02:20 PM 30/6/20204178969

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:


Please continue the discussion in the link above. That way, the conversation sticks in one place, rather than being scattered across the forums.
sorry i will post there