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13: Happy April Fool's Day! at 11:04:53 AM 31/3/20183045519

ceebee wrote:

Hi folks! This year for April Fool’s day we thought we would do something a bit different! We’ve hidden some secret surprises randomly throughout the website. What is a secret surprise, you ask? A secret surprise is an unexpected or hidden feature that can be found anywhere from the Scratch homepage to search results to studios. Now it’s up to you to discover them!

Want to join in on the secret surprise fun? Be sure to check out this studio and create your own surprise filled project!

The hunt is on! What will you find?
this is so hard!
12: signature at 10:42:08 AM 31/3/20183045485
How do you get a signature I don't think I have one but I notice other people have them


deck26 wrote:

But you will hit problems if you keep coding as if everything can just be a green flag script with a forever loop - especially with no initialisation. You can't tell what order the green flag scripts will run so if the one that checks for Time < 1 runs before the one that initialises Time your project will stop immediately. This is the problem whenever someone says their project needs the green flag clicking twice.
Thank you so much now I understand!

deck26 wrote:

You're getting confused because you have a variable called High Score and a cloud variable with the same name.
thank you so much now it works!!

deck26 wrote:

Remember a green flag script runs when you start the project but without a loop is finished a split second after that! So your checks for time < 1 and for score > high score are not still running when these events occur.

I'd strongly advise you to get in the habit fo having a proper initialisation stage.

when green flag clicked  // single green flag script, only one in project
broadcast [initialise v] and wait // all sprites etc set themselves up in response
broadcast [ready v]
the time works now but not the high score.

deck26 wrote:

Your profile shows that you shared it but it still won't open.
I just checked and it was not shared so I just shared it so now it should open
I am so sorry!

deck26 wrote:

Looks like it's not shared.
oops! sorry it looks like it should be shared now
I need some help with my project fly in the sky the time is going below zero and the high score is not changing you can find it here
4: hello ! at 11:23:23 AM 18/3/20183030043
welcome to scratch!
3: I need project ideas please! at 9:29:43 PM 17/3/20183029320

best-games-ever wrote:

You should make a platformer! A game this is hard to make, but you can use these scripts:
I think that would be a great idea ! the only thing is that I think that would be to hard for me and I would not want to take other scripts from someone else project. Ones I am more experienced I think I will make that Thanks for the idea!
2: I need project ideas please! at 12:20:04 PM 17/3/20183028599
I need project ideas Please reply and type a idea you think I can make Please be sure to type the following:

  • scale of 1-10 (1 not hard) (10 hard)
  • kind of project (game, animations, art etc)
  • How long it would take to make

P.S. Please comment project ideas on my project Project inspiration
1: My New Studio! at 12:03:05 PM 17/3/20183028583
Please add projects to Scratchers favorite projects!