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1687: What Happened to chooper100? at 8:53:42 PM 20/9/20204434020
The text in the about me section was likely a link or piece of information that the scratch team removed, but anyone can write a fake removed message so we don't know for sure that it was. The turned off comments were probably done by the user to not receive comments, but it could also have been done by the scratch team as well, if they had a reason to.

You probably won't be able to find out why this happened because this user has been gone for a while, unless they have made some sort of statement in the past about their reason to turn off comments, or they return someday. And if the scratch team was involved they won't disclose what happened to other users, or they might just not remember.
1686: transparent colors in sprite editor at 2:08:20 AM 19/9/20204429728
Partial transparency in the costume editor is quite an old suggestion. It looks like this is the oldest topic about it:
1685: Current __ in (Timezone) Block at 6:18:01 AM 18/9/20204427098

moss-shadow wrote:

fdreerf wrote:

Your last example can be made with the current current hour block, and can only be made with it unless the user gives their timezone.

The days since 2000 block uses UTC and thus one single timezone, so you can use that to calculate the time in say, UTC-4 and UTC+1.
(((days since 2000) - ([floor v] of (days since 2000))) * (24))
is the hour in UTC, plus the percentage of that hour. Adding or subtracting from this number and then taking the floor of it will give the hour in that time zone.

Unfortunately, that will not work for multiplayer games with daylight cycles since a user can lie about their timezone and have the incorrect costumes which may lead to cheating if a game has “night” being darker and therefore the correct users will have trouble seeing.
What would be the difference with your suggested block? This appears to be a flaw with having a system with daylight cycles, which using days since 2000 vs current [ v] in (timezone) has no effect on. Days since 2000 allows you to get a value for the time in any time zone, meaning there is no difference between it and your suggested block, so there should not be any cases for which one works and the other does not. There are only cases where one might be easier to code with.
1684: For in range loop? at 6:08:56 AM 18/9/20204427088

Steve0Greatness wrote:

have you seen the amount of suggestions with a workaround? and they get a lot more complex, can you really not handle 2 more blocks?
Determining weather a workaround is acceptable or not is not done solely based on how many blocks it uses. You must consider the ease to create a workaround or find one online, the effect on the amount of variables, lists, and custom blocks in a project, and the specific formats that it will be used in (for example, a block workaround can be put in a custom block, but a reporter workaround cannot be referenced within multiple layers of reporters). If your reasoning for determining the value of a workaround is based on the block amount, then many of the existing blocks would be removed, and many new blocks would be added. But in reality, there are more factors taken to account than I can list.

I agree with your conclusion, but not your reasoning. You need to look at multiple factors rather than simply looking at the size of a possible workaround.
1683: How do you make an animated background? at 11:01:56 PM 17/9/20204426390

ScratchLetters2020 wrote:

this Scratcher has made some of these.
It looks like you're talking about their sets of projects with animated thumbnails that connect. They probably take 1 gif file and crop it to create 5 separate gifs. Then they use custom JS code to upload these files as the thumbnails for 5 different projects, and share them all in order, so that the 5 cropped portions appear in the arrangement that they originally did.
1682: For in range loop? at 12:40:31 AM 17/9/20204424141

Zerofile wrote:

There is a block for this.

The for in you can find it around a lot of “hacked projects”
I wouldn't say it really exists, because they added it then removed it, so the only reason it still can be used is to not break old projects. If it was a feature that was still supposed to exist, it would appear in the block menu.

Because they had a reason to remove it in the past, they aren't too likely to add it again. I think the main reason could be trying to keep the main control blocks to the fundamentals, that you can understand right away and don't overwhelm people who are new to coding.

There are workarounds, but they require at least 1 variable, list, or custom block, so they aren't perfect. Having this feature would be useful for some scratchers, but it doesn't make too much of a difference, and keeping the main control structures minimal is important.
1681: Can You set cloud variables to nothing? at 12:04:57 AM 15/9/20204418580

mtech22 wrote:

salvation_ wrote:

leahcimto wrote:

Yes, just do
set [Cloud Var v] to []
Yes but you could also write
set [☁ score] to [abc]
And cloud variables don't store letters.
Yes, but if you do that it will report “0”
It will report the last valid value it was set to, not 0 (unless the last valid value it was set to was 0)
1680: Can You set cloud variables to nothing? at 12:00:07 AM 15/9/20204418570
I didn't expect it, but you can, and it does save when you reload the page.

By the way, it only took about 2 minutes to test, so if you want answers faster just test it yourself.
1679: -My mistake!- at 3:29:27 AM 14/9/20204416158

PkmnQ wrote:

I support. How would a new scratcher figure out that you could put numbers in the dropdown?
As the topic creator said, this is a duplicate suggestion, so post your ideas on the correct topic that they link to.
1678: How to remix your own projects at 2:49:39 AM 14/9/20204416119

SuperSean12 wrote:

PhoenixCoderBessie wrote:

SuperSean12 wrote:

go to your alt account, then open another tab signed into your main account, remix the project on the alt account and you remixed yourself
Is there a one account method?
yes, go inside the project, click file and then click save as copy
It duplicates the project, but it's no longer actually creating a remix.
1677: Improving the Report System at 2:19:36 AM 14/9/20204416093

Za-Chary wrote:

I say this every time this suggestion comes up: the reason that we don't have you input a reason for reporting a comment is because comments are so short that we are able to tell what's wrong with it, if anything.

That's not to say it's rejected, however. I think it could be helpful, although potentially cumbersome if you have to report multiple comments really quickly.

I actually just re-read your suggestion, and it seems like you're suggesting a checkbox system rather than typing out the reason. That's a pretty cool idea, I think. I disagree that would make things faster, though — because then we have to look at the reason in addition to the comment. But that doesn't really waste much time in hindsight, anyway.
You don't actually need to look at the reason every time. If you can see why just from reading the comment, then there is no need to read the reason. The reason is just an additional detail to help in the case where a report is unclear. It also allows you to categorize reports and view them in order of priority, which I think can help speed up the process for more important reports.

Wilmsical wrote:

Lets show this forum to the st
The suggestions forum does get seen by the ST, so isn't this already the best way to show them?

Also, there is a lot of work that they would need to put into creating this feature. I think for now they need to devote their time to working on more important features. Their priorities are improving the editor, working on community features, and making projects run properly and efficiently. This idea isn't really worth slowing down development on their main priorities.
1675: Improving the Report System at 1:36:43 AM 14/9/20204416020
It already exists for projects, and I agree that it should be added to comments. Then they can sort comment reports by priority, and if they don't understand why something was reported they can check. It also encourages users to really think about if their report is valid.

For the second idea, you could actually have another reason to report. The way I hope this problem is dealt with is that the report system doesn't treat “other” reports as seriously, meaning they aren't reviewed as quickly and it takes much more of them for an automatic takedown. It might already work like this, but the inner workings of the report system are kept secret.

Wilmsical wrote:

But what about it only works in one sprite. That sprite can have no code but the before green flag clicked block. Then all the code beneath it. It would sence which sprite has that code and only disable that.
That works, as long as it doesn't allow any events in unloaded sprites to be set off, and not being allowed to use things like touching sprite, go to sprite, point towards sprite, because all those sprites wouldn't be loaded. It would also need to have the backdrops loaded, or make the backdrop just be blank. Layering also interacts with other sprites, so the layering might need to be loaded. The values in variables and lists would need to be loaded, or else make the specific sprite not be able to access them. And it would still have to be very limited in space because of how many projects will get loaded. It's a lot of things to address but it's possible. It just doesn't seem like you would really be able to do too much with it after seeing how limited the space is.

It also would take a lot of work to develop this separate sprite and all of its limitations, and then make the system to just load the content from that sprite, and the embedded project players for each thumbnail.
1673: Advanced Math Operators at 1:13:43 AM 14/9/20204415992
They are important operators, but at the same time you don't want to overload people who are new to coding with too many blocks. That's the difference with scratch. All of the functions must be listed, and that means removing the ones that aren't the most important.
It seems like it won't take too long for people to find the workarounds when they need these blocks. And it might help people to get a better understanding coding and numbers along the way. There are workarounds for all of these with just two blocks and no duplicates of inputs, so it isn't too difficult to substitute a workaround in.

<not <[] < []>>
<not <[] > []>>
<not <[] = []>>

Wilmsical wrote:

hedgehog_blue wrote:

Wilmsical wrote:

Hmm…. I never thought about that…. It would make it so there is no thumbnail at all! It would just be loading! Well… I guess… Maybe they can make a limit on how long the song is and how big the animation is so you can only need to wait like 5 seconds or less!
But how would it know which parts of the project need to be loaded for the thumbnail? It seems like it would have to load all of the project, and that would have to take a while.
If it gives you a warning though it will be like this. “Before green flag clicked blah blah blah SCRATCH: ‘Uh oh! It looks like you have used to much space and it will take too long to load! Try making the code shorter!’” Then you know when you added too much code to the before green flag clicked block.
You didn't understand my question. How can it tell the difference between things that it has to load for the before green flag clicked block and things that it has to load for the actual project? It is virtually impossible to automatically detect the scripts and assets that need to load, and which ones don't. This means the only way is having to load the entire project, which will take a long time and use a lot of resources.
1671: A suggestion. at 12:58:54 AM 14/9/20204415957
Computers and tablets are already very common, and if people want to use scratch they would rather buy a device that can do a lot more things than just scratch. These devices are very optimized for dragging blocks, editing sound and costumes, and viewing the scratch community. It doesn't seem like another device really has more to offer in terms of the scratch, or at least the current devices scratch is available on are good enough. Buying a standalone device for starting to learn programming isn't a purchase many people would make, so I don't think investing time and resources into developing it is nearly reasonable.

Wilmsical wrote:

Hmm…. I never thought about that…. It would make it so there is no thumbnail at all! It would just be loading! Well… I guess… Maybe they can make a limit on how long the song is and how big the animation is so you can only need to wait like 5 seconds or less!
But how would it know which parts of the project need to be loaded for the thumbnail? It seems like it would have to load all of the project, and that would have to take a while.
Interesting idea, but animated thumbnails aren't an intentional feature, its just that people found a way to upload custom files as project thumbnails. Thumbnails are just images, and so if you want to add this block that means turning every thumbnail that appears on any page of the website into an embedded project, which requires loading and running up to hundreds of projects on any scratch page that you visit. It also means that each of these thumbnails can be much more distracting. Thumbnails should really just be an image showing a preview of the project, and were never intended to be customized so much. The ST already tries to stop projects with gif thumbnails from appearing in pages like explore and search, possibly due to the distraction. If this block can also run code like creating intentional lag, playing sound, and interacting with extensions, it will create much more distraction than the ST's current limit, and will turn the whole website into chaos.

It's good to be thinking of new cool ideas, but for now my stance is that this needs a lot of re-thinking to become something that would work for scratch.
1668: Short project links. at 7:32:46 PM 13/9/20204415421

Bluebatstar wrote:

And how will this help, exactly? The only bit in the link, in my opinion, that's annoying to type are the Numbers. People are better off copy/pasting anyway, because remembering the numbers is virtually impossible. In which case, shortening the link makes no difference whatsoever. No support.
Maybe the numbers are converted to letters? 5 to 6 letters is easier to remember than 8 to 9 digits. The only problem is certain words appearing by chance.

I still agree that copy/pasting is easier. Or if you're going to be typing or speaking a url often, just use a url shortener service to get a short url that redirects to your project.