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Maybe this helps?
<key (join (backspace) ()) pressed?>
And a very suspicious block:
move (join [] [Infinity]) steps
I am making some blocks at here but it just wouldn’t work. Would anyone help me?

Btw the scratch block:
add [] to (variable) :: list
say [^^^on top is a list block^^]
I made a fractal generator but it crashed! Would anyone tell me the reason?
no screen refresh
define fractal(input)
set [numba v] to [0]
repeat until <(numba) = (input)>
point in direction (([360] / (input)) * (numba))
11: Snap to grid? at 12:05:01 AM 7/9/20204396937
Like this:
go to x: ((round ((mouseX) / (x position)) + (number)) y: ((round ((mouseY) / (y position)) + (number))
10: Snap to grid? at 12:03:09 AM 7/9/20204396932

MiaPie wrote:

The game is a mining simulator, and I need this crosshairs sprite to snap onto the blocks so it is only touching one block at a time. That's why it has to move in 16 pixel increments. Normally i could just do the code I submitted in the OP, but I want the crosshair to match exactly. If I do addition (adding 4 to the x for example) it looks weird and I can't make it look normal again.
Ah yes just type it in and add a number that’s it!
8: How To Make a Sound Visualizer at 1:34:51 AM 5/9/20204392409
Wow this is the BEST TUTORIAL EVER
forever (do)
start [new v] project
move to (kill [the scratch cat in the project v])
change [make other sprites] effect by (999)
Finish (cool) project
I want to convert it too! *making games but it only works on scratch

forever do
start [new v] project
kill [the scratch cat in the project v]
make (everything not scratch cat) in (1) minute
Finish (cool) project
5: Minecraft Ideas at 1:27:44 AM 3/9/20204386495

Seam49 wrote:

SteveAndAlex4Ever wrote:

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

SteveAndAlex4Ever wrote:

dominic305 wrote:

SteveAndAlex4Ever wrote:

potatophant wrote:

Mob: Heart Of Ender

Similar to the boss of minecraft dungeons, a boss after the ender dragon. Throwing the dragon egg into the void, and jumping in after takes you to a 4th dimension similar to the end. There are lots of tiny islands, like the outer end, gravity is increased (pulls you down faster), however you have jump boost 3/4, and speed2. There is also motion blur, and bow shots are more accurate. The heart of ender is a big 6 legged enderman with lasers, like in mc dungeons, which has 1000 health (500 hearts), and the laser does 22 raw damage K
(11 hearts, so get good lol armour, excuse the reference). It drops the ender key, which can be held in you offhand, and automatically starts your elytra when in the void, and halfs void damage. Ill think of more later, because its nearly the end of my phones battery.
I think 500 hearts is a bit much-the Wither has 150 hearts! How about 170-200 hearts? Bit more possible to defeat him. Also, 11 hearts can kill you in one hit so maybe dim it down to like 4-6 hearts?
It can only kill you in 1 hit if you have no armour. At this point though the player should have full netherite
I guess you r right…what if they are playing in java? The new update hasn't happened there yet I don't think.
The new update is in Java.
The New update for Bedrock actually acme after Java by a few hours i think.
Wow a 4th dimension is great! But the enderman idea is bit old tho. Maybe make the enderman mob a bit different?
4: Minecraft Ideas at 1:26:15 AM 3/9/20204386489
An item in minecraft dat world be cool is the spray bottle. Craft: 1 iron nugget, 3 glass, one dragon breath. Fill with water bucket and make potions using it. Then it works as a lingering potion but u can use 3 times and you get the bottle back. Spray range: 5 - 15 blocks. If directly spray the target then 2x the potion effect
3: How to Comment at 8:55:08 AM 2/9/20204383900
Uh why some of the scratch discussion is uncommen
define getting scratch blocks
if <You don’t know how> then
point towards [scratch blocks]
move cursor to(Any block)
say [how to make scratch blocks]

1: SEND PROJECTS HERE PLS at 5:36:10 AM 29/7/20204268777
I'm @griefercube and please send in your projects here! 1 photo and the link pls.

i made one myself.