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35: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 7:56:12 AM 16/9/20204421975
stop [this discuss  v] immediately :: 000000
stop (all)
34: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 7:54:20 AM 16/9/20204421972

deck26 wrote:

Haven't tried to make sense of you project but notice you have consecutive blocks setting cloud variables. You need to allow at least 0.1 seconds between cloud updates, even to different variables. That needs fixing before this can be looked at properly.
Ohhhhhh thanks
Please do not comment here, this is only for me to add cloud variables when it has too much data.
32: How Do I Make the Background Move? at 12:41:42 AM 16/9/20204421496
Get at least 3 sprites(or more) or make clones that will invert the arrow keys(r = left and l = right) Then they grow or shrink in size when you go up or down.
31: Pointing Toward Clones at 12:38:48 AM 16/9/20204421492
What about I have 50 clones and I need them to all point at 3 random spots(my boss fight game needs it)
Maybe we can overcome this with more than 1 cloud car to save data…
Can you use custom blocks for updating cloud variables?
28: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 12:04:47 AM 16/9/20204421438
27: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 12:02:15 AM 16/9/20204421434
There is just Provided by ________
Still can’t find it
26: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 11:55:39 AM 15/9/20204419442

deck26 wrote:

griefercube wrote:

I am working on But the cloud won’t work
Any help?

Pls. Problem solved, but how do ya remove this(I used messages so it won’t work)
Edit the subject to show you've solved it. You should be able to close after 24 hours.
The best way(and easiest) to make cloud encoder/decoder
define If cloud contains (_)
set [charlist v] to [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.!? 1234567890-_]
set [repeat v] to [0]
set [output v] to []
set [answer v] to []
repeat (length of (_::custom)::operators)
set [repeat2 v] to [0]
change [repeat v] by (1)
repeat until <(letter (repeat2) of (charlist)) = (letter (repeat) of (_::custom))>
change [repeat2 v] by (1)
set [output v] to (join (output) ((repeat2) + (9)))
set [answer v] to (join (answer::variables) ((repeat2) + (9)))
set [output v] to <(☁ cooud) contains (output)?::operators>
set [answer v] to <(☁ cloud 2) contains (answer::variables)?::operators>

when I receive [Reset v]
set [☁ A v] to [0]
set [☁ B v] to [0]
set [☁ cloud 2 v] to [0]
set [☁ cooud v] to [0]

when @greenFlag clicked
If cloud contains (username)::custom
if <<(output) = [false]> and <(answer::variables) = [false]>> then
ask [What do you vote? A/B] and wait
if <not <<(answer) = [A]> or <(answer) = [B]>>> then
say [Please answer again and click the green flag] for (2) seconds
if <(answer) = [A]> then
change [☁ A v] by (1)
if <(answer) = [B]> then
change [☁ B v] by (1)
Add (username) To cloud::custom
say [Sorry, you have voted]

define Add (String) To cloud
set [charlist v] to [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.!? 1234567890-_]
set [Uh, save cloud change v] to []
set [repeat v] to [0]
repeat (length of (String::custom)::operators)
set [repeat2 v] to [0]
change [repeat v] by (1)
repeat until <(letter (repeat2) of (charlist)) = (letter (repeat) of (String::custom))>
change [repeat2 v] by (1)
set [Uh, save cloud change v] to (join (Uh, save cloud change) ((repeat2) + (9)))
if <(☁ next cloud count) = [0]> then
set [☁ cooud v] to (Uh, save cloud change)
set [☁ cloud 2 v] to (Uh, save cloud change)
if <(☁ next cloud count) > [1]> then
set [☁ next cloud count v] to [0]
change [☁ next cloud count v] by (1)
set [Uh, save cloud change v] to [0]
point in direction (scratch v)
say [where did the 25 pages of blocks go?]
play sound [what happened?? v]
move (infinity) steps until touching world border
23: CLOUD VARIABLE PROBLEMS![code] at 10:28:49 AM 15/9/20204419331
I am working on But the cloud won’t work
Any help?
Username: griefercube
Favorite pronouns: It, I
Work you want to do: blocks and games things
Question: how do I join da studio
If you don't follow, where should we contact you ?: Uh send the studio link or just get me on my profile
More information: please let me join I wanna help
\o/ Yay!
/\ (Lol the stick man from Alan Becker)
dab (Infinity) times
Your text to link here…

freshBOT wrote:

griefercube wrote:

Wait this works:
The join block doesn't work and griffpatches project is broken…
Wait what oh no idk what now

qrcool wrote:

griefercube wrote:

I made a fractal generator but it crashed! Would anyone tell me the reason?
no screen refresh
when flag clicked
fractal [input]

define fractal(input)
set [numba v] to [0]
repeat until <(numba) = (input)>
point in direction (([360] / (input)) * (numba))
move (size) steps
create clone of [myself v]
move (join (-) (size)) steps
delete this clone

when I start as a clone
if <not<(size) < (5)>> then
fractal [input]

Fractals go on forever. Scratch can't handle that.
I made sure that once it hits size = 5, it stops