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flamingenius wrote:

Having a hard Time finding ideas? here are some steps that will help you!

1. Other Games
Don't copy other's work, but take inspiration-
For example, in my game “Upturned” I got inspired by game I was making with some other scratchers, were you touch a mirror and the game flips. in my game, you can push space whenever you want to flip the game. I didn't use any scripts from the collab, but if you do use other's scripts, give credit.

Take a game from real life, say Ice-Hockey. Now, find your own unique way to convert that game to an enjoyable, one player game.
Your creation doesn't have to be exactly like the game, and it doesn't even have to be 3D! Another way in life is to look around, and make stuff based on what you see. Pay attention! small details may make BIG games!

3. Movies
After watching Movies (mostly sci-fi) were there is something awesome, I sometimes get the urge to make A game involving that thing. For example, after watching an adventure movie about bikes, I decided to make my game “StickFigure Extreme” (Unshared), in which you try to bike as fast as you can

4. Dreams
This one is sort of like movies, except for that your mind can make much wilder stories than any movie director. For example, you dream your in a chase, and your being hunted by some mind-eating zombies (just an example) and you love the dream do much you want to dream it again; Well here is an awesome game idea! dreams can really help.

5.Getting desperate?
If none of this list helps you, go to a friends profile, and ask “Can you help me think up an idea for my next project?”

6. If step five didn't help
If your'e having a REALLY hard time getting ideas, here are a few-
1. Building climb- climb buildings as fast as you can without falling
2. Cake builder- people are ordering pizza and you must take their order and make what they asked for, if you make a mistake, your fired
3. Scratch platformer- a platformer where you play as they scratch cat and you must rescue the scratch team
4. Cloud jumper- a game where you must jump from cloud to cloud without falling
5. A game where you give commands to a bot so he can safely manoeuvre through each level
6. A game where your point is to die
7. A classic bot wrestling game- you must press different keys to activate attacks to defeat your opponent
8. Celebrity battles- different famous people fight each other to be the “head famous dude”
9. Phone destroyer- A game where you must destroy as many phones as you can to get the insurance money
10. A game where there is a bar that is always filling and you must do stuff to prevent it from filling
Feel free to leave links of projects you make using this forum below!
This helped!
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define go to scratch 3.0
move (50) steps to scratch 3.0
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define go to scratch 3.0
move (50) steps to scratch 3.0
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go to x: (scratch) y: (3.0!)
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point towards scratch 3.0! [ v]
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define welcome to scratch 3.0!
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