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willowmint- wrote:

I think this is a good idea! But there is one problem: some people could just write “Support!” and add an emoji or some other short words after it, to get past the filter
That's not how a blacklist works. There are reasons why there are no comments saying “(swearword)
But if saying support was blacklisted, then you couldn't include support in your post even if you write a constructive post with reasons for your support… And then I think people might just make up another word to mean “support”, like saying “I agree!” and say that instead. But still I think this is a good idea, I'm just not sure if it would really work to implement it.
I agree. A user could say "I support this because " Even though they are adding something to the discussion they can't say it because of a blocked keyword
If you give reasons, you do not need a “support” at the end.

SeuAmigo35 wrote:

oh my god… i can't belive this is true…
Yeah, the Scratch Team can just reject a suggestion. Pretty cool.
3274: Better art interface at 5:19:31 PM 3/8/20204286792
The second problem can't be fixed and is intentional due to how bitmap and vector work.
Bitmap stores pictures in a grid of pixels, while vector stores them in mathematics.
3273: Close down the server at 4:57:06 PM 3/8/20204286682
Oh, so it's not my internet.
I was experiencing the same problem and it cost me a ninja.
3272: New Layout for Scratch at 4:54:27 PM 3/8/20204286664
thank you charter spectrum for not offering garbage overpriced services, and instead slightly less garbage overpriced services
3271: valid remix? at 4:24:20 PM 3/8/20204286513
No, I remember a Scratch Team member telling me that is not allowed. If someone couldc find the post that would be nice.

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fdreerf wrote:

Only whitelisted phrases are allowed; chats where you can make your own sentences with words aren't.
There's more to it - chats with limited, selectable phrases are allowed, any other method of chat is not allowed.
That is basically what I said.
3269: "Delete all occurrences of" block at 3:51:36 PM 3/8/20204286340
I think it would be better to have “all lists” in the dropdowns for lists blocks for more general purposes.
Only whitelisted phrases are allowed; chats where you can make your own sentences with words aren't.
3267: Embed Scratch links in Comments at 2:59:30 PM 3/8/20204286036

geometric_ghast wrote:

If the thumbnail is inappropriate then that would be a big problem. Scratch can't detect if thumbnails are appropriate or not, so this could be used in, not good ways. (I know I'm hoping for the worst lol)
Well, this is a problem even without this being implemented and it can be solved by using the Report button. I'm more concerned about people using harmless projects that have letters in the thumbnails to spell out words.
3266: at 2:57:09 PM 3/8/20204286028
3265: Rhythm Heaven Topic! at 2:55:11 PM 3/8/20204286020

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slepy_demon wrote:

s h o w m e t h e b a s e b a l l g u y
(assuming this wasn't a random, off-topic post)
You mean this?
Nah, obviously they meant this.
3264: emojis at 2:43:44 PM 3/8/20204285995

smoshpoog1 wrote:

i mean scratch overall needs more emojis so why not add a _fire_ emoji?
Why should there be a fire emoji?
Badges should in fact be a negative as they are rejected by the Scratch Team.
I will request this to be closed.
3261: emojis at 2:29:53 PM 3/8/20204285954

gilbert_given_189 wrote:

That can be misinterpreted to a feeling of heat.
(trying to not get reported)
I don't think that's a misinterpretation as many things use a fire icon to depict “this is hot and will cause ouchies”.
3260: Are safe chats allowed? at 2:25:35 PM 3/8/20204285946

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Hi there, recently I have been playing a few online multiplayer games, which have a ‘Safe chat’ (where there are options of what to say, e.g. ‘Hello!’ or ‘Over here!’). I was just wondering if this is allowed because if you see Question 5 of the Cloud Variable section of the Scratch FAQ, it says ‘While it is technically possible to create chat rooms with cloud variables, they are not allowed on the Scratch website.’. Does this mean that safe chats are not allowed? Thanks
Yes, you can have a chat with selectable phrases, but chats with a blacklist or a whitelist or no protections at all are not allowed.
i still question why whitelists aren't allowed
Do I need to bring up my “major joint in the leg” plus “verb meaning to get bigger” equals extremely offensive racial slur example?

scratch978654 wrote:

If they blacklisted the following:

100% Support

Then people could bypass the filter with “support of course”, “obvious support”, “+1” and more.

I don't think that's how a blacklist works.
3258: Forum for each continent at 2:22:02 PM 3/8/20204285932
Continents are very broad places with many different cultures and languages.
At best this will be useless and confusing and at worst it will be flame-war heaven.
3257: emojis at 2:19:34 PM 3/8/20204285920
Why would this be helpful?