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30: Save codes/Load codes HELP!!! at 11:40:12 PM 19/10/20204520850

latin_gamerX wrote:

you have to clarify

what do you mean by generate save codes
I mean to like make up a save code to save info.
29: Save codes/Load codes HELP!!! at 11:28:26 PM 19/10/20204520828
I'm making a math quiz creator and I need help with how to generate save codes and load codes.
when gf clicked

continue [forever v]
11{0}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}-2}-1}-3}-3}-3}-3}-3}-3}-3}-3}-2}-1}-1}-3}-4}-5}-6}-7}-8}-8}-7}-6}-4}-5}-6}-3}-2}-1}0}-3}0}1}3}5}6}-1}7}8}9}10}8}9}7}10}9}10}10}11}12}11}12}11}12}11}12}13}14}13}14}14}15}16}14}15}16}15}16}17}17}17}15}13}14}15}16}17}16}17}13}14}15}18}20}21}21}23}18}18}19}19}19}20}18}19}20}16}17}18}18}19}19}20}20}20}21}21}21}21}21}25}23}23}23}23}23}23}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}23}23}23}22}22}21}20}19}19}15}14}13}11}12}6}8}5}3}2}2}7}9}10}16}17}18}23}23}13}4}4}-1}0}18}24}24}-4}0}-2}-2}0}-2}0}-1}-1}-3}1}6}13}20}25}23}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}24}23}11}5}0}-2}{-1}0}-1}0}1}2}3}5}6}6}6}6}6}5}4}3}1}2}0}-1}-1}4}-3}-4}-4}-4}-4}-4}-7}-6}-7}-7}-7}-7}-6}-7}-7}-7}-7}-6}-6}-7}-5}-3}-5}-1}-6}-7}-6}-6}-6}-7}-7}-7}-4}-4}-5}-4}-4}-5}-5}-6}-6}-7}-7}-4}-5}-5}-4}-2}-2}-2}-3}-3}-3}-4}-4}-2}-3}-4}-5}-6}-6}-6}-5}-5}-6}-6}-7}-7}-7}-2}0}-2}-1}1}-3}-4}-2}-3}-4}-4}-5}-5}-5}-7}-7}-6}-7}-6}-7}-6}-7}-3}-3}-4}-6}-5}-7}-1}-7}-6}-5}-4}-2}0}1}-2}-3}-4}-5}-6}-7}4}5}6}8}6}6}6}6}7}6}6}6}6}6}6}6}4}2}3}2}6}6}6}6}6}6}3}2}7}3}2}3}-2}-1}2}3}1}3}3}2}2}1}1}2}1}-3}-6}-4}-3}1}0}-1}29}28}27}26}25}24}23}20}19}18}17}22}21}16}15}14}13}12}11}10}7}7}5}4}4}{g}c}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}f}g}g}l}l}l}g}g}c}g}g}g}g}s}g}g}g}g}s}s}g}g}g}g}n}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}g}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}g}g}g}g}g}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}g}g}g}c}g}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}g}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}b}g}g}g}p}g}g}g}g}c}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}g}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}l}g}g}g}c}b}b}b}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}n}n}n}n}n}n}n}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}p}n}n}n}n}n}{1}1}0}0}0}0}1}0}1}1}1}1}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}1}0}1}0}0}0}1}1}0}1}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}0}0}0}1}1}1}0}0}0}0}0}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}1}1}1}0}0}0}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}0}0}0}0}0}1}0}0}0}1}1}1}0}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}0}1}1}0}1}0}1}0}1}1}0}0}0}0}1}1}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}1}1}1}1}1}1}{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Welcome!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Things may not be the same as you think!}You can wall jump!}Beware!}That was hard… …but wait, THIS IS WAY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}Phew! that was a heart-breaking job!}Now JUMP!}THere are a lot of springs! Choose the right one! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Wow! Did you pick the right one?}HARD}Your almost there!}Your here! Good job… …but don't fall.}Oh no! now you got to restart!}{
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25: Set size to a way off number. at 6:39:14 PM 18/10/20204516894
I fixed it
24: Set size to a way off number. at 6:33:33 PM 18/10/20204516877

fdreerf wrote:

Are you referring to the questioner sprite?

enochx wrote:

No the custom block.
Hi that game was great! But I saw a bug that will make me keep walking in one direction and not another.
like left but not right in DD-8861's version.
22: Cloud Go Fish Collab at 10:19:35 PM 17/10/20204514753

AttackFlower wrote:

Hi, I want to make a Go Fish game with you!

I want to make a cloud go fish game!

The jobs are:
Cloud Progammer
If you are interested please fill out this form:

Time Available:
Best Project:

(I'll accepted most people)

If you get in, I'll invite you to this studio:

User: @enochx
Job: Programmer
Time Available: Mon-Thu 3:30-4:00 4:15-4:45
Best Project:
21: Set size to a way off number. at 10:15:33 PM 17/10/20204514746

fdreerf wrote:

Could you post a link to the project you did this? It was most likely a scripting error.

panda-wat wrote:

Maybe you were having WIFI issues.
Scratch was down for me too but my internet says perfecto.
19: Set size to a way off number. at 3:15:26 AM 17/10/20204512703
My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected
I created a custom block and in it I added a
                                                                       set size to (50) %

block but then it set the size to be 5%! HELP!My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected

pavcato wrote:


TOLORS wrote:

2.3 Set the editor to look like older versions of Scratch
Some users prefer the look and feel of the Scratch 2.0 editor, and have suggested that the editor look like Scratch 2.0, but still run off of HTML5 like Scratch 3.0 does. However, this would be more complicated for educational and documentation purposes. It could be confusing if someone is trying to learn Scratch from someone who is using a completely different layout of the editor than them.

In addition, the Scratch Team changed the design for a reason: to make it easier, more intuitive, and friendlier for newcomers to use. If you dislike the Scratch 3.0 editor, you can still download the Scratch 1.4 or Scratch 2.0 offline editors.
No I mean you put a default view as 3.0 but you can change the default view so every time you go to here it turns back to 3.0 even if your previous view is in 1.4.
Hi I think having different “views”(scratch 1.4,2.0,3.0 and the “next version” views) would attract many scratchers to come back.

successgamer wrote:

enochx wrote:

My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected
define bug
The text in those boxes keep deleting
when green flag clicked
:\ Odd! When did it happen?
It happened every single time I press “see project page”.
My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected
define bug
The text in those boxes keep deleting
when green flag clicked
when [right key v] key pressed
turn cw (?) degrees

mtech22 wrote:


Anyhow, rejected.
1.8 3D Scratch
This block, and others, could be used with a z-axis in the project stage to make it easier to create 3D projects. But, Scratch is a language that is designed to be as easy as possible for beginners to learn. Adding 3D features would make the language more difficult for beginners to understand, and a 3D engine is not exactly the purpose of Scratch. This suggestion also includes the possibility for a virtual-reality features in Scratch, or “Scratch VR.” A lot of the same difficulties come up.
60 second rule strikes once again! :c
no l mean you can PICK 1D, 2D, and 3D labs(go to make a account and create a project and you will know what is a lab.)
I want you to a “lab” for 1D, 2D, 3D so you can also do 3D and 2D and 1D projects easier
when green flag clicked
ask ( 3D, 2D, or 1D
11: How to make 3D projects? at 7:11:28 PM 4/10/20204473820
I want to make to make a 3D project but don't know how.
when green flag clicked
ask [How to make a 3D project] and wait