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28911: Making a counter variable in scratch. at 6:08:37 PM 25/9/20204447588

Paxmania1025 wrote:

Try this:

When flag clicked
set to (0)
wait until <magic wand>
change by (1)
Please don't necropost.
28910: help with making a multiplayer game pls at 5:34:44 PM 25/9/20204447471
You can't until you get Scratcher status.
28909: How to join text? at 4:45:55 PM 25/9/20204447250
This is not the Suggestions forum but this is too easy to work around and part of learning to code is learning to use blocks in combinations so this is not going to be introduced.
Manually test your raise a to the power b block. Take a copy of the calling block and try evaluating 2^3 by running it manually - just click on the block. The result it gives me is 4 because you start with the value and multiply by itself power-2 times when it should be power-1 times.

28907: HOW DO I MAKE THIS SCROLLING at 4:19:09 PM 25/9/20204447112
If you mean the clones not going off the edge see this
28906: :) at 4:16:47 PM 25/9/20204447101
Reported to be closed.
28905: :) at 4:02:35 PM 25/9/20204447019
Please don't. If you want to try Scratchblocks there's a sticky topic for that. If you're just posting for the sake of it just don't.
28904: :) at 3:57:47 PM 25/9/20204447000
Do you have a scripting question or are you just spamming?
28903: How can I find my studio by searching?? at 3:31:00 PM 25/9/20204446893

SMKAS wrote:

deck26 wrote:

It takes time (days, not minutes) for projects and studios to appear in the search database though. How long have you waited?
Less than a day it looks like. Made recently.
I suspect it can vary but don't have any real info on this. If the database was updated once a week and you added something the day before the update it wouldn't really tell you much.
28902: Help!! Im stuck! at 3:27:33 PM 25/9/20204446866

OrangeWorld wrote:

Sorry I don’t know french, I know turkish, spanish and english but I will try to help. Lets look at an english example.

when green flag clicked
ask [What is your name?] and wait
if <(answer) contains [my name is]::operators> then//contain block is not in scratch 2.0 but I made this block myself
say (join [Hi] (answer))
say [Please use full sentence. Green flag to retry]

This contain blocks are very usefull you can also use them

<[sadhappy] contains (costume name::looks)::operators>

Instead of

<<[sad] = (costume [name v]::looks)> or <[happy] = (costume [name v]::looks)>>

You're missing the point - they don't want it to say the bits before the name.

In your version if the user answers ‘my name is Bob’, the project says ‘Hi my name is Bob’. The requirement is for it to say ‘hi Bob’.

mtech22 wrote:

PikachuMoo wrote:

Well, it would be rather simple. Whenever you want to trigger the music, set a variable to 1. Then put in

if <(☁ score) = [1]> then
play sound [ v] until done

and that should be it… Unless you meant something else. Hope this helps!!
Thanks, but what I meant is a bit more complicated, I want to make it so the part of the song you hear is the same as every one else who is running the project.
Not possible unless you split the sound into lots of pieces or try to manage the position within the sound by varying the tempo. You can't p[ause sounds or start a sound part-way through. If you can resolve this locally you can pass the information by the cloud but the cloud is not the issue.
28900: SCRIPT SHOP at 1:43:32 PM 25/9/20204446469
Belongs in Requests forum, not here.
28898: Need some help at 1:27:30 PM 25/9/20204446429
So each cloud layer needs to receive information from the other players. That is easiest done by letting each player control one cloud variable and combiining data values. See my demo here
28897: assignment help please at 1:24:56 PM 25/9/20204446425

AnnDiaz wrote:

This assignment is quiet interesting and doesn't seem to require much time and effort to accomplish it. Ask developers from to help you do your coding homework. Ask them to explain the methods and procedure, to understand how it was made.

This is an old topic so it's unlikely they care about it now.

Sonakshigupta16 wrote:

I think It will help you
If helping with assignments many of us helping here prefer to give hints rather than full scripts. The OP is not going to learn much if we do their work for them.
Surely in your example you're counting the cells above, above-right, left and right and ignoring the rest.

That's 2^1 + 2^2 + 2^3 + 2^4. There are 8 surrounding cells and the lowest either adds 2^0 or 0 so the last one adds 2^7 or 0.

So the cells id value should be 30. - not 58 or 62.

Since you were handling powers incorrectly you possibly got something more like 15. You don't actually say waht your code returned.
Your script to raise a to the power b is incorrect unless it doesn't mean what it says. You return a ^ (b-1).

You don't really need a script to make a two digit number normal. If it starts with 0 and you use it as a number Scratch will ignore the 0.

Do you mean to change var_temp2 by return which at that point is the returned value from ‘check if tiles around’? (in get ID of tile)

You only need to do the ‘check if tiles around’ and ‘raise to the power’ if var_temp1 is 2 - you're not changing anything if it is 0.
28894: Making a project password encrypted at 12:14:07 PM 25/9/20204446255

lesanualbert07 wrote:

when green flag clicked
ask [Enter password below] and wait
if <(answer) = [pass]> then
say [Correct!]
say [Wrong!]

The code above is a very weak way to password protect something, because people can see inside and easily figure out the password the password, But there is a way to make it stronger, You just “fudge around the code”, Basically make the code more longer and complicated so others dont understand, Here is an example:

when green flag clicked
ask [Enter password below] and wait
delete all of [list v] :: list
add [s] to [list v]
add [p] to [list v]
add [a] to [list v]
add [4] to [list v]
set [correct letters v] to [0]
if <(letter (1) of (answer)) = (item (2) of [list v])> then
change [correct letters v] by (1)
if <(letter (1) of (answer)) = (item (3) of [list v])> then
change [correct letters v] by (1)
if <(letter (1) of (answer)) = (item (1) of [list v])> then
change [correct letters v] by (1)
if <(letter (1) of (answer)) = (item (1) of [list v])> then
change [correct letters v] by (1)
if <<(lenght of (answer) :: operators) = [4]> and <(correct letters) = (item (4) of [list v])>> then
say [Correct!]
say [Wrong!]

The password to this is “pass”

Hope this helps!
You fudged it so much it doesn't work though! (you're referring to letter 1 of answer in each case)
28893: Need some help at 12:05:26 PM 25/9/20204446240
If you're a beginner stay clear of cloud multiplayer until you've learned more.
28892: Help with variables at 9:52:41 AM 25/9/20204446101

Om24102009 wrote:

It decreases and increses
You're still not giving us any new information.

Going from -1 to -2 is NOT increasing. If you add 2 to each number you get 1 and 0 which tells you the second number is smaller. Adding just moves you along the number line, it cannot swap the order of numbers.

Please sort these numbers into increasing order

-4, 1, -2, 0, 6, 3, -3

We are all trying to help and as far as we can tell you mean something different than we do by ‘increasing’. Otherwise you're talking about how far a number is from 0. But just because -2 is further from 0 than -1 is doesn't mean you've increased the value. You've increased the absolute value but that is not the same thing.

I'm guessing you're still at school so perhaps you should ask a teacher or a parent/guardian about this. Face to face communication might be quicker than trying to resoplve this here or you're just going to have to cope until you do understand this.