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601: Making the Report System Better at 6:09:23 AM 17/6/20204133036

blackrose547 wrote:

So I understand that if a project breaks the CGL (Community Guidelines) or if multiple people report a project it gets taken down but that power is kind of getting abused. There are projects that get taken down, not because of breaking the community guide lines but because of mass reportings. And nothing will even be wrong with the project!
How do you know that this definitely happens on a wide scale? When a project gets taken down due to a number of reports, not even the owner themselves is directly told about it until the reports are confirmed legitimate by the ST. If they aren't confirmed legitimate, the project is reinstated.
When you report a project and nothing is wrong with it, THAT goes against CGL. Here is a quote from the CGL about honesty. “Don’t try to impersonate other Scratchers, spread rumors, or otherwise try to trick the community.” Or otherwise try to trick the community….. When reporting a project that doesn't break the CGL is tricking the Community to think that something might actually be wrong with that project.
This last statement is quite far-fetched to begin with, even if the circumstances allow for it to be true in certain cases.
Again, projects automatically taken down due to illegitimate or mass reporting will be put back up if they contain no offending content.
Plus with all the reportings it must be hard for the Developer Community to check for every little thing wrong with project, but then finding out that nothing was wrong in the first place.
You have to give a reason to report a project. People that waffle or lie in their reports are usually easily to pick out.
However, I'll admit that you have a point here.
Now I don't know how to fix to problem completely or even find out who actually is reporting for real or not, but I might know how to reduce it a bit. Maybe developers can try adding a little more to the report system. Like there should be a place in the report system where you can at least explain whats wrong or maybe even send a screen shot. And you can't send out the report unless there is a screen shot or explanation.
As I said before, you already have to give a reason to report a project. While you don't have to give reasons for reporting comments, the comment can easily be read by the ST.
Screen-shots are mostly unnecessary because of this.

This is definitely a well-intentioned suggestion, but I advise you to check your facts in the future.
600: Your opinion about Platformers? at 11:43:36 PM 15/6/20204128678
Updated the main post, please don't advertise projects here if you're not making a point, it's just going to get the topic closed without any form of conclusion.
599: Your opinion about Platformers? at 3:22:23 AM 2/6/20204081202

superclass43 wrote:

Platformers are fun
As are most of the other games with at least a few hours of work put in.
Platformers might as well be level packs of a single game if thy're not bring anything new to the table.
598: Projects Ideas at 5:41:26 AM 29/5/20204068711
Recreate all aspects of the global economy in a single Scratch project. It's a small task to undertake, you can work your way up to bigger ones in the future.

woodenpencils wrote:

Eevee, Seedot, Plusle, Minun, and Diglett
Added, thanks for the first reply.
596: Mr.Block The Series!!!! at 1:30:08 AM 29/5/20204067960

PopStream wrote:

dave4681 wrote:

What is Mr.Block?
Who is Mr.Block?
Where is Mr.Block?
How is Mr.Block?
When is Mr.Block?
Why is Mr.Block?

I would like all my questions answered in detail.
Mr.Block Is The main character of a new series
Mr.Block lives in the USA(Cause thats where I am)
Mr.Block is currently happening in 2020,and is coming out late july
idk what this last one means sry
Alright, I'll be looking out for him, thank you.
595: Mr.Block The Series!!!! at 1:26:27 AM 29/5/20204067940
What is Mr.Block?
Who is Mr.Block?
Where is Mr.Block?
How is Mr.Block?
When is Mr.Block?
Why is Mr.Block?

I would like all my questions answered in detail.
So I'm planning a game where you catch pokemon on different routes with an array of pokeballs.

I would like suggestions on which pokemon I should add, since I only want about 15 to be available in the first version of the game.

  • Each person can suggest up to 5 pokemon (I mean, you can suggest as many as you like, but I'll only take the first 8 from each person)
  • Only pokemon in gens 1, 2 and 3
  • No legendaries or mythicals (for now)
  • First stage evolutions are preferred
  • No starters

Current Tally

If you vote, please also follow the topic to keep up with the tally.
I've tried multiple times to implement the skip button, but it does not aesthetically fit anywhere.
As an alternative, I bumped up the spinning speed.
592: The explore page is frozen? at 7:31:09 PM 26/5/20204058517
I'm not 100% sure that it is, but the recent projects section of the All tab has remained static for at least the last 14 hours. I'm pretty sure at least someone in the world has uploaded a scratch project between now and then.

If it is broken, then I really hope it's because something is being worked on. As I've said many times, an update to the explore page is long overdue in my opinion.

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

it would be nice to have an option to skip the intro

and online multiplayer would also be really nice
Online multipayer is not very high on my to do list, but I might add more cloud features to let people compete for high scores.
But I like your skippable intro idea, it was annoying to watch it every time I needed to test a physics change.
How do you suggest I implement it so it's not intrusive?
Play the game here!

(As per the description)
Welcome to Battle Box! In this game, you have to shoot other players while avoiding their shots and any other hazards the game throws at you.
Gather 2-4 people and fight against each other for 1st place, or take on a CPU by yourself.
Use items to boost your firepower and do more damage.

The game is packed with the following features:
  • A single player mode against a CPU
  • Up to 4 local players in one round
  • 7 Vehicles to choose from
  • 9 maps of varying difficulty
  • 7 items to use in round
  • 2 minigames
  • An elaborate How To Play section
  • An equally elaborate Updates section
More updates are to come.

Battle Box is a game that takes much inspiration from the battle mode of Mario Kart, and is the successor of another game I made in 2015. I had pretty much finished in mid 2019, but I lost motivation to polish it. In the last week, however, I decided to complete it and fix some overarching bugs.

If you have anything to say, feel free to comment here or on the project page. I would like to hear feedback from everyone, positive or negative.

Bacteria999 wrote:

We must find a solution to our problem. Time for Brainstorming!
Haven't I already summed it up?
I personally agree with you on the issue itself, but not with your solution. If platformers were banned from the main page, something else would take it's place.

Like I said in my topic on platformers (in Questions about Scratch), the problem lies in the lack of good options in the Explore page. There's nowhere near enough ways to get exposure, as your project will appear for 2 minutes in the recent tab and then be lost forever if one of the following conditions are not met:
  • You have less than 500 active followers.
  • It's a ‘generic’ platformer..
  • You backed it up with a campaign of advertising in places where you're not supposed to.
  • Your project baits people in as it has something to do with pop culture or a popular game.
When our explore page is mathematically worse than Roblox's (2 of 3 of Scratch's explore filters are popularity based, compared with Roblox's 6 of 19), it makes sense that people find it lacking.

Toxic_Team wrote:

set [Quote] to [but some studio invitations are important!]
Sorry, but that's your own problem.
You can't expect a website to accurately guess which invitations you value as important, and which ones you don't.
The only ways to deal with this is to either tell individual people to stop, or to be more selective about who you follow.
586: Your opinion about Platformers? at 2:08:34 AM 24/5/20204049912
The thing is, the line of argument really needs to be about the lack of variety an overload of platformers cause.
If we focus too much on the platformers themselves, some ridiculous mini-mod will label it as ‘ranting’, giving the Scratch Team an easy excuse not to say anything about the issue.
585: Your opinion about Platformers? at 2:03:41 AM 24/5/20204049903

that_generic_guy wrote:

Right now I don't see anything users or the scratch team can do to prevent this problem, without creating many more unnecessary problems.
Guess this'll just become a staple of what the community can, can't, or is just too lazy to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well.
If enough people come against these projects in a peaceful and unified manner, the Scratch Team will have to respond eventually. If we could focus our complaints on the shortcomings of the Explore page, they can't possibly dismiss us with a flat out ‘no’, they'll have to do something in our favour.
584: Tilemap support at 11:41:12 PM 23/5/20204049611
Are tilemaps and spritesheets the same thing?
583: Your opinion about Platformers? at 11:09:18 PM 23/5/20204049515
This whole problem is partially the fault of the terrible Explore page only providing three options: see older projects with lots of views, see the same type of platformer/stick animation hundreds of times, or see projects released 10 seconds ago work littered upon the piles of pointless remixes.
582: Your opinion about Platformers? at 11:07:34 AM 23/5/20204047861
Wow, I really like the discussion going on here!
I expected this to get lost in the swarm of other topics straight away.