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For some reason my followers keep inviting me to studios with useless notifications saying like

Follower has invited you to curate the studio (Studio)! Visit the curator tab on the studio to accept the invitation.

This has to come to an end.

If people follow you for no reason, they might try to Spy on you.

Stop spam.

Its annoying.
8: custom block glitch at 2:51:56 AM 16/7/20204226526
I have never caught it
How i never got it? i have been using scratch for only 7 months
when green flag clicked
if <[in discussion] = [true]> 
Force send to [?*$?!(!)!!(!!!!!(!(!!!!!!!!(!*!!)!!!!!(!*!!*!!!!!(!*!!&!!!!!*!)!!^!!))!*!)!!%!!()!*!)!!$!!()!*!)!!$!!))!*!)!!%!!))!*!)!!^!!())^!)!!&!!)))!!)!!^!!&))!!)!!%!!&))!!)!!$!!&)!(!)!!£!!!!!(!(!!"!!!!!(!%!)!!!!!!(!*!)!!!)!!(!%!))!!!!!(!&!))!!)!!(!(!))!!(!!(!(!)(!!*!!(!&!)(!!(!!(!&!)(!!)!!&!(!!"!!))!&!(!)&!!!)!(!%!)(!!!!)%!*!)&!!())%!)!)(!!&)!&!(!)£!!!))!!)!)"!!*))!!)!(!!!*))!!)!)^!!*))!!)!)%!!*))!!)!)$!!*)!&!(!()!!!)?#(&*?#£!?^?)?(?]

stop [all]
ToadfanSchool retired sadly
Please come back
when green flag clicked
post [Please come back]
if <[toadfan came back] = [true]>
cry in tears of joy

stop [all]
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 83.0.4103.116, No Flash version detected
Ok so here is some simple tutorials
1. Click the sprite
when this sprite clicked
play sound [meow]
move (Whatever quantity you want) steps
broadcast [New Backdrop]

when I receive [New Backdrop]
switch costume to [random backdrop]

2. When green flag clicked...
when green flag clicked
point in direction (90 (or whatever you like) )
play sound [High Top]
repeat (24)
turn cw (10) degrees

3. Draw some art

when green flag clicked
if <mouse down?> then

pen down
pen up
move (the right amount of) steps
Im sad my list will not show up but it still works

How can i fix that bug
add (pick random () to (10)) to [music generator]