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8: New Scratch Cat Design at 9:25:57 AM 28/7/20204265245
I'd say, I like it! It looks cool, more realistic and has a great use of shading. However, I think we should keep the old scratch cat in the sprite library if this was implemented by the scratch team, so that the projects that use the old sprite wouldn't have to change sprites. I think adding more costumes would be cool too.
7: Wiki Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 10:50:08 PM 28/5/20204067396
I find the scratch wiki quite helpful
6: Paint Editor Update at 1:06:19 AM 19/5/20204028410
yes thanks for the update!

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5: Scratch Month is here! at 11:23:57 PM 5/5/20203987146
Yay! Sounds exciting!

lisa_wolfgang wrote:

My browser / operating system: iPhone iOS 12.1, Safari 605.1.15, No Flash version detected

When I refer to “many devices”, I am talking about the vast majority of smartphones and tablets that have around 2GB of RAM. This term is subjective; obviously there are devices that are exceptions to what I state.

There are many issues with Scratch when it is loaded on a mobile browser.

Some projects do not even load on many devices – although (as of April 2020) this has improved greatly over the past several months.
When project do load and they are running, any lag will crash the entire webpage on many devices.

Additionally, if the screen is not wide enough, the project page will look like this:

One can see the (very obvious) blue margin on the right side that is caused by the stage not resizing.
However, that's not the only issue: many text elements don't load or don't load fully. That's a fully rendered thumbnail. The text doesn't appear once the project starts.

I have the same problem with my Ipad, often my projects won't load properly…
That's a great idea! Thanks for the update!
2: Wiki Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 11:29:53 PM 8/11/20193752640
Nice articles!
1: Sound Editor Update at 12:42:29 PM 22/8/20193678154
Wow cool! I'm excited this update!