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169: Scratch Month is here! at 1:31:05 PM 4/5/20203981822

Suit1234 wrote:

Cool …but I can't see them in the featured studio row…
It can take a little time for the front page to refresh - but they will be there soon. Until then, you can find links to the studios above
168: Scratch Month is here! at 1:22:48 PM 4/5/20203981800
Hi folks!

The first few activities of Scratch Month are here! You can find them below or on the featured studios row:

Recycling Bin Crafts
Scratch Avatar Creators
Share the Love

Stay tuned for more activities next week. What will you create?

167: Scratch Month is on its way! at 5:37:20 PM 27/4/20203960681

elise129 wrote:

Hey, there's a typo in the title. “It's” is a contraction, and “its” is possesive.
Whoops! Good catch, thank you! ^.^
166: Scratch Month is on it’s way! at 4:21:54 PM 27/4/20203960388
Hi everyone,

This year, to celebrate Scratch’s birthday, we are going beyond Scratch Day and will be celebrating throughout the entire month of May! We will be sharing new activities you can participate in each week.

The first activities start next Monday, May 4th, 2020 and will be featured on the home page in the “studios” row. We hope you’ll join us!

Want to join in the celebration a little early? Here’s a project you can remix:

Scratch On!
165: April Fool's Day! at 8:19:08 PM 2/4/20203910156
Thanks for spending April Fool's day with us! We hope you had as much fun as we did ^.^

Scratch On!
164: Keep The Code Block Cats! at 4:52:34 PM 31/3/20203899772
Hi folks! I'm super excited you all are so excited about the cat blocks (we love them too!). This is just for April Fool's Day, so they will not be permanent. Just a fun thing for a few days ^.^ Enjoy them and Scratch On!
163: April Fool's Day! at 4:12:56 PM 31/3/20203899362
Keep the cats there are 68 People who want to keep them comment or quote if you also want to keep them! (removed by moderator - please don't abuse the reporting system) Pls, don't kill the cats!
define Keep the cats there are 68 People who want to keep them comment or quote if you also want to keep them! Report this comment so that @scratchteam will see it and make it an update! Pls, don't kill the cats! 
Hi folks! I'm super excited you all are so excited about the cat blocks (we love them too!). This is just for April Fool's Day, so they will not be permanent. Just a fun thing for a few days ^.^ Enjoy them and Scratch On!
162: April Fool's Day! at 3:11:15 PM 31/3/20203898653

lolly700 wrote:

Tomorrow is April fools day

It's April fools day in some parts of the world already and we wanted to celebrate with the whole Scratch community
161: New batch of updates! at 12:03:15 PM 19/4/20193512996
Hi again!

We wanted to give you an update on some of the things we’ve been working on since our last post. We are still working on many features and some remaining bugs, but here are some notes about the progress we have made!


  • New extension: Vernier Force & Acceleration Sensor. You can find it in the extension library under “Go Direct Force & Acceleration”
  • Uploading a project from your computer now replaces the contents of the current project (rather than creating a new project). You can find more information about that here
  • Added support for Hindi to the Translate and Text-to-Speech extensions
  • Lots and LOTS of performance improvements ^.^

Bug fixes

  • Adding items to your project from the backpack can no longer result in issues with the project loading on the project page
  • Fixed issues where certain types of variable and list names could cause blocks to not appear when loading a project in the editor
  • Various fixes to the “touching color” blocks to better match performance and behavior from Scratch 2.0
  • Various fixes to the Micro:bit and LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 extensions that prevent issues when attempting to send lots of commands (e.g. set LED matrix or turn motor) at the same time
  • Lots and LOTS of smaller bug fixes ^.^

As always, if you find a bug or are still having problems with something above that we say is fixed, please let us know in the Bugs & Glitches forum:

If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions for future iterations of Scratch, please share them with us in the Suggestions forum:

Scratch on!
Hi folks,

Thanks for all of your continued feedback about Scratch 3.0! We’ve been working on bug fixes and updates since the time of launch and will continue doing so

One thing we have heard a lot of feedback on is the “Load from your computer” option in the project editor.

Since the launch of Scratch 3.0, selecting “Load from your computer” created a brand new project rather than updating the current project with the file you are uploading. Today, we have updated this option so that if you click “Load from your computer” it will load your file directly into the project you are currently in - going back to the way it worked in Scratch 2.0. This will allow you to use the offline editor to make changes to your projects and then reupload online. We encourage you to be mindful when uploading projects since it will delete the contents of the existing project.

Thanks again for all the feedback that resulted in this change ^.^

Scratch On!
Hi folks! We are aware there are some issues with the site at the moment and are looking into it. We appreciate your patience as we work to fix the issues.
158: April Fool's Day! at 4:18:48 PM 3/4/20193495086
Thanks for a super fun April Fool's Day, everyone!
157: April Fool's Day! at 9:11:16 PM 1/4/20193491889

StarbucksFrappuccino wrote:

Type thumbnail tutorial into the search bar
Ceebee, is that ur cat?
lol why yes, yes it is
156: April Fool's Day! at 8:14:26 PM 1/4/20193491706

Wanderlush wrote:

Go to your account settings, to discover a fun checklist!
Is it just a checklist?
155: April Fool's Day! at 4:42:34 PM 1/4/20193491166
April Fool’s Day has arrived! This year we have hidden some fun and silly things around the website. What hidden surprises will you find?

Want to participate in the April Fool’s silliness yourself? Check out the Silly Tutorials and See Inside studios!

154: Growing with Scratch at 5:43:07 PM 11/3/20193468493
Hi Scratchers! We’re writing to let you know about some changes with the Scratch Team. Currently, Scratch is developed at MIT, in collaboration with a separate nonprofit organization called the Scratch Foundation. To support the continuing growth of Scratch, we’re planning to expand the Scratch Foundation and open a new location in Boston this summer. This will give us more room and flexibility for the future.

Scratchers won’t notice any changes: it will still be the same Scratch, developed by the same people, working at the Scratch Foundation in collaboration with MIT. And we’ll be better positioned to keep supporting and improving Scratch!

If you want to find out more, here’s a blog post about some of the upcoming changes.

Scratch on!
Hi folks! So exciting to see so many new people in the Welcoming Committee, thank you all for being so welcoming to new Scratchers! We are going to close this topic but we encourage you to read through the first post if you haven't done so already and stop by the Scratch Welcoming Committee studio to say hello

Scratch On!
152: Updates and Bug Fixes at 1:00:46 PM 9/1/20193388941

We want to thank you all for the great feedback you’ve been giving us about Scratch 3.0! We’ve been busy reading what you have to say about it and wanted to update you about some of the work we’re doing in response to this. We designed Scratch 3.0 to be easier to build on than Scratch 2.0 was, so while Scratch 2.0 didn’t change very much, you will see Scratch 3.0 grow over time with new features and extensions.

Bug fixes

Since launching Scratch 3.0 last week, we’ve already fixed a few things! Here’s a list of what has already been fixed; if you’re still having problems related to these things, head on over to the Bugs & Glitches forum and let us know!

  • Projects were getting stuck on the loading project screen – many of these issues we were able to connect to various Chrome extensions that would block the project page and editor from loading. We’ve made some changes that have greatly reduced the number of these errors.
  • Blurry images – many images in projects made in 2.0 appeared blurry, especially for bitmap images. We made some significant improvements here that should greatly reduce this. While it’s much better, it’s not perfect yet so we’re still working on this.
  • The “Notes & Credits” and “Instructions” sections of the project page were still being shown even when one was empty. This has been fixed to match 2.0.
  • The “Notes & Credits” and “Instructions” sections of the project page had too low of a character limit which has also been fixed.
  • Love & Favorite notifications weren’t showing up, but they are now!
  • The ‘View all’ link for project remixes and studios has returned, so you can see what studios a project has been added to as well as all of its remixes.
  • There were quite a few reports of Scratchers having trouble loading their backpacks, we believe that we have now resolved most of these issues.
  • Sometimes when dragging sprites out of the backpack, sprites did not show up in the sprite area. You should be able to see dragged sprites now.
  • Project saving was very slow and sometimes caused your browser to “freeze”. This has now been fixed as well!
  • The “ghost” graphic effect had an issue where it could go below 0 and above 100. This caused some projects to break, but has now been fixed and works the same as it did in Scratch 2.0.
  • The maximum number of cloud variables allowed in a project was mistakenly limited to eight rather than ten. This limit is now 10 variables again!

Known issues

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all known issues, but we did want to address some of the most common and highest impact issues that we’ve seen reported.

  • Some projects still don’t load, or act significantly differently than they did in Scratch 2.0 – We are making progress on these and appreciate all the information you can provide us here!
  • Projects are failing to save in some cases – Some of these, especially the first 2 days after Scratch 3.0, were related to server issues which should no longer be happening. We’re still looking into these, though, and if this is still happening for you we would appreciate more information about the state of your project when it happens.

    In the meantime, one thing you can do to save your progress is to click “File > Save to your computer” in the editor. It will save as a .sb3 file format. When you are ready to keep working on it, you can upload the .sb3 again with “File > Load from your computer.”

  • Projects are working, but the code is gone – We have seen some cases where a project works, but does not display any code when viewing in the editor. If this is happening to your project, please provide us with a link to it here.
  • Uploading a project into an existing project creates a new project ID instead of updating the project which was open. We plan to change this behavior back to the way it worked in Scratch 2.0, but changing this will take some time, stay tuned.

Feedback & Suggestions

A lot changed with Scratch 3.0 and we’ve been listening to what you have to say about it. Here are some of the suggestions we’ve seen and what our thoughts are on them.

  • The blocks are too big: We changed the block size in Scratch 3.0 primarily to help new users and to work well on devices with touch screens. We are aware that the block size isn’t ideal for projects with many scripts. We are listening to your feedback about this and exploring options.
  • The sound editor should have the same editing capabilities as it did in 2.0: We realize that the sound editing capabilities are important to you, and it is a priority for us to include this again. It may take us some time to change this, so your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • The new Color Picker in the paint editor is much more flexible, but some Scratchers miss the color “swatches” that allowed you to pick colors more quickly: We are looking into ways to bring back color swatches.
  • Animated GIFs can’t be imported: This is something we’re planning on adding back to Scratch, and adding this functionality is a priority for us but it will take some time while we work on fixing some bugs first.
  • You can’t import multiple images into a costume or background: This is also a priority for us to implement but, (much like animated gifs) it will take us a bit of time to get this up and running again.
  • You can’t export sounds or costumes: This is another feature we do plan to implement in the future.

If you discover a bug or are still experiencing ones listed above, please head over to the Bugs & Glitches forum:

If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions for future iterations of Scratch, please share them with us in the Suggestions forum:

Thanks again with all of your patience while we work through these things, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you create in Scratch 3.0!
151: Allow Everyone to Express Beliefs at 8:08:27 PM 3/1/20193378864
Hi folks. We have already responded to this. Please do not post duplicate suggestions. Thanks.
150: Scratch 3.0 is here! at 7:51:33 PM 3/1/20193378822
Hi folks! We're going to close this topic. In case it is helpful, here is the list of commonly asked questions from the original post:

What is Scratch 3.0?
Scratch 3.0 is the next generation of Scratch – designed to expand how, what, and where you can create with Scratch. It includes dozens of new sprites, a totally new sound editor, and many new programming blocks. And with Scratch 3.0, you are able to create and play projects on your tablet, in addition to your laptop or desk computer.

When will Scratch 3.0 launch?
Today! January 2, 2019.

Where are all my old projects?
Your projects are still in all of the places they were previously. You can see all of your projects at

What are Scratch 3.0 extensions?
In the Scratch 3.0 programming editor, you can add collections of extra blocks called “extensions.” For example, there will be extensions that enable you to program physical devices (such as micro:bit and LEGO robotics kits) and to translate text within your Scratch projects. We will continue to add new extensions over time, so what you can do with Scratch will continue to grow over time.

Where are the pen blocks? And the play-note blocks?
These blocks are now contained in Scratch extensions. To add them, click on the extensions button in the bottom left corner of the screen, and then select the extension that you want.

If I find a bug in Scratch 3.0, where should I report it?
When you find bugs, please share them in this forum post:

If I have suggestions for Scratch 3.0, where I can share them?
Please share your suggestions in this forum post:

Is Scratch 3.0 available in multiple languages?
Yes! Scratch 3.0 is available in many languages, but many more are still being translated by our community of volunteer translators.

Why has the stage moved to the right side of the editor?
As we tested different prototypes of Scratch 3.0, people found the interface more intuitive and understandable with the blocks palette on the left and the stage on the right (with the scripting area in the middle). Fun fact: This setup is similar to the arrangement of Scratch 1.0, the original version of Scratch.

Where is Scratch 2.0 and can I still use it?
You can still download the Scratch 2.0 and 1.4 offline editors here:

Where can I learn more about Scratch 3.0?
We’ve shared a much more detailed FAQ about Scratch 3.0 here: