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7: Report bugs in translations here at 4:12:40 AM 2/4/20203908598
Language: Thai
The tabs “Community Guidelines”, “Ideas”, and “Terms of Use” remain untranslated.
Can the filter stop filtering numbers beginning with 1 8 for foreigners?
Can you stop filtering numbers beginning with 1 8? For example, on Scratch's Ultimate Challenge 2, it filters 18, and 18x. Can you improve the filter?
(letter number () of ())
is there a workaround for

(letter number () of ) ?
if on edge, bounceThe block[scratchblocks]
(letter number () of [world]) is rejected because a string can have a letter occuring multiple times. Is there a workaround?

define [Windy Bee]
defeat atrocious kumquats
summon [ tornadoes v]
get the