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2127: I have a question at 3:14:14 AM 12/7/20204214508
According to the Scratch wiki:
If a Scratcher receives multiple alerts in a short time period, they may receive an account ban. There are no precise requirements for being banned, despite misconceptions, but if six or more alerts on the same topic are received in a time period of around 6 months, the Scratcher is likely to be banned, as it seems they are not paying attention to the alerts they receive. However, users who join Scratch only to cause trouble and inappropriate stuff can face a ban or block right away.
Wow, looks great! Good luck maintaining this too .
2125: How does scratch make money? at 3:03:52 AM 12/7/20204214490

SmellyMonkey43 wrote:

BearSlothCoding wrote:

Basic88 wrote:

By Donations. There's a link at the bottom of the page.
Not this one, the home page.
It's at the bottom of every page.
Ohh right. But the home page has the note and it stands out more, so you'll actually look at it.
2124: Chrome Dino Game at 2:59:57 AM 12/7/20204214484
Currently working on CDG+ updates but we'll bump this anyways.
2123: How does scratch make money? at 2:47:36 AM 12/7/20204214462

Basic88 wrote:

By Donations. There's a link at the bottom of the page.
Not this one, the home page.

bigpuppy wrote:

That said, I can see many use cases for a separate product that has this feature, which you are making. For example, two friends in real life could use this product to stay connected through coding while they are apart.
Or two strangers could use that to take a gamble with their life by providing personal information!
Which, as I'm sure your website said, would be very important now due to the quarantine. And if schools don't re-open in the fall it could also be used for two students to create a project together, just like they would've if they were in the same room.
I don't think I stressed this well, it is a good idea and great that you are making this it's just that the Scratch Team won't like the ability to PM with it.
2121: Username issue at 1:25:30 AM 12/7/20204214331

cs4650068 wrote:

Please dont come at me saying, You cant rename yourself, or any rude things. I was just wanting to know if I could. Thanks
That's not rude because it's the only answer. Unless your username is inappropriate or reveals personal information, you unfortunately can't change your username.
Here's the copypasta that goes more in detail:
Unfortunately, you can't change your username. The Scratch Team actually has changed a few usernames before, but only in very rare cases and only for special reasons, like if the username revealed personal information or was inappropriate; they won't change a username without a very good reason, and “I don't like my username” doesn't count as a very good reason in their eyes. In the past, they have considered making private username changes possible, but they decided against it, citing moderation concerns and the potential confusion a username change could cause in the community. For more information, read section 8.1 in the List of Rejected Suggestions. However, that doesn't mean you're out of options. You can choose to create a new account, transfer your current projects over by downloading/reuploading them, and make it clear that you're moving; keep in mind though that your statistics, like your follower count or the loves you've gotten on your projects, cannot be transferred over. Alternatively, if you don't want to lose those statistics, you can choose to stay with your current account and live with your username. Check out this helpful guide for more information.

kcooo wrote:

We plan to make Scratory so that users can only chat/collaborate with users they have granted access to (same as how you'd invite others to Google Docs on the private setting). Therefore, your concerns about chatting and moderators won't be an issue with Scratory. Let us know if you have any other feedback.
Actually, yes they will. Just because you can choose who it is, doesn't mean there would be no inappropriate messaging.

bigpuppy wrote:

It's not a problem with the product (I think it sounds cool) — it's just that links/usernames on things like that can't be posted on Scratch. If that's not a problem for you, then that's fine too.
Of course this applies too. Once it actually works, you will no longer be able to provide links but it can still exist.
2119: What does scratch look like to the ST? at 1:00:46 AM 12/7/20204214264

DownsGameClub wrote:

The-New-Scratcher- wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

What exactly do you mean by that? Could you elaborate on it? Are you talking about what it looks like through these circumstances, what the community acts like, what they think of the coding interface? It's kind of an ambiguous question.
i mean what the whole site looks like to the scratch team.
Unfortunately much of their buttons are kept secret from us for security reasons.
Often it's not that much else other than what we see, with the exception of a few extra buttons and options that are hidden from us.
^^ This. One time I asked Za-Chary the same question and he said he couldn't go into detail.
It is recommended that you give credit even if it is a remix as well as say what you changed. When people say this it was usually just a recolor or hardly different.

SmellyMonkey43 wrote:

helowelcomtomincaft wrote:

By sharing I mean like YT sharing
Do you mean you mean you want to share Scratch projects on Youtube?
I think they mean how YT does it. Like how when you click the share button on a youtube video they could share it through email and social media.
EDIT: I stand corrected.
Hello! This is not a Questions about Scratch but a level sharing forum, which belongs in Show and Tell. Don't worry though, I'll ask a moderator to move it.
Also, a recommendation: if you put the link to your game, more people will do this since they don't have to go to your profile to find it.

ipaddude wrote:

what does edit>restore do?
It restores the last costume/sprite/sound you deleted but that's it.

ipaddude wrote:

maybe it could help?
Unless you catch it right away, it doesn't.
2114: Message Icon in Editor at 7:02:03 PM 11/7/20204213376
If you really want to see messages, why not keep two tabs open? One with the project, one on your messages and you frequently check the second tab. Sure, it ruins concentration and makes you not focus but it's not like showing a message count wouldn't.
3 things:
1. This belongs in the Suggestions forum.
2. If it was there, it would be a list of suggestions which is not allowed. See here for more detail.
3. You can share projects? What are you talking about?
But now you know for next time! I'll just ask a moderator to close this though, since it's not a good fit for this forum. You can however make a topic for each of those in the suggestions forum, just make sure it's not a duplicate.

chargingpiggy wrote:

is there currently any really bad server troubles happening right now? i cannot even save or create new projects
I think that may be your device/internet.
2111: Query??? Please help at 3:42:57 PM 11/7/20204212788

LankyBox01 wrote:

LotusLavender wrote:

If you have any personal info in your username, however, you can contact the scratch team and they will change it for you.
No, perhaps,
only if it is important
But it only happens in rare cases
Someone had a username which was revealing personal info, they still haven't changed it, but they are moving to a new account!
No, in almost all cases. Did that person use Contact Us to have it changed? If they didn't, of course it's still the same because how is the ST supposed to know to change it?
2110: Bullets ok? at 3:36:16 PM 11/7/20204212777

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

I don't know how yellow triangles could not be ok…

rayli1123 wrote:

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

I don't know how yellow triangles could not be ok… I would assume so if you don't actually have real images of bullets. Why? Because there are a ton of other projects that have bullets, so yes, that is going to be ok.
There is also a gun, it's a black rectangle
Rectangles aren't violent.

Anyways, that is totally fine otherwise a bunch of games would have been taken down already
2109: What is 'The Forum Helpers' group? at 3:33:16 PM 11/7/20204212771
To correct Madcatofdoom a bit:

Madcatofdoom wrote:

Forum Helpers actually have life. *I promise ;-;*

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Madcatofdoom wrote:

I think NilsTheBest forgot that TFH exists. there is a website.
I think I forgot there is a website.

Madcatofdoom wrote:

The comments in the studio are filled with “funny stuff” but we aren't like that when we are on the forums. *I promise ;-;*
Anakin begs to differ.

mightybrayan wrote:

I just realised they changed the project count on profiles from <insert number here that is over 100> to 100+, like on the forums
They also got rid of the favorite projects, following studios and curating studios counts.