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14: browser block at 7:26:35 PM 1/4/20203907165
change [score v] by (0)
13: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 10:56:17 PM 28/3/20203894091
when green flag clicked
if <> then
<key [ space] pressed?>
12: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 11:12:37 PM 27/3/20203892778

geckos121 wrote:

Alright, let's do free because it's simpler. Here's a basic format: xydc. This stands for X Pos, Y Pos, Direction, Chat. Add this script into your sprite:

when green flag clicked
set [encode v] to [1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`-=[]\;',./~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"<>?]
The encode variable lets us turn letters into numbers, since only numbers can be in CVs. I'll tell you how to actually do that next.
Wait, do I need to download the scratch 2 editor? Or what?
11: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 11:11:12 PM 27/3/20203892776

Delsanium wrote:

geckos121 wrote:

Yus1515 wrote:

at least 3 players
Alright, let's do 4. You'll need to create a cloud variable for each player. Call them 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Do I have to write cloud variable, or can I just name them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10?
you have to make 4 cloud variables. The first cloud variable called 1 and the second called 2 and the third called 3 and the fourth called 4
10: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 9:20:20 PM 26/3/20203891029
Oh no, gotta go! Chat with ya later!
9: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 9:17:52 PM 26/3/20203891026

geckos121 wrote:

Okay. Now you need to come up with a format for your cloud vars and write that format down in a comment on your sprite (did I mention you need a sprite?). There are a few different ways to format your CVs (Cloud Variables); but first I'd like to know a bit about what you're envisioning for the movement. Is it scrolling? Is it platform-style, or free? (Free would be like @FUNUT's corona virus simulator)
we could do scrolling or free. Whatever you think.
8: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 4:09:58 AM 26/3/20203889826

geckos121 wrote:

Yus1515 wrote:

at least 3 players
Alright, let's do 4. You'll need to create a cloud variable for each player. Call them 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Okay, I have done that.
7: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 12:10:28 AM 26/3/20203889546
at least 3 players
6: Scratch School- cloud teaching at 11:37:02 PM 25/3/20203889516
Okay, I have followed the discussion
5: Scratch School at 10:38:39 PM 25/3/20203889448
I'm excited to be in this virtual scratch school!
4: Scratch School at 10:36:55 PM 25/3/20203889445
Hi! I know that you don't make tutorials for online cloud games, but, can someone in the scratch school teach me how to make one? @geckos121 teaches cloud games.
3: Controller Support for scratch at 11:50:01 PM 7/3/20203865128
They have an extension called Micro:Bit and it could work with controllers that connect with bluetooth. In order for it to work, you need bluetooth and the scratch link downloaded and running. Anyone playing your game on the controller needs those 2 things.
2: Controller Imputs at 3:47:48 PM 2/3/20203859465
If I were to connect my controller to my computer, how would I get it to work on scratch? I am trying to make a controller game.
1: Controller Imputs at 3:46:17 PM 2/3/20203859463

Epic_Studios wrote:

Right now, I am making a sprite plugin for controller inputs.
This means that you can use Gamecube, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox controllers to play games on scratch.
This means players will get to use triggers (LEFT AND RIGHT) ABYX Buttons (Gamecube, Xbox 360, Xbox) and shape buttons (PS2, PS3)

How to connect controllers to computer:

Gamecube Controller:

Step 1: Connect Gamecube controller to the Gamecube USB Adapter
Step 2: Plug the usb adapter into the usb slot in the computer
Step 3: Wait for the GC light of the upper left of the project screen say GC: ON
Step 4: !Start Playing!

PS2 Controller:

Step 1: Plug PS2 controller into the usb slot of your computer
Step 2: Wait for the PS2 image to say PS2: ON
Step 3: !Start Playing!

Other Steps for controllers coming soon!

NOTE: Some projects on scratch might crash with the controllers (Mostly Xbox controller)
for that, the sprite will keep the graphic effects clear.

will these controllers work with our scratch games?