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Yay! Thank you!

OurPrincess wrote:

Many people wouldn't like it and start protesting against the rule. (They can do this without the ST noticing at all.)
Bans and comment muting are different from forum muting. Let's say you were just talking about something shop-related in a Scratch shop. You get muted because someone thought you were breaking the Community Guidelines, even though you weren't at all. Would you like that if that happened to you?
Not at all likely. You see, false reports are, in my opinion, kinda bad for the Scratch Community.
I think I'd report that false report to the Scratch Team to check out what's going on in the false report.
Hope you understand.
235: Dark Theme at 9:19:15 PM 6/11/20193750879

LastContinue wrote:

WaterComesBack wrote:

If you write it all as one word, then it censors it to a mere asterisk.

Also filter inaccuracies such as this have been dealt with before, for “Seifuku” was censored at one point.

* vs ki no shi ta.

Like this?

I had to write a censored part, because that's where you'll see the swear word.

---Flippy--- wrote:

This is because there is a swear in there, it might be for another reason, not sure. even though you're not trying to cuss.
I said that before you
OMG, just used google translate to translate that, and it said “Mushroom.” XD

Anyways, how in the world can that japanese text relate to censoring? I think it's the part where it relates to “No shi ta”, because I see a swear word in it.
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TheCreativityProject wrote:

WaterComesBack wrote:

Also, when the 404 error happens, the post is still there? If so, that error is happening to me too.
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 77.0.3865.120, No Flash version detected
Yes, correct.
230: Auto-lip sync in Scratch 3.0? at 8:27:13 PM 20/10/20193735385

Nathan_Nat wrote:

Please don't necropost on an old thread.
Please look at the latest post's post time before you post.
229: Problems With Comments And Replies at 8:20:12 PM 20/10/20193735378
Just creating two posts for it isn't gonna help. This post is EXACTLY the same as this one, so I'm reporting this to be closed.
228: Posting Glitch at 7:55:35 PM 20/10/20193735352
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 77.0.3865.120, No Flash version detected

Whenever I post something in the forums, like a reply, my browser does something weird and takes me to the 404 page. Why is it doing this? I need help, please. Yes, I can easily go back to the last page before the 404 error happened by clicking the back button.
227: Customizable Roles In Studios at 7:47:01 PM 20/10/20193735348
I.N.G this post
226: New Glide Tool at 7:36:47 PM 20/10/20193735339
Bump, bump, bump it up
Hey, look! #REJECTED

TCLoRS wrote:

3.3 Remove restrictions on Five Nights at Freddy's projects
You can read more about why these restrictions were placed on the post above. Because of the content in these games, the reputation of Scratch had been ruined at one point. The Scratch Team does not want to risk their reputation by removing these restrictions.
224: Components at 7:23:13 PM 20/10/20193735325
What do these “components” do?
223: Official [scratchblocks] testing topic at 7:18:15 PM 20/10/20193735319
[#642918] [#642918] [#642918] [#642918] [#642918] :: pen
[#642918] [#642918] :: pen
[#642918] [#642918] :: pen
[#642918] [#642918] :: pen
[#642918] [#642918] :: pen
[#642918] [#642918] [#642918] [#642918] [#642918] :: pen
222: [PlainText] Code in Forums at 4:14:06 PM 20/10/20193735147

EIephant_Lover wrote:

scratchinghead wrote:

Plus, this is not going to be used very much.
It would be used, I would use it a lot. Also the code scripts are a completely different thing, I'm looking for the code to be plain text. This exists in the Wiki and is not very hard to implement.
So there IS two workarounds: either or
I prefer the second one better.
221: make a scratch editor dark theme at 4:09:59 PM 20/10/20193735138

khalid_2017 wrote:

just make dark mode
You can write “support”, “semi-support”, or “no support” to a suggestion, then state a reason why.
If you do that, however, it's likely saying trying to get someone to do it…

EZ-Games wrote:

Maybe every time they go onto a project with cloud variables, a prompt comes up telling them there might be some things that won't work properly within the project?
Agreed! The message could say something like this:
“Notice: You are a New Scratcher, so Cloud Variables are disabled. Some things might not work correctly.”

rrotzin wrote:

Nambaseking01 wrote:

I don't seem to understand this suggestion too well. Could someone elaborate please?
You add a video in, then it turns it into a animation. If you need more information, comment on my profile, rrotzin.
So basically, like a video to GIF converter, but in Scratch?
I'd rather use, since they have a video to gif converter. The link for that can be found here.
218: Official [scratchblocks] testing topic at 7:04:46 PM 19/10/20193734236
when green flag clicked
set [pizza making v] to [0]
@greenFlag hello! i have determined the next original recipe. :: pen hat
repeat (10)
loading... :: sensing
complete. :: sensing
set [pizza making v] to [1]
robot takes over the world :: events
repeat until <(pizza making) = [0]>
[PIZZA v] OVERLOAD :: sensing
stop [pizza v] overload :: sensing cap