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320: Rhythm Heaven Topic! at 3:35:34 PM 9/8/20204309872
319: Rhythm Heaven Topic! at 3:04:46 PM 9/8/20204309774

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Actually, my favorite game in Rhythm Heaven Fever is Bossa Nova. I honestly don't see why so many people like Ringside.
because wubba dubba dubba that true?
woah, you go, big guy!
*flexing sounds*
pose for the fans!
*posing intensifies*
excuse me while i add that to my signature
they attacc
they protecc
but most importantly
they pose for the fancc
318: Adding javascript at 8:20:03 PM 8/8/20204307635
Also, that's rejected, as many other people said:
2.2 Text-based syntax in Scratch
Some users wish to code Scratch not with the blocks, but with typing code instead (similar to how more advanced programming languages work). Others are interested in an option to view, convert, or download Scratch code to other programming languages. However, the Scratch Team has discussed this possibility multiple times and has decided every time that it would not be beneficial for beginners or for teachers.

This suggestion extends to coding, viewing, converting, or downloading Scratch in any text-based language, including BBCode, Javascript, some form of pseudocode, or some other programming language. If you wish to code using another language, then you can learn it on your own, but it would have to be done outside of Scratch. For those who are interested, it may be worth checking out Tosh. It is a text-based programming language which serves as a text editor for Scratch projects.
317: Adding javascript at 8:17:58 PM 8/8/20204307628

the_kidyahooster wrote:

no support
Please be constructive and state your reason(s) why you don't support/support.
316: Scratch Camp 2020 at 5:12:20 PM 3/8/20204286761

walter100 wrote:

So will we make also animations with music?
You can ask your questions to the counselors in this studio:
315: Scratch Camp 2020 at 5:10:37 PM 3/8/20204286756
I don't mean to blockspam, but…
when green flag clicked
broadcast [scratch camp v]
when I receive [scratch camp v]
say [Yay!] for (2) secs
314: Scratch Camp 2020 at 4:45:02 PM 3/8/20204286622
This is going to be AMAZING like last year! I can't wait to do amazing things!
313: new blocks at 1:37:23 PM 30/7/20204273047

GrahamSH wrote:

No support. There is an easy workaround which is to do this:

<not <touching [sprite v] ?>>

This is why there is a not block.
No support for the reason above.
312: Wiki Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 1:10:33 PM 30/7/20204272960

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VFDan wrote:

New Scratchers aren't all dumb. What if someone makes a new account, or an alt for the forums? They might be very experienced but still a New Scratcher.
No support for same reasons ↑
This is your own suggestion.
He probably did that on purpose/by mistake.

Endless-Ocean wrote:

I support this, it would honestly make my life a lot easier.

when I receive [Endless-Ocean Supports This]
add [Endless-Ocean] to [Support List]
Please don't necropost. The latest reply was from more than a year ago, so I don't think it would have been a good idea to necropost.
309: The Opposite of the Join Block at 12:38:50 AM 30/7/20204271861

Block_Point_Studios wrote:

(removed letters :: operators)
Would this display the removed letters/words from
(remove (first v) [this] from [this that] :: operators)

308: segment blocks at 8:01:16 PM 29/7/20204271214

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coder_isaiyah11 wrote:

Please don't bump 2 minutes after the first post, that post before already bumped the topic
Yep, it isn't that late to bump.
Q: Would this work for a snake game?
306: Duplicating Your Own Projects at 5:25:44 PM 29/7/20204270731
Reported to be closed. Keep thinking of better ways to improve Scratch!
305: Duplicating Your Own Projects at 5:24:24 PM 29/7/20204270727
You can already do this.
Go inside a project, and click “File”. Then, click “Save as a copy”. Scratch will automatically duplicate your project for you.
304: Add a option to custom blocks at 5:12:04 PM 29/7/20204270693

BosenChang wrote:

WaterComesBack wrote:

-snip again-
EDIT: That script can also be worked around:
when green flag clicked
wait (0.1) secs
move (10) steps
The wait () seconds block is the skip block.
I said custom block, not the wait 0.1 secs. Oh, dear, oh, dear, people do not read things.
…Do you not know what a “workaround” is?
303: Add a option to custom blocks at 5:06:46 PM 29/7/20204270670

BosenChang wrote:

No, skipping means run the block for 0.1 secs and then run the one below and also, the two scripts (script in the define custom block) would run at the same time.
Which block? The skip block?
302: Add a option to custom blocks at 4:58:42 PM 29/7/20204270636

BosenChang wrote:

*skip block
The lower part will run that block but will skip it, too.
So would this script do nothing?
when green flag clicked
skip :: sensing :: block
move (10) steps
301: Send HTTP Requests using Scratch at 1:02:47 PM 29/7/20204269622

Boomer001 wrote:

Total no support; it is hard to use for new Scratchers, it can steal your e-mail address, post comments or forum posts without permission, and more.
For example:
send POST request [] body [title=Scratch is dumb;content=I hate Scratch >::DDD I don't like you] :: extension
Don't take it seriously, I like Scratch and the community.
Doing something like that will make a new forum topic without the user's permission. Innocent people will get an alert or even get banned.
So that's why this shouldn't be added.
Question: Does this bypass the word filter?