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BEFOREHAND: This only works in some cases such as detecting clicks, or making the sprite look like it is not there.

I found this simple trick today and wanted to tell everyone how to do it. What you want to do first is create a blank costume on that sprite. when you want to “get rid of it” you can set that sprite to the blank costume. It is as simple as that.
1: How Do I Make A Room Generator? at 8:28:17 PM 1/9/20183238635

lbruns wrote:

First off what kind of rooms? For basic generators (You can change probability) but here's the script.

when green flag clicked 
if <(pick random (1) to (10)) = [1 ]> then

broadcast [Generate Boss Room v]
if <not <(pick random (1) to (10)) = [1 ]>> then

broadcast [Normal Room v]


Change the pick random numbers for chance for example 1 - 10 will give it a 10% chance that it will be a boss room.
rarely with this you can have no broadcast, so set a variable before that is set to pick random 1-10.
when green flag clicked
set [room] to (pick random (1) to (10))
if <(room) = [1]> then
broadcast [Generate Boss Room]

if <not <(room) = [1]>> then
broadcast [Normal Room]