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8: Art and Stories. at 2:39:01 PM 12/8/20204319885
Requests? My Profile for art and Stories is the place.
7: Scratch Camp 2020 at 3:13:50 PM 4/8/20204291487

ScratchCat wrote:

We’re excited to announce the theme for Scratch Camp 2020: Scratch the Musical

In the camp we will be making projects inspired by a series of Scratch the Musical prompts. At each stage of the camp, we will explore new ideas and you will have the opportunity to build upon the work of others! The camp will run for three weeks, starting every Monday, between August 10 and August 24. Each week will build upon the week before, so be sure to stay tuned for more information!

Until then, feel free to remix the Scratch Camp teaser project and get to know your Camp Counselors in the Backstage studio.

Everyone is invited to join and we can’t wait to see what we will create together!


Do we have to sign up online
when green flag clicked
say [Hey! It’s Dove here!] for (2) secs
say [I’m going to show you some of my favourite Projects and Studios.] for (2) secs
say [Now! Over to.....] for (2) secs
Ceebee’s It’s really good. I like how you can create things.
Thank You ceebee!

say [Now over to.....] for (2) secs I like it. It changes a lot. Epilepsy Warning from me.

Ok! Hi! I just became a Scratcher today!

HarperChildofHecate wrote:

hi im new and i would love to make new friends and get to know people on scratch
4: when is Scratch Christian Month? at 8:25:15 AM 28/7/20204265133
Well, ceebee is ST member Christian. B so if you do see any Christian Birthday it's ceebee* probably

willowmint- wrote:

The Scratch Team doesn't really focus on Christianity, so I don't think there is a Scratch Christian Month

But there are some Christians on Scratch (like me!) and there are many big Christian studios. So joining a studio would help you to connect to Christians and celebrate with them
3: Hello! at 6:17:24 PM 24/7/20204253596
I came from @catfan127. It would be nice if you DIDN’T follow me there. (I am not asking for a follow here but plz don’t follow me there!)

leahcimto wrote:

Hello Thedovesong! Welcome to Scratch! If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my profile, or you can go to the Scratch Welcoming Committee! Enjoy Scratch!
2: Hello! at 12:32:23 PM 23/7/20204249062

CodeNinja329 wrote:

Hello, and welcome (back?) to Scratch! It's cool to see that you aspire to be a Scratch Team member- I have a similar ambition!
1: Hello! at 12:06:32 PM 17/7/20204230387

I am @Thedovesong! I joined Scratch about 1 hour ago. I used to be @catfan127. I really want to be an ST member when I’m older and Scratch Team members have usernames like ceebee and thisandagain.

See you soon,