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352: Having fun with Inspect Element at 3:11:48 PM 17/9/20204425240

Byron_Inc wrote:

How I often feel when accessing dustbinned topics. You perfectly nailed the feeling of seeing something you're not supposed to. Well, minus the ST getting involved.
351: Sans as a platypus at 2:08:05 AM 17/9/20204424253
Ah yes, one hundred thread views! Many people have been touched by this beautiful creation!
350: Sans as a platypus at 2:05:09 AM 17/9/20204424247

notgoodatc0de wrote:

Funny how Da Vinci been real quiet since this dropped
Yes, very funny…
349: Having fun with Inspect Element at 4:48:50 PM 16/9/20204423085

Frankiethecat678 wrote:

Cant do it. On school computer
Awww man…
348: [❤️ UNDERTALE] at 4:33:01 AM 16/9/20204421786
Toby's surprise performance was great :')
347: How to get popular on Scratch at 3:56:14 AM 16/9/20204421742

SquirreIstar wrote:

This will help (no seriously)

-image snip-
I second that.
Also, join studios you're interested in and comment on underrated projects. It gives you a presence in the community.
I laughed for a good while at the title.

fdreerf wrote:

Since topics are sorted chronologically by last post, posting will “bump” a topic to the front page. It is merely filler text; some may say that it is an acronym, however they are kumquats in disguise, planning to obliterate all signatures in one fell swoop!
*gasp* I was posting kumquats all along!
344: Sans as a platypus at 1:49:11 AM 15/9/20204418780
I made this because I am a desperate meme cultist searching for something dumb to blindly praise. Bump.

fdreerf wrote:

Shajiui_Da_Black_Fox wrote:

For example: “The lip sync is off” might be seen as offensive, but “Really great animation! The lip sync is a bit off though, but overall, great job!” Is more constructive.
So sugarcoat and pander?
Essentially. Kids on here don't like harsh criticism.
342: The Minecraft Shipping Topic at 1:12:37 AM 14/9/20204415990

zahmbie1 wrote:

Why does this exist

Speedy68531 wrote:

What is this- I'm so confused
Come on! We all know that shipping Minecraft characters is a perfectly normal pastime!
My OTP is Cave spider x Pigman. They have so much in common with each other~
341: Make your own language! at 3:07:52 AM 13/9/20204414025

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

Weird and totally unfeasible language idea: a language that relies on musical intervals to convey information; for example, the word “dog” could be some pitch followed by a major third above the first pitch and a minor sixth below the second pitch. I'm thinking further distinctions between words could be made with either having glissandos between the pitches or jumping straight from one pitch to the next. “Letters” or distinct sounds would still have some grammatical function, perhaps to distinguish between statements and questions or showing what case a word is.

Totally unfeasible because learning it would be pure misery for anyone without absolute or relative pitch.
I'm interested. If the letters are distinguished by intervals, what would the starting pitch be? Would it always be the same, or could different starting pitches mark the emotion or formality of the sentence?
340: Sans as a platypus at 2:57:57 AM 13/9/20204414004

jettypumpkin07 wrote:

TheToothlessWolf wrote:

JustSomeGuyAlright wrote:

bruh wut
Sans as a platypus is perfection, don't you see?
nope. I think “sans the skeleton” makes more sense.
The image in the project is pure beauty, you can't deny that. Well technically you can.

fdreerf wrote:

Hello, it's me Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Brothers. As with tradition, we are planning to change the Scratch Cat mascot slightly with every new release of the Scratch programming tool. In the new version of Scratch 4, we wanted to have a more radical approach of this tradition. We were planning on changing the Scratch Cat to the image you have posted. My lawyers at Nintendo want you to take this classified image down, or else we will cancel the new update. Thank you.
I'm not going to comment on that- wait I just did.
It appears that the Scratch Cat had a more realistic design once, but it was scrapped in favor of an anthro one. I wouldn't be surprised if they went for a even more human-like design, but I doubt it because the current design is pretty iconic.
338: My Discord chat at 1:44:08 AM 13/9/20204413882
How does everyone feel about (spoilers I guess but few fans haven't finished the series yet) Discord being Grogar? He just wanted to boost Twilight's confidence. My question is about the morality of the action itself, whether it would've been acceptable if Discord truly was all-powerful and made sure Twilight succeeded, and what it says about his character. One of the first things we can conclude is that he considers himself able to essentially play God; sending evils towards people he cares about with an ultimate plan, thinking that it's all under control and he'll make sure only good comes out of it. In a way, he has been doing this for a long time, as shown the time he pretended to have “blue flu,” but the plan appeared to be better thought out this time.

This belief isn't entirely unfounded, seeing how much power Discord has. However, this also paints him as either an arrogant person, or one that gets too ahead of himself and can't fully consider the possibilities. Discord has been overpowered multiple times before, and it would be foolish for him to think that it was completely safe to do this, and, by extension, for him to have the authority to play with his friends like this in the first place if he isn't infallible.

Whether pretending to be Grogar was good or evil is ultimately up to the moral system we use; does Discord have no blame because his intentions were good? Does he have all the blame because the world was nearly destroyed? Is he pardoned because everything worked out in the end and all of the characters grew and developed, just as he planned? Is he still an evil force because he wants authority he doesn't have? Why did I spend so much effort on a joke topic?
What do you think?
The Scratch Cat is non-binary, as said above. Many people assume they're male though, maybe due to orange fur in cats being very rare in females.
336: Sans as a platypus at 4:44:08 PM 12/9/20204412848

JustSomeGuyAlright wrote:

bruh wut
Sans as a platypus is perfection, don't you see?
335: Sans as a platypus at 4:40:27 PM 12/9/20204412837
More must read this. I must bring up this topic to the front page of the forum.
334: ☢ ANARCHY DYSTOPIA ☢ at 4:37:01 PM 12/9/20204412829
meatball man.
333: -Blocks That Scratch Should Add- at 4:09:49 AM 12/9/20204411615

fightyrams wrote:

These are all the blocks that i think scratch should add:

crash scratch
Um, okay. A ton of kids would complain about their computers getting fried but okay.