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3755: Scroll Bar For Signatures at 7:39:40 AM 18/9/20204427196

fdreerf wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

There is no point in saying support. The Scratch Team does not allow “voting” the suggestions.
That's not true.
Sure, it's heavily discouraged as of recent, but it's still allowed, evident by the thousands of supports given to nearly all suggestions with moderate traction for over half a decade.

Realize the heavy difference between “saying support is not allowed” and “there is no point in saying support”.

By the way, the main point I wanted to get across, if you would look back at the post, is posts were not constructive three times recently, asking their reasoning.

I'm thinking about it. It is inaccessible to mobile users, which ruins the “fun secret signatures” trend. But it wouldn't be secret…
3754: Phineas And Ferb at 7:17:09 AM 18/9/20204427169

bewareumbraswrath wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

How have I never noticed this topic? (echoes) Topic? Topic? Cookie? Topic? Well, I know what I'm going to do today! What'cha doin'?
um… doing other things on scratch apparently? hey… where's perry?

Doo doo bee doo bah doo bee doo bee doo bah perry
3753: ♦ Playability ♦ at 7:03:09 AM 18/9/20204427154

IndianRuby718 wrote:

So, about the controls being easy, there was one time where I came across a great game with comfortable controls (I guess they were bordering on too easy) and someone commented that the controls were too easy and they wanted more complicated controls =P (I don't remember where/what it was, it was a long time ago) But other than that this is a great post and I agree with everything on here, reported to be stickied! ☑


I can assure you, most users like the controls to be easy to master, and save the challenging parts for the game itself.
3752: Message Icon in Editor at 6:46:18 AM 18/9/20204427135

fdreerf wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

By the way, I don't entirely see what's wrong with refreshing your messages every five minutes or so.
What? Did I say something about that?

I checked all nine pages, I might have overlooked it. If you have, you can just speak up.
3751: Message Icon in Editor at 6:34:47 AM 18/9/20204427123

fdreerf wrote:

Becuause Windows likes to this cool thing where it does a little pop-up and a jingle and on my machine it lags so much so I turned it off.

That's very interesting; that lag never happened to me, even though I had the same pop-up and jingle. Try not to have too many tabs open, I guess?

By the way, I don't entirely see what's wrong with refreshing your messages every five minutes or so.
3750: Message Icon in Editor at 6:28:42 AM 18/9/20204427115

fdreerf wrote:

Yeah I hate any notifications sent to my computer and have turned them off.

You can turn it off when you are not using Scratch. If you just hate it in general, let me remind you what each of you are saying. You do not want to be notified because you hate notifications (no one's even explained why), but having it appear in the editor somehow makes it different. How so?
3749: Is this a bad word to use in projects? at 6:24:26 AM 18/9/20204427108

fdreerf wrote:

Hell is a very tricky word to deal with, so I just advise you to do it anyway and see if you get an alert. Either way, you know whether or not to use that song, and one of them makes you look braver than the other.

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or you want this user to get in trouble. It's not about “bravery”. There is a difference between “bravery” and “rebellion”. From my experIence with you, it is clear by now that you are not only an athiest, but oppose religion “ I don't care about hurting someone else's feelings if I can use one of the world's most popular expressions. ” I can imagine that you will try to make a compelling argument, but no matter how much you try, the Truth I (and others) stand on is better honed than any argument that you can make.

As per the question, I don't have an answer, but I'd like to go over some simple ethics. Do you want division among the community, or something that is acceptable to all religions? After all, the Community Guidelines say that Scratch is for all religions, but that phrase becomes more cliche by the hour.
3748: Message Icon in Editor at 6:09:25 AM 18/9/20204427090

TapingAnimations wrote:

Positive Side- It would really be helpful if your busy doing a project in the Scratch Editor and don't have time for opening Scratch Notifier.
Negative Side- We already have Scratch Notifier so it won't be that needed.

“Don't have time for opening Scratch Notifier?” it takes less than five minutes to set up, and when it is ready, it is an ever-running app (at least until it is unpinned) that sends your computer a notification when you get a message, linking to your messages, no “opening” required.
I'm pretty sure comment censors are “clear” enough. While no, this was not a comment, I don't see why a user would think it is any different on a project.

Some users do this intentionally to expose children to inappropriate content. This is not the first time this has occurred, and likely won't be the last. Report it and move on.

I assume anyone who thinks profanity is allowed on projects usually tries it on comments first, from what I gather. Lots of these are trolls, but don't jump to conclusions. It's not your place to expose them as rulebreakers; the Scratch Team will suffice.
3746: hi at 5:56:03 AM 18/9/20204427074

Cola22378 wrote:

you got rickrolled

Maybe don't include the actual link address with the link; that made it a bit too obvious.

What is this suggesting? I'm choosing to have faith that this is all just a big misunderstanding, and this is an actual, genuine suggestion that follows the rules.
3745: Role of the Scratch Team? at 5:48:14 AM 18/9/20204427058
The Scratch Team is a paying job of moderators of the Scratch website. They are the only ones with access to Announcements, unshared projects, deleted posts (which isn't truly deleted, and is archived in a place known as the dustbin), and likely other places we don't know about. From what I have heard, they aren't allowed to explain their advantages in full detail. Whatever they do, they are fun-loving and always eager to help.

Chaos has occurred on Scratch, from what I understand. Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, false reporting, art theft, impersonation… I'm not entirely sure you noticed, but it's ought to be hard to compose a website amid such events. Reports have been rising steadily. They are passionate to help, and are very constructive.

They do have the rights and authority to delete or edit a project, studio, or topic — but only to do their job, or they have “abused” their power. They can also read deleted posts, and reports made. They know who made the report, and the victim of the report.

Some Scratch Team members, notably @Harakou*, @Paddle2See*, and @Za-Chary* help in the forums, managing topics and posts, while most do not. They also have very thought-causing points on Suggestions, and sometimes even answer your question.

Some of them share accounts, which is one of the few exceptions to the “no shares accounts” rule. They are a team of moderators, after all, and rarely ever break the rules, for they keep the rules. However, not each one has access to these accounts. For example, @Za-Chary* has access to neither @ScratchCat* not @scratchteam*. From what I gather, the accounts are used to make projects that they can make together, or to make some announcements.

To identify a Scratch Team member, go to their profile page, and they should have a * next to their username. Instead of “Scratcher”, their role should be known as “Scratch Team”. On comments, they should have a * next to their name. On the forums, their rank is visible under their username.

sportfan999 wrote:

There are so many dupes about this. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A DUPE. If you accidentally do, report your post and say “Accidental dupe - please delete this”.

The point I want to get across, actually, is that it is rejected right now.

Thanks for the feedback! You will be happy to know that we have taken some steps to reduce the cases of projects being taken down because of improper reporting. Hopefully the effects will be visible to all soon.

Unfortunately, we can not look at a project before it is taken down - the whole point of the automatic takedown is to quickly remove inappropriate content so as to protect the community. The moderators review the action later and restore it if it turns out it is okay.
3743: Monarchy of Moist at 10:50:25 PM 16/9/20204423906

superclass43 wrote:

Moistness is nearly nearly completely dry

Only if you make it that way!
3742: Message Icon in Editor at 7:59:50 AM 16/9/20204421980

TapingAnimations wrote:

Oh well, then Semi-Support 'cause it would still be helpful

Making a decision due to it being useful or not useful but not saying anything else leads to very cliche posts. Please give them more depth. Be constructive. You are free to share your thoughts of you have them.
3741: Message Icon in Editor at 6:05:43 AM 16/9/20204421879
Which tab? And I don't wanna get messges when I sleep

You can mute the messages, you know.

The tab is your choice, but preferably pinned, so it always stays up.
3740: Message Icon in Editor at 5:41:33 AM 16/9/20204421855

TapingAnimations wrote:

tbh I don't want Scratch Notifier (No Offence @World_Languages) so i'm saying it would be useful for me

Why not use it?
3739: Message Icon in Editor at 5:21:31 AM 16/9/20204421833

TapingAnimations wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

Scratch Notifier exists. I don't see a clear need for this, other than people are more likely to notice it as an initiated feature.
What if we don't want Scratch Notifier?

What if there's no reason to not want Scratch Notifier?


I don't see a clear need for this, other than people are more likely to notice it as an initiated feature.
3738: THE MegaMan/RockMan Thread! at 5:19:01 AM 16/9/20204421829

Truck11111 wrote:

gordania-studios wrote:

Hornet Man is God
nah, you got it all wrong, sheep man is god

I find it offensive that you are comparing two fictional characters to God. Please don't say it like that, in order to keep to that Community Guidelines; Scratch is for all kinds of people, in this case, religious as well.
3737: Message Icon in Editor at 5:14:02 AM 16/9/20204421824
Scratch Notifier exists. I don't see a clear need for this, other than people are more likely to notice it as an initiated feature.
3736: Is it illegal to share accounts? at 4:58:11 AM 16/9/20204421814

Ihatr wrote:

Like others have already said, it's pretty much not allowed unless you are sharing the account with your immediate family (mother, brother, etc). Also, I don't get what you mean by “Illegal”. Law enforcement won't show up at your house and give you a nice little arrest warrant if you share a scratch account. But by “Scratch Rules”, it's pretty much not allowed. If you are sharing an account with someone who is not your immediate family, decide on who the owner should be, and transfer the account to their ownership.

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

It's not allowed, but it's not illegal.

aliengiirl wrote:

As others have said, it's only allowed with family. You can't share it with anyone else besides siblings or something, even if it's an IRL friend.

Now, with that in mind, I wouldn't call it illegal, the Feds aren't going to show up at your door knocking since you shared an account with your friends on a kids coding site. It is against scratch guidelines however, and it's not allowed, if you'd like a bit more information why, or just want to know more, I'd recommend this helpful post! (:

DipLeChip wrote:

Illegal, no.
Not allowed, yes, except when its not (family).

FloatingMuffins wrote:

It’s not ‘illegal’ to share accounts. You wouldn’t get in trouble with law enforcement.

But as others have pointed out, it is against the scratch rules and you would get banned.

A wise man once said these words:

Flowermanvista wrote:

Have you maybe considered that English might not be their first language , and that “legal”, for them, may be the best way to describe something that doesn't comply with the language's rules?

Or perhaps, that “legal” doesn't just mean “complies with laws”, and can have a more general meaning or more than one meaning? For example, if I make an illegal move in a game of chess, there's no Chess Police that are going to arrest me for breaking the game's rules, probably the worst that happens is that the opponent will scold me and undo my move, or maybe I'll get a nice tableflip.

As another example, if you've ever used Windows 9.x and had a program bomb out with the infamous “illegal operation” error, that doesn't mean that the nonexistient Cyber Police are going to arrest the program that crashed. It just means that the program did something that could cause issues if it kept going, and Windows stopped it to keep the system running and any files on the hard drive safe.

(Also, OP, if you are actually a native English speaker, sorry if the assumption I made offends you. I didn't mean to offend, so sorry if it comes off that way.)