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Just to let you know, the forums are buggy for me right now, so if I miss any activity checks or anything it's because of this:
Just to let you know, the forums are buggy for me right now, so if I miss any activity checks or anything it's because of this:

Of course, I've already replied to the current activity check…
Just to let you know, the forums are buggy for me right now, so if I miss any activity checks or anything, it's because of this:
My browser / operating system: Android Linux 10, Chrome 83.0.4103.106, No Flash version detected

It started happening last night. Usually, the links in the messages, the ones that say “There are new posts in the forum thread: <forum thread name>” usually bring me to the first unread post in that forum thread. However, last night, the links started bringing me to the very first post in those forum threads! At first, I passed it off as a one-time glitch, but this morning I realized that it happens with every single forum link I click that has unread posts!

If I return to that link it does what it's supposed to do, bringing me to the very last post in the forum thread. The bug only happens the first time I click the link.

This bug is very problematic, because I have no idea which posts I've looked at and which ones I haven't. Though the links work properly the second time I click them, they never actually bring me to the first unread post in those forums.

LydzWinry wrote:

Name: Allea Maddock| Female| Age: 21(dunno why this isn't a required question lol)| Light| Attribute: Natural| Race: Hybrid Human/Honeybee (Result of a spell.)| Farmer| Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, white skin| Personality: Extroverted and caring, smart| Very active| I'm not sure yet| Allea and her identical twin sister, Allinea were best of friends growing up. However, on the night of their 10th birthday, Allinea disappeared. Allea spent years trying to find her sister, but nothing happened until her 21st birthday. She was on a humanitarian mission to help victims of a Dark Side raid. A child wouldn't go near her. She told the child not to be scared of her. The child responded, “Will you take me like you took my mama?” Allea was shocked and explained that that was her sister. Allea couldn't believe it. Allinea would never go to the dark side… |Other: Her powers include a natural affinity with bumblebees and honeybees. She can also communicate with wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, but they won't be on her side. She can “link” with hives to make them willing to protect her at any cost, give her honey, etc. Linking with a hive increases her max HP. Unfortunately, when a hive that is “linked” to her is weakened, whether from disease, mites, attacks, etc., her max HP will drop until the hive either recovers, dies, or she removes the link. She can only link with honeybee and bumblebee hives.
Accepted! I'll type up the detailed character info as soon as I next get access to my computer.
1200: There should be like a Scratch Sr. at 2:19:33 AM 11/7/20204211439
It looks like this suggestion falls under “a 13+ version of Scratch,” which has unfortunately been rejected by the Scratch Team.

The Official List of Rejected Suggestions wrote:

7.2 A 13+ version of the Scratch website or age-restricted content

Scratch is designed for ages 8 to 16, but any content shared on the website must be appropriate for all ages. Dividing the community by making a separate, age-restricted website would not be helpful. Potential restrictions from entering the website (such as a warning, or requiring a parent to answer math equations) would not necessarily stop an underage child from entering the 13+ website.

This suggestion extends to age-restricting anything on Scratch, such as viewing specific projects. As a general rule, content shared on the Scratch website should be appropriate for all ages.
I think this is a really good idea! I'm tired of having to download sprites, sounds, and costumes to my computer files in order to find them easier. If this were to be implemented, it would be even easier to find them (I won't have to go through my folders) and my saved stuff won't take up space on my computer.

TheToothlessWolf wrote:

How is no one applying? This looks great!
Name: Skyshutter || Gender: Female || Side: Light || Attribute: Windy || Race: Human-Dragon hybrid (the human part is mostly for character design purposes) || Type: Archer || Appearance: She has blonde hair and scales. She is shaped like a human, but has a dragon tail and wings, and scales cover her forearms and lower legs. || Personality: She is generally outgoing, but still likes time to herself. She is imaginative and craves adventure, never wanting things to become too predictable. || How active are you on Scratch? I usually check for messages every day between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM, CST. || How active will you be in the RP? Probably just as active|| Backstory: Skyshutter worked as a freelance adventurer for a while, slaying monsters in exchange for bounties and collecting rare resources from far-off lands. Now, she's joined the quest to defeat the new dark king. || Other: Due to how much time she spends in the wild, she is good at crafting.
Accepted! Welcome to the RP!

oven-on-a-stove wrote:

Starstriker3000 wrote:

I don't know what category “evil skeleton king” should go under, so I'm going to use the “other” order form.

Username: Starstriker3000
What you want: Other
Description: I need an evil skeleton king that is the same style as my OCs. He should have a bone crown and a cool glowing sword. I need both a front view and a side view.
Deadline: ASAP (but hurry up please, I'll need him for a game very very soon!)
Notify you when done?: Yes please!
Has this been claimed yet? If not, I will ask one of our artists (or something-) to get it done, since every time there's an order i can claim im always away from my computer-
It has not been claimed yet.
1195: Scratch Link is not working at 2:59:26 AM 9/7/20204204700
The Scratch Team addressed this issue in this topic.
My browser / operating system: Android Linux 10, Chrome 83.0.4103.106, No Flash version detected

I noticed that today I got studio activity at two completely different times, once at around 2:00 and once at around 7:45. When I looked closer, I noticed that at least one studio appeared in both sets of studio activity.

Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?
1193: is using BBcode in the forums bad? at 2:48:11 AM 9/7/20204204684
It depends on how you use it. Some users put scratchblocks forever loops inside forever loops inside forever loops inside forever loops inside forever loops… in posts in some forums, and other users have reported lag from that.
1191: Add ImgBB! at 10:54:28 PM 8/7/20204204110
It appears this topic is a duplicate.
1190: Certificate Issue with Scratch Link at 10:51:04 PM 8/7/20204204099
What is Scratch Link?
1189: just um asking to view this project at 9:28:22 PM 8/7/20204203887
If you want to advertise a project, please do so in the Show and Tell forum. Collaboration isn't the place.
1187: Talk about whatever you want. at 8:54:53 PM 8/7/20204203780
Sorry, but the forums aren't a place for chatting. If you want to chat, you can do so in a chat studio or on your own profile.