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19: Why does my page keep re-loading? at 5:15:03 AM 18/9/20204427028

EmperorKevin6573 wrote:

Yeah, if the page uses up significant memory or has lots of detail (typically animations do this) It will reload. I use mobile and this happens to me almost every day and I’m not so sure if there is a solution to this. It probably is just because your device can’t take the loading of the project or the amount of scripts being run? But it also might be a browser issue. I often just manually reset my iPad and scratch runs fine.
Yes, i have had to restart the device and it has helped
18: Why does my page keep re-loading? at 10:53:16 PM 17/9/20204426374
Yeah, I use Safari, on mobile very often
17: Why does my page keep re-loading? at 5:00:09 AM 17/9/20204424405
Sometimes my page reloads when I am watching an animation, playing a game or creating a project. Sometimes it even re-loads while it was already re-loading! Is there any way I could try and avoid this problem?
- thanks, @SomeRandomScratchGuy
Please help! ::pen
I agree, that should be block. I'll try the work-arounds
And the:
<touching color [#2796dc] ?>
Block only tells you whether it is touching the colour you chose In the box, not what colour it is touching
No if it was touching red, it would report “0” like in the costume editor
Maybe it would look like this:
(touching colour ::sensing)
Yes, but maybe it would say the colour that it is mostly touching, like if there was some blue, and heaps of red, it would show red
That sounds like quite a big challenge
so a block that tells what colour it is touchng currently would be usful because then you wouldn't have to make fancy colour detectors, and it could be used in a LOT of cases!
(touching colour)
Actually nvm figured it out
Like I think people call them “signatures” but how do you make one?
when green flag clicked
broadcast [Please answer!]
Ok thanks for the support! I basically got all the information I wanted!
define thanks everyone!
Yes, you will need HEAPS of these:
(☁ Player)
4: Is it illegal to share accounts? at 8:54:34 AM 16/9/20204422044
What about when it is a friend that you know greatly?
3: How to get popular on Scratch at 8:51:47 AM 16/9/20204422042
Just give it time, that is all I have to say
define give it time
Oh that's a shame
set pen shade to ()

And do they still work? What did they used to do?