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737: cant comment with my network at 5:40:13 AM 6/7/20204194733

EthanTheMikiFan wrote:

besides the point is my main is perm banned
Then you should appeal your ban instead of ban evading.
736: Hell in a song cover? at 4:45:56 AM 6/7/20204194698

HarryPotter_Hamilton wrote:

Yes can we please stop this arguing? As a atheist I didn't know that some people find the word offensive when it's used in that context so I'm now changing my answer. I don't think you should say it if it could offend some people. Probably the best solution would be to leave that line out.
735: Scratch Bit at 4:37:05 AM 6/7/20204194693

1werentallowed wrote:

Sorry,I'm late but i think it may come in by the end of 2020 or January-Febuary 2021 as
move (like a bause )steps
It's nice that you're trying to help but this topic is over a year old and I doubt that anyone cares about it anymore. Reporting this topic to be closed.
734: how to share projects at 3:54:29 AM 6/7/20204194652

EyesofRa wrote:

To share you have to press the “share” button in the top
It's nice that you are trying to help but this topic is four years old and I doubt anyone cares about this anymore. Reporting this topic to be closed.
Well since collages are larger than other schools it's not as bad but I still wouldn't do it.
732: Can I report this project? at 3:02:10 AM 6/7/20204194605

--Explosion-- wrote:

But did this user purpose design this block to crash scratch? Or, is it an unintended effect of that block.
I think the project should be taken down if it has this effect even if it's not intentional. I would definitely report it so that the Scratch Team can decide if it's okay.

--Explosion--}small wrote:

I will now procede to confuse my family and friends with this odd usage of that word.
Off topic but I confused my family for two days before I finally explained to them what it meant.
730: Help please at 10:42:21 PM 5/7/20204194257

Gardestailtheniceone wrote:

LIsaGamingRoblo invaded my buddy BUZZARPISBACK LisaGaming called me buddy fat
Hey I'm sorry someones being rude but please don't name and shame and please don't post unrelated things. You should just report them if they're being mean to you or anyone else

Dragonier_11 wrote:

how do you do the blue link thing that when you click it it sends you to their profile? thanks
Do you mean on the forums or in comments/studio descriptions/about me and WIWO?
729: Why am I always being invited? at 10:38:45 PM 5/7/20204194256

fskrulee2 wrote:

Almost everyday, I have a few messages I always await a comment on a project or a reply, but I always get a invite from a studio which gets on my nerves some of them are like, “How many managers can we get?” Or…”Profile picture contest!” I only wanna reply or see a comment but I thought it would be rude not to answer the invite call.
I'm sorry that your getting too many invites but please don't post on old topics. Probably the best way to deal with it is to tell the people that are inviting you to all of these studios that you do want any studio invites. Reporting this topic to be closed.
728: Hell in a song cover? at 10:34:53 PM 5/7/20204194250

fdreerf wrote:

Please disprove its existence. I dare you.
Please prove its existence. I dare you.
Okay so we can't prove if it exists or not now can we get back on topic?
I'm pretty sure that it's gone forever.
726: Guys. Please help fix this. at 9:11:53 PM 5/7/20204194074
This is why the Scratch Team won't add this

The Official List of Rejected Suggestion wrote:

5.2 “Invite all followers” button for studios
This feature existed in Scratch 2.0, but it was an extremely easy way for one user to create lots of notification spam for other users, most of which was unwanted. By removing this feature, users are forced to work a little bit to invite a large number of users.
Also please make your suggestion in the Suggestions sub-forum.
725: How do I write reports for topics? at 9:05:58 PM 5/7/20204194059

-CRINGEworks- wrote:


When somebody necroposts, I tell them I will report and why and normally write in the report, necropost. Is this good or should I do it a different way?
edit: got ninja'd by a few seconds :lol:
I would say you should report the first post asking for the topic to be closed not report the necropost. I usually write something like “this topic is old and should be closed” but I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it.

BearSlothCoding wrote:

Actually, that's not true. The buttons are merely decoys and don't actually go through so you don't get an alert if you only clicked that button, instead you get lead to a page saying to only report things that conflict with the Community Guidelines and you also get to read something about constructive feedback.
This is correct I was looking at all of the different reasons for reporting a while ago and that's what happens if you select one of those reasons.

HW_Games wrote:

but not technically an alert in such way that leads up to a ban.
Actually you can get banned for false reporting.
723: Character Limit for Usernames? at 7:17:42 PM 5/7/20204193834

nonmaterialistically wrote:

Yep, from 3-20 characters. For example, my username is at the limit, at 20 letters.
So technically there are users that have more than 20 characters in their usernames but I doubt any of then are still active so you can probably use 20 as the max for your game.
As long as people can't make their own phrases it's fine.
721: Hell in a song cover? at 7:12:17 PM 5/7/20204193817
If you're referring to the place that exists in some religions then it's fine but if you're using it to mean something else then I would leave that part out.
720: How to make chraters talk at 7:00:41 PM 5/7/20204193777
You can either use these blocks
say [] for (2) secs
say []
use text to speech or record you or someone else talking and play the recording using these blocks
play sound [ v]
play sound [ v] until done

Basic88 wrote:

If you lived in Rhode Island or Hawaii and you shared it, no. Saying you live in Alaska is fine. Why? It's the biggest state in America.
Size isn't really important when your trying to figure who someone is, it's population that's important. I still think that it's probably fine because all of hte states have a lot of people in them.
718: Is advertising good or bad? at 3:56:08 AM 4/7/20204189419
It's okay if you do it in the correct places but it's bad if you do it in places where it's not allowed. Basically I agree with this

mtech22 wrote:

As for the question… It's neither right nor wrong. There is a time and place for everything.