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3695: cloud at 6:11:27 AM 7/8/20204301578
You can actually use certain sequences of numbers to stand in for letters. For example, a 15 could represent an O (15th letter of the alphabet) and so on. You can then decode the number sequences.

Likewise, the same can be done for spaces, and just about any other character.
3694: "New Forumer" and "Forumer" roles at 5:22:55 AM 7/8/20204301528
Gonna repeat my above point.

People should be able to prove that they can actually behave themselves on the main site before being allowed to get regular permissions in the forums. Imagine someone becoming a Forumer and then proceeding to ruin themselves outside of the forums. Not someone you'd probably want to confide complete trust in, eh?

realistic weapons

That brings up a whole other issue. Does this mean no camouflage on said weapons? The cartridge specifications should never be mentioned? Tanks, IFVs, APCs, MRAPs? Bruh, a couple of guys on patrol with assault rifles slung across their body is nowhere near inappropriate…

Shouldn't the phrase be “violent, inappropriate weapons”, not “realistic weapons”?

Maximouse wrote:

I don't understand what you mean.

As in, does Scratch actively mess with your computer?


I think not. If Scratch was going to break your computer, I'm pretty sure the ST wouldn't make it open source.
3691: "New Forumer" and "Forumer" roles at 5:31:50 AM 6/8/20204298217
-sees myself-

Ah well, no support.

People should be able to prove that they can even behave themselves on the main site.
3690: Questions About Account Deletion at 5:28:53 AM 6/8/20204298210
You can do it yourself…

Have a look at your preferences page. It should be around there, somewhere.

Note that your account will hang around for 2 days, during which you can reactivate your account simply by logging in.
3689: BLM at 5:07:04 AM 6/8/20204298172

Col_Cat228 wrote:

They think not supporting it is racist, so yes, they support BLM (its against the CGs not to)

Where did that logic come from?

They explicitly said that while you must respect literally everything, you don't have to join them…
3688: Special Containment Procedures at 7:30:53 AM 5/8/20204294834

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

I once had an idea for an SCP that would take what two people were thinking about and combine them together. For example, if someone was thinking about coffee and another was thinking about pizza, it would create a “coffee pizza”.


If you'd like to put your ideas down somewhere feel free to use this thread as your whiteboard.
3687: Questions About Forum Rules at 5:43:12 AM 4/8/20204289394
Uh, yeah.

Pls wait a day or more before bumping again.
It depends on the copyright holder.

Of course, what will happen 100% of the time is the infringing content will be taken down.
3685: Why wasn't leanscratch sued yet? at 11:24:49 AM 31/7/20204276402
Filing charges costs money, man.
3684: hi! at 4:55:02 AM 29/7/20204268746

*looks at custard*
3683: Special Containment Procedures at 4:52:52 AM 29/7/20204268743

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

my favorite scp is

3 0 0 8

8 0 0 3
3682: Special Containment Procedures at 2:07:33 AM 29/7/20204268530
Thanks, my friend.
3681: What do you use to make pixel art? at 5:54:41 AM 28/7/20204264918
I like Aseprite. Has a ton of features, suitable for both indie and commercial development. It normally costs like $15, but if you're tech-savvy you can compile it yourself from source, legally and for free.

Basic88 wrote:

Erm…I think the SCP policy will become like the FnAF policy, they are both equally scary to young children.

Not really.

*posts 999*
3679: Special Containment Procedures at 12:00:08 AM 26/7/20204257648
(posts SCP-033 to appease the mathematics ppl)


Item #: SCP-033
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-033 should be inscribed on any single sheet of irregularly-shaped and hand-crafted paper, papyrus, canvas or vellum when not involved in active observation or study. The dimensions of the paper-like product should have no parallel borders, no right angles, and no side's length should be equal to any other (033-Safe dimensions). When contained in this manner, the paper-like product should be secured in a locked non-combination storage vault at least 30 meters from any computing or recording device. Logs for check-out or check-in of SCP-033 should be filled out at the minimum safe distance of 30 meters to avoid possible contamination of the paper product or electronic device the log is kept in.

When removed for study, SCP-033 can be copied to a white/chalkboard with 033-Safe dimensions by Class D staff. Upon transfer to the white/chalkboard, the paper-like product that had contained SCP-033 should be incinerated. Observation and study should take place in a secured conference room at least 30 meters from any computing or recording device for the maximum 2560 second viewing window. All observations or notes should be made on 033-Safe materials. Under no circumstances should any notes regarding SCP-033 leave the storage facility or be input into a computing or recording device.

At precisely 2000 seconds of viewing, research must stop and SCP-033 should be transferred to a new 033-Safe paper-like product and returned to storage by Class D staff. The white/chalkboard utilized in research must be incinerated as soon as possible after the transfer is complete, regardless of whether SCP-033 has faded “naturally” from its surface at 2560 seconds.

Whether 033-Safe procedures halt or merely slow the deleterious effects of SCP-033 is unknown. It is theorized the irregular borders and hand-crafting by mathematically unpredictable humans somehow disrupt the logic which allows SCP-033 to function.

Description: SCP-033 appears as a field of complex mathematical symbols ranging from simple layman-identifiable representations to those only interpretable by highly-trained mathematicians. The “sum” of the symbols is equal to a previously unknown integer (designated Theta Prime by Prof. Hutchinson) of intermediate value between █ and █.

As all modern mathematical calculations are performed lacking the knowledge or use of SCP-033, its introduction into any system organized without it begins eroding the numerical and eventually structural integrity of said system. This effect extends to SCP-033's transfer to any paper-like (defined as paper, vellum, papyrus, canvas) surface not possessing 033-Safe dimensions or any computing or recording device it is input into. If inscribed on any other material, SCP-033 fades into unintelligibility in precisely 2560 seconds. In addition, SCP-033 has shown an ability to “leap” from an 033-Safe material to a manufactured or electronic material which it can destabilize in at least one (1) instance (Incident report 033-D), requiring the institution of a 30 meter safe distance for electronic devices and paper-like products without 033-Safe dimensions.

There is currently no 033-Safe specification for electronic storage. █ of the ██ operational research projects involving SCP-033 are dedicated to finding such a method for electronic storage. ██ operational research projects are dedicated to the application of SCP-033 as a neutralizing factor for potentially hostile, machine logic-based SCP objects. Clarifying commentary from Prof. Hutchinson follows for non-specialist staff in document 033-A. Effects may be reviewed in document 033-Q.

--Explosion-- wrote:

I did a google search and many of the images were VERY disturbing, all jokes aside these sound very creepy and should not be allowed on scratch at all.
It really bothers me that they just choose random numbers too

Not really. It's a collaborative horror project, but it can be presented in an appropriate way.

And yes, they are random numbers. It's a collaborative wiki project where anyone can write scips and assign them whatever serial number they want.

SmellyMonkey43 wrote:

fdreerf wrote:

They're not random, there's one for pretty much every number up to 5999.
Still can't they have actual names instead of just numbers? I don't know how anyone remembers which one is which.

They do have alternative names.

The Statue.

Shy Guy.

Rotten Tomatoes.



The Architect.

Froggygames123 wrote:

I was thinking about either doing an scp talk to game or an scp demonstration. I was gonna include SCPs like SCP 173, SCP SCP 261, SCP 999, SCP 939, SCP 049 but there would be no blood or jumpscares. Also, I was not going to include scps like SCP 106 or SCP 096. Sorry for the late reply, I was asleep lol

Ye, sure. It's allowed.
SCP is fine.

Just avoid the more violent aspects, as well as anything NSFW. This means stay away from SCP-███ (if I say it I'll get banned), SCP-███, SCP-███, and… I literally can't point them out because we'll end up with a situation of curiousity kills the cat.

It's perfectly fine to discuss SCPs causing death and destruction, but please do so in a third person point of view and avoid going into too much detail.

Froggygames123 wrote:

I kinda just like need an answer from one of the ST to confirm if I can make the project, because some of my older plague doctor projects were deemed unsuitable.


It's just a guy who causes instant death and resurrects you…

Avoid blood.

Froggygames123 wrote:

Would the coffe machine and other harmless scp be allowed, or would i be allowed to include a couple of harmful scps

You can. Once again, don't go into detail. 012 will kill you quite nicely, but obviously I'm not gonna tell you that you're going to [EXPUNGED] before that happens.

SmellyMonkey43 wrote:

I don't know much about SCP but the coffee machine sounds fine. I think that something that is trying to kill you in a non-violent and non-scary way would probably be fine if you have to start over if you die or something like that.

(asks for antimatter from 294)

3676: Game Engines [the only generalized one] at 11:40:10 PM 25/7/20204257592
(scripts my own engine)