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Prohibiting Characters (not the scratcher) from being LGBTQ+ is perfectly fine.
No, it's not fine. It's still a form of homophobia.
What if takes place in a time period where LGBTQ people were either so few in number, or arrested
Dunno if the second one would be appropriate for Scratch.
They are not saying that the RP centers around arresting LGBTQ people, just that the RP may be set in a time period that it would happen, and they want it to be historically accurate.
For the following, I would assume the ST would remove it:
-threatening to kick you out if you do

-saying personal threats if you do (eg. “i'll go to your house and attack you”)

-threatening to cause a flamewar if you do

-putting homophobic slurs along with it

-putting pridefall refernces along with it

However, i'm not sure about just saying “No LGTBQ+ characters”.

Edit: Double ninja.

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Why should the different language forums be allowed to do spam topics, when the English forums are super strict?
There are very few, if any, Scratch Team members, let alone moderators, let alone still forum moderators, fluent in a non-English language.
Yes. Why else did Google make a translation program? You don't have to have a perfect translator to identify spam in another language.
The ST is flexible about the honesty & constructive rules on AF. Of course, they won't let it get too crazy, but it's for fun. You shouldn't take anything that people say on that day seriously.
(By the way, the number of supporters mean nothing in the grand scheme of things; it makes the title look clickbaity if you say you have X supports. :P)

For your actual suggestion, I do think this is a good idea. Why should the different language forums be allowed to do spam topics, when the English forums are super strict?

As far as I know, the ST only deletes topics if they break the CG. If it's just spam, they don't necessarily have to delete the entire topic to make a point.
There have been debates on the forums about this before, but the ST has not confirmed their opinion.
However, the fact that it is not blocked in comments does say something.
3082: Quality? at 3:27:56 PM 16/9/20204422834
It is very possible that people don't spend quite as much time on projects. But it's OK. Scratch is made for getting fame learning.
3081: who is sam at 2:07:16 PM 16/9/20204422601

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*visible concern*
Oh dear
More eye bleach please
3080: Why did @Splow Leave at 1:14:45 PM 16/9/20204422471
Sorry, but the forums are not the place for gossip about certain Scratchers.
Really, it's up to the user if they want to leave Scratch. There might not be one reason; it could be a combination of different things.
3079: Is it illegal to share accounts? at 12:45:47 PM 16/9/20204422412

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

A wise man once said these words:

[offtopic]Thank you for posting this.[/offtopic]
3078: Patterns in Scratch Editor at 12:41:12 PM 16/9/20204422399

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In your mockup, I noticed that you removed the gradient options. That makes me think it would get chaotic if the ST were to add this,
Personally, I like this idea, but i'm concerned about the way it would look if it was added.
No, they'll keep the gradients, in fact gradients could make the Patterns look even more better
I'm not saying that they would remove the gradients; but if you looked at the mockup(Gone now rip), it covered the space where gradients were. It would take up a lot of space to have gradients, and the patterns.
3077: What is a Q&A at 9:27:23 PM 15/9/20204421105

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Za-Chary wrote:

A Q&A project can be a good way to tell Scratchers more about yourself. They can ask what they want to know about you, so then you can tell them. I think making them is pretty fun.
thx! but what if someone asks you something you don't want to answer? Just ignore it? Or do you tell them u don't wan to answer?
Depends on if you are trying to answer every question, or only a select few.
If you are answering everyone's question but that one user's, they may get upset. However, if you are making a project with the answers and you want to pick-and-chose the best, then they likely won't get (as)offended.
3076: Is it illegal to share accounts? at 8:29:14 PM 15/9/20204420928
I would recommend that you read this.
In my opinion, the Forums are one of the most effective ways to gain attention.

If you continuously make constructive posts and help people out, people will take notice. For some, if someone is helpful to you, you follow them. Help enough people, and you almost have a fan-base, just because you answered their questions. That's really how I have any followers at all.
3074: Patterns in Scratch Editor at 5:05:44 PM 14/9/20204417517
In your mockup, I noticed that you removed the gradient options. That makes me think it would get chaotic if the ST were to add this,
Personally, I like this idea, but i'm concerned about the way it would look if it was added.

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For example: “The lip sync is off” might be seen as offensive, but “Really great animation! The lip sync is a bit off though, but overall, great job!” Is more constructive.
So sugarcoat and pander?
Another way of saying it, that is constructive but not sugarcoating:
“Nice animation! However, the lip sync isn't on time.”
It's being gentle, but still saying that it bothered you, and could be improved.
3072: QAS Question Dictionary 3.0 at 5:12:08 PM 13/9/20204415211

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Good luck! Would this be your first sticky?

Just in case, make sure you get confirmation from @MaximunPokeMaster that they are okay with you taking over.
If your topic has been open for more then 24 hours, a button should appear at the bottom of the page saying “Close Topic”. Click it, and your topic will close.
3071: Why does everyone prefer "bitmap" at 1:26:43 PM 13/9/20204414871

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

drawing with vector is a gigantic headache

In a seriousness, Vector is very tedious. Particularly the 3.0 version.
I used to draw in bitmap when I first joined in 2.0, when the default editor was bitmap; then I discovered Vector, and stuck with that.
However, now, i'm practically a retired Vector artists. It's so difficult to make the simplest thing.
3070: Motion blocks Not showing!! :( at 5:03:59 PM 12/9/20204412909

19ORB1007 wrote:

Please turn off capslock; it looks like you are shouting.

Motion blocks do not show up if you are in the backdrop, because… well, how can you move a backdrop?
If you want to program a backdrop to move around, make a sprite, move it to the very back layer, and add the movement code you want.

The Scratch Wiki wrote:

According to Scratch Team member Ceebee, the Scratch Cat is nonbinary, meaning that they do not identify as strictly male or female in terms of gender. However, many users, even some Scratch Team members, use other pronouns for Scratch Cat, especially he/him.