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HarshSaberTwitch wrote:

Hello, I'm not exactly new to scratch, I did it in third grade a few years ago. However, I haven't done it in a while and am starting to get back into it. I've already released a project that I will link to below. I also would welcome and appreciate any tips and feedback anyone has for me.
The link to my project:
Happy Scratching!

Hello! Welcome back to Scratch!
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fightyrams wrote:

i made a mistake!

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miraculousladybugfam wrote:

Hi new scratchers

stormiemycat24 wrote:


The_awesome_Pico wrote:


Hello you three! Welcome to the Scratch website! I hope you all enjoy exploring and creating here!
1663: I'm a new scratcher at 9:06:21 PM 6/9/20204396631
Welcome to Scratch!
1662: Super3455 at 9:05:20 PM 6/9/20204396629
Hello! How are you enjoying Scratch?
1661: Hello guys at 9:03:42 PM 6/9/20204396626

Dexterous42 wrote:

Hi I am Dexterous42 (Not a typo!!) I joined about 3 weks ago and I am a Scratcher! Also please follow me and my bud Rookmate314 (Also not a typo!) We could really use the support!!


Dexterous42 wrote:

Willa-pack-leader1 wrote:

Hi. i'm new. if you follow me i will be glad to Follow you back. my goal is to get 15 followers or even more!
~ my name on scratch is Willa-pack-leader1 and i would love to have followers.
~I'm a girl, I'm almost 14, and i am in 8th grade.
~glad to meet u all.


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Hi there! Welcome to the Scratch community!
1658: New Scratcher - Hood_Object at 4:34:28 PM 4/9/20204391193

Hood_Object wrote:

Hi, i'm a new scratcher, at the time of writing this discussion, my account is 1 day and 1 hour old. I plan to be a animator about object show stuff. I currently have 2 projects too right now! If you wanna check them out they'll be here:
- (Welcome!)
- (Sitting in the park)

So, i hope you don't expect so much from me since i'm still new to the platform we community call Scratch. I'm glad to join the growing Scratch community and happy that it is easy to code/animate.

Hello Hood_Object! Welcome to Scratch!
If you'd like to showcase your projects, feel free to make a topic in the Show and Tell forums! Enjoy Scratching!
1657: hi at 4:31:49 PM 4/9/20204391183
Hello! Welcome to Scratch!

skygayatin1234 wrote:

Hello. Welcome to Scratch. I hope you will enjoy here.:):):)
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Hello -Pearii-! Welcome to Scratch!
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1654: Hello! at 3:54:03 PM 4/9/20204391048
Hello and welcome, ThatSphereGuy!

PixieplayzOFFICIAL wrote:


ree hello

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Tenzin_Sokka_AVATAR wrote:

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I love Scratch!
Do you like to draw? Check out this studio!
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ShoChikuBai wrote:

Hi, new here!

VD-2007 wrote:

:)Hi Myself VD-2007

Hello and welcome! I hope you three enjoy exploring the Scratch community! Happy Scratching!

Eggsnbakon2new wrote:

move (67867687687687687687687686) steps
say [WUT?????????????] for (2) secs

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1650: HI EVERYONE at 5:00:27 PM 1/9/20204382346
Hello nguyenhachau10! Are you enjoying Scratch?

boncuk18 wrote:


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-0Nebula0- wrote:

Hello! I am not new, but I moved from THIS account. I needed a new start. Or should I say start from ‘Scratch’ Ok that joke was so bad lmbo XD. You can call me Nebula!

Hi there Nebula! Welcome to your new account!

SAN_Kardus wrote:

Hello Scratcher! my nickname is Kard Kardus.

i know scratch when i search it on google. using thia engine was fun, i can simple game without syntax problem.

and i hope you all stay at home. be safe and sound, By!

- SAN_Kardus

Hello SAN_Kardus! Welcome to Scratch!