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2513: Ways A Tomato Can Die at 3:17:52 AM 21/9/20204434560

EZ-Games wrote:

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

We have gained a lot of submissions, and soon I will be adding them to a project, with the best submissions!

The deadline for adding new stories, is midnight ET, on September 20th, 2020. The deadline for nominations, is exactly 24 hours later.

If you want, we might be able to do another one of these with a different item


@PizzaAddict4Life, you still doin' this?

Yup, deadline for nominations is tomorrow at midnight ET

xXRedTheCoderXx wrote:

Activity check: respond to this post so I know you're active!

(pcardine is excused)

Sorry for the lateness! Response!

I also have been a tad inactive lately, because I have a ton of homework, but I will try to find more to do!
2511: Calling all rock breakers! at 9:57:10 PM 4/9/20204392106
2510: alt accounts at 6:45:06 PM 4/9/20204391601
Please don't write in scratch block, it is hard to read, thanks!

Anyway, alt accounts are allowed, I have two currently, and multiple joke accounts, so they are fine.

HOWEVER! If you get banned on an account, then you should not use the alt account until you get unbanned, because then it could be considered ban evasion, and just make it worse.

Also, if you are using alt accounts only to follow yourself again and love and favorite all your projects and just to get your stuff up, that isn't ok. They actually have to be used for something (Like a joke or test).


You aren't supposed to do it.
It brings up a topic that is really old and that no one cares about anymore
Necro Posts are meaningless and don't contribute to the conversation. Things that do help aren't considered necroposts
It makes you look like you don't know what your doing
People will report it to be closed which takes up the ST's time


2508: Become a Pokemon card at 3:01:27 PM 4/9/20204390865

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:


Done! It is being uploaded to the project now!

(Also, I called you SSB20 in the card because that is what you like to be called by, and also Super_Scratch_Bros20 overlapped with the health count)
2507: Become a Pokemon card at 2:50:59 PM 4/9/20204390836
Sorry for the holdup! School… anyway, I will start working on these!

Also, -Zyte-, would you mind re-doing the health test? You got a 15
2506: Become a Pokemon card at 11:11:58 PM 28/8/20204371619

cooldude-222 wrote:

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

cooldude-222 wrote:

can you update mine with my new profile pic and make my weakness heat and resistance cold

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

(I will not change it, so please make it one you would like me to use)

Sorry, I'm not changing it. It would be too difficult
Oh sorry

Its ok!
2505: Minecraft Official Topic at 1:38:28 PM 28/8/20204369700

CatsUnited wrote:

I really wish the multiplayer sleep datapack was just a feature that servers had, rather than relying on a datapack

I disagree. While it is useful, Minecraft would never add it because it is kinda like cheating almost…

Plus, currently I am starting to run a server and we don't want that in a at all.

potatophant wrote:

Yea - a gamerule determining how many people need to sleep to skip the night (set to zero if all of them, or minus numbers for percentages)

I don't think that that should be in normal Minecraft, but I do wish the multiplayer sleep datapack had that feature.

2504: Become a Pokemon card at 11:36:01 PM 27/8/20204368364

cooldude-222 wrote:

can you update mine with my new profile pic and make my weakness heat and resistance cold

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

(I will not change it, so please make it one you would like me to use)

Sorry, I'm not changing it. It would be too difficult
2503: Ways A Tomato Can Die at 6:55:06 PM 26/8/20204363606

JackK211424 wrote:

what have i done
It doesn't show up
2502: Ways A Tomato Can Die at 3:34:37 AM 26/8/20204361661

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

Bob The Tomato told me to send this to everyone who kills a Tomato because those are Bob's family:

There once, was a tomato, named bob.

Destined, to be, katchup.

His parents, we killed, by these scratchers,

Who then, wanted to, kill him.

(Based off of harry potter song thing)

So that, is what, I DID!

I took a knife!

I attached it to a catapult!

I shoved bob on the knife,

and then I catapulted the knife and bob into a volcano!

(not based off of anything)
2501: Minecraft Official Topic at 11:45:43 PM 25/8/20204361271

zahmbie1 wrote:

Is there a special requirement for getting the pancape?

I don't even know how you can get a cape…
2500: Cancel Report button. at 1:39:48 AM 25/8/20204358239

Etlocker wrote:

Can I delete this discussion? If i Can, How?

Nope, no can do!

However, you can close the topic.

You can either:

A) Wait 24 hours for a close button to appear and then click on it

B) Click on the “Report” button of your post, and then set the reason as being closed.

And yes, clicking on the report button does sound a little weird, but basically it is just sending a ST member a text, or an email.
2499: Cancel Report button. at 1:18:58 AM 25/8/20204358210
Firstly, as others have mentioned, it is hard to press that button on accident. It is clearly defined.

Secondly, even if you do, the ST would think it was an accident, and would ignore it. They would look into it first of course, but they understand that there are those rare occurrences

Thirdly, there is a confirmation for the report asking if you really want to, and so it should be unlikely you press that. Yes, the delete has that too, but I think that one should be able to read it, or maybe see the size difference in it.

Fourthly, if you accidentally press the button, it is most likely you will think, “Oh no, whoops” and you won't press it on accident again for another six months.

Even if you did press it for a second time on accident, the ST would probably think it was a second accident.

If you press it like, five times on accident, then yes, that would be helpful, but that probably has happened, maybe once. Not often.

2498: Monarchy of Moist at 12:38:04 AM 25/8/20204358141

jettypumpkin07 wrote:

What is annoying is that when I click on it it is a bit below the beginning of the paragraph, which is really annoying. I don't wanna scroll up!
2497: Ways A Tomato Can Die at 8:59:04 PM 24/8/20204357689

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

PizzaAddict4Life wrote:

Wait, does this topic go against the no stabby-stab rule?

@Za-Chary* said it himself; it's okay. The knife is being used to cut tomatoes. That's okay.

Thank goodness
2496: Ways A Tomato Can Die at 3:59:24 AM 23/8/20204352718
Wait, does this topic go against the no stabby-stab rule?
2495: What are the rules on usernames? at 9:59:19 PM 22/8/20204352075

daffodil6 wrote:

Ah, okay, thanks. I generally needed to know. Would a username of Virus-Corona be considered not allowed? Just curious.

I would think that that would be allowed. I don't think saying virus is bad
2494: What are the rules on usernames? at 9:56:13 PM 22/8/20204352062

What usernames are not allowed?

There are a whole list of things, but generally these are some guidelines:

1) No usernames that involve inappropriate context
2) No usernames the violate the CG
3) No swear words
4) The word “Follow” is not longer allowed in usernames, but if you replace the L's with i's then it works (tip)
5) Anything that impersonates another user, such as PewDiePie-Scratch.

Do deleted users have their names usable or not?

No. You can not use a deleted user's username.

I don't know what to put here but I need a third question so here it is?

I guess I need a third answer so here it is.