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Basically, you must go thorugh the string checking if every single char is a space, if not then add a new item with the number and join with next numbers until a new space is found.
I have this that works even with bad formatted strings(remove all occurrences of a given separator)

Monna-Uka wrote:

First, how scripts can be ‘renamed’?
Second, I think you can't do anything but either pull them out from the backpack or delete them.

Hope I helped.
Haha I'm ninja'd…

Well, if it is inside a sprite they can give it a name.
The only way i can figure is to recover the script into a project, change the name, and save it in backpack.
You haven't any pendulum project shared, i think.
1073: Wierd Glitch at 1:56:10 PM 15/5/20204015801
You should to share the project.
What are those commands? buttons on screen?
1071: RGB values to Scratch color value? at 12:38:57 AM 15/5/20204013467
Perhaps this knowledge database can help
1070: RGB values to Scratch color value? at 12:31:57 AM 15/5/20204013428

456donut_Test wrote:

I am creating a type of color camera which uses RGBK values to produce pixelated cells that appear to be a certain “color”. I am currently trying to fix this by taking the RGBK values and converting them into a scratch color value, and then printing that instead. However, I was confused on how to do this and I am wondering if anybody could help. Thank you!

The link to the project is here:

You said RGBK, is it a typo? If it is not, for what it stands?
1068: how do i make a discuss scratch? at 11:04:20 PM 14/5/20204013107
Well, already you did it.
What about you want to discuss?

thecheezeandegghaker wrote:

BillNyeTheKGBSpy wrote:

Could you explain what BEAF is? Cause I honestly have no clue.

its a bit confusing but here are some articals

BEAF: Bowers Exploding Array Function

Whoa! After reading those articles you linked what was close to explode is my brain!
I don't think this topic fits here, may be in Advanced Topics.

2020sloaner5407 wrote:

I am really out of ideas. If I use you idea, I will be sure to credit you!

Do you know of “the four seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi?
You close your eyes and listen the music, i'm quite sure that it will inspire you.

lolo859 wrote:

Hello how to detect when the scene is clicked?
thank you in advance

If you mean Stage there is a block(in Stage event blocks) saying “When Stage clicked”
Yes there is a way, i saw a project by @griffpatch where he measured height with two horizontal lines one going down from up the screen until it touches sprite and the other going up from down , so distance between both lines…
The same for width.

I am not sure, but it is quite possible that the main purpose of @griffpatch was to calculate offsets for bad centered costumes.
1063: List limits? at 4:07:32 PM 14/5/20204011602

IA-maker wrote:

paczekwmasle wrote:

Oumuamua wrote:

paczekwmasle wrote:

What is the maximum amount of list elements?

Several(undefined) millions.

pufferfish101007 wrote:

I'km fairly sure that there isn't an actual limit (within reason), but it may become laggy with lots of elements.
ok, thanks
no, the limit is 200 000 elements

You are right
In Scratch2 there was no such limit, sorry for my wrong answer.
Are you multiplying by -10?
1061: List limits? at 3:03:16 PM 14/5/20204011498

paczekwmasle wrote:

What is the maximum amount of list elements?

Several(undefined) millions.

Wrong response. Sorry.
1060: Costume Rotation at 2:39:28 PM 14/5/20204011469

Scratch-Minion wrote:

Oumuamua wrote:

when green flag clicked
point towards [mouse-pointer v]
switch costume to (round ((direction) / (45)))

Note that if you use this formula as opposed to mine, the difference is that the last costume is for direction 0 (straight up) whereas with my formula the first costume is for direction 0. Both work.
Yes, I did it on purpose, obviously the position on the costumes' pane is important for it to work well.
By the way, I am a big fan of you and of your excellent projects.
1059: Need help with a new genetics project! at 12:22:57 PM 14/5/20204011264
I would say that this topic seems more like a Request topic.
I think the main problem is how to realistically randomize dominant and recessive genes to inherit.
The other stuff should be done by the OP.
1058: Costume Rotation at 11:54:12 AM 14/5/20204011215

deck26 wrote:

Oumuamua wrote:

when green flag clicked
point towards [mouse-pointer v]
switch costume to (round ((direction) / (45)))
Ideally only switch costume when you know it needs to change or you're forcing a screen refresh every frame.

set initial costume
work out costume number
if new number <> current costume then switch costume

Yes, i knew that, it is just a proof(the project) of concept.