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6074: Nambaseking01's Scratch Blog at 1:53:01 PM 18/9/20204427818

-CaramelPeaches- wrote:

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

I got the word bitter :)

already working on my submission
why hello!I dont know if people have posted in here in that long,but if you reply,thank you!

Hi, it's a rule that you shouldn't post on old topics and bring them back up unless it's in the Suggestions forum. Thank you.
6073: Faster Player at 6:23:59 PM 14/9/20204417770
Scratch runs at 30 FPS, and you need 50 times faster than that? That's, like, 1500 FPS - just imagine how many computers will go haywire if that gets started. Turbo mode is already bad enough. And, although this sounds a little blunt - why in the world would you want to run a project that much times faster? I haven't seen a single project which Scratch's speed is “incapable” to run properly.
6072: Time Zone at 6:20:36 PM 14/9/20204417763

udoxas wrote:

I don't know how a time zone will help you get tracked down (assuming you're in the USA)

But a user, for some reason we're not aware of, might want to keep their state private contrary to their country (and maybe they set even that to Antarctica).

Major support. This is always a big necessity for me when I have to make official announcements for my Scratch shop or see when something was posted in my timezone (I need to do that sometimes since I help around in a lot of forum topics).
Being an avid forum helper, I feel that this would be a really helpful feature to have. I can see many option here that would help me immensely, and I always wondered how the TBG Forums has so many options and customization, quite contrary to the Scratch forums (which might be because the TBG Forums is a forum-based community, but the discussion forums are slowly growing everyday on Scratch as well and I feel that this needs to be mentioned).

One of my biggest problems has always been not being able to set Scratch to my local time - very often, due to me helping around in many topic, I need to know on what exact time some posts were made, and it's very annoying to figure that out if Scratch doesn't support my timezone. Additionally, contrary to all of the other forums I've been in, the Scratch forums seem very dated and unmodernized and really needs to have an upgrade. Not just here, but in entire Scratch in general, I'm missing a proper user AI to customize what I need.
Thank you for all of the responses! When Geo finishes his part (no stress, he can do it whenever he wants, because he only needs to hunt for completed orders from page 50 to 70 and from here onwards I'll be taking care of everything. I'll be writing the Poll Jumble post then! Does anybody have any other ideas for the Poll Jumble? I've been noticing a lot of discussion going here about new ideas, I think it's about time someone steps up on one.

However, if the current Poll Jumble poll gets positive results, then all suggestion-related discussion will have to happen on the suggestion studio and not here. That will help with organization.
Hey folks, I feel like the thing that's been demotivating me to come back to Longarms is the fact that there's so many unclaimed orders, completed orders, new team members to collect. However; once these problems are solved, the chances are that I'll be entirely back to Longarms. Since these are jobs that I'm having quite a struggle with in these busy schooldays, I'll be assigning certain members of the shop for collecting every single one of these posts that are currently not listed in the official posts from page 50. Thank you! I'll be making the Poll Jumble post really soon!
  • cubbywindowsdpc I entrust you with the job of collecting all of the UOC orders, just since you're a pro with BBCode and you can collect it all up easily - just take a look at the current Unclaimed Orders Centre post format and add the review if there is one, and just make a list of the ones not present. Also make sure to remove orders that are already taken from your list, and make sure to let me know if any orders currently in the UOC need to be removed! (And also look out for orders without the code sentence being taken!)
  • WalkingNORM I entrust you with the job of collecting the list of all new team members that are not listed in the Team Members post just so its clean - and you seem very good with official matters and team member dramas and such, so doing something related to it might be a nice job for you.
  • ContourLines I entrust you with the job of collecting all of the completed orders, and you may take a look at the Completed Orders post to take the format. Additionally, make sure to include the reviews there as well just like in the official post, and be on a close lookout for orders!

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

everyone's just saying that there's workarounds and it can be abused for lag without reading the entire op

this is nothing out of the ordinary for the suggestions forum to be honest

I'm suspecting that people who post here don't know what “reading” and “understanding” mean - they'll have to pay a revisit to Merriam-Webster one day.

Mini_orionrobots wrote:

Nambaseking01 wrote:

Mini_orionrobots wrote:

I don't know that studio, sorry! I thought of this literally just now.

I think you mean topic xD Anyways, I'll report this topic to be closed now as it's a duplicate - please continue the discussion at the linked topic above!
Yeah, I did. I'll edit it, thanks!

Glad I helped!

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

Is nino, for example, a word with a different meaning than niño?

It is for people who have OCD about grammar.

Mini_orionrobots wrote:

I don't know that studio, sorry! I thought of this literally just now.

I think you mean topic xD Anyways, I'll report this topic to be closed now as it's a duplicate - please continue the discussion at the linked topic above!
6064: Add Folders For Sprites! at 2:14:16 PM 12/9/20204412485
I would love to organize my sprites, I mostly make projects with a lot of them and it's very hard to navigate through the humongous lists. I also generally like organization in my stuff, as it keeps my mind clean and motivated to do more things both IRL and on Scratch. Otherwise my mind keeps bugging me with the fact that something is disorganized and strange.
That would most certainly be helpful; I don't even touch most of those studio invites, and they're all just irrelevant to the things I like to do. It would make life a dozen times less disappointing.
6062: A way to make show and tell better! :D at 2:02:29 PM 12/9/20204412456
As much as I agree this should be implemented, I think YouTube channels are irrelevant in this particular idea. The Show and Tell forum is merely for advertising your things on Scratch (and even then, it's mixed - I once made a Show and Tell topic linking to my suggestion topics and Paddle closed as forum topics are not projects and studios) and for things outside Scratch, the Things I'm Making and Creating forum exists. Since this is a suggestion for Show and Tell, I think that you shouldn't include YouTube channels in the “Others” section.

Anyways, moving on from that, this would definitely be very helpful - however, before I share my opinion, I have a quick question - if you were to create a topic in Show and Tell, would you just have to make a topic on Show and Tell in general and a bot will make sure everything gets sorted properly, or would users have the ability to manually choose the category?

The latter option seems to have more merit than the first one, and I just wanted to make sure.
6061: 3D Sprites at 1:52:24 PM 12/9/20204412442
This topic is a duplicate; please don't discuss the suggestion here, but rather do it at the linked topic above. I'll report this topic to be closed as well to prevent any unnecessary posts in the future.

Paddle2See wrote:

That's already the policy, so far as I know. Posts that don't add to the conversation can be reported for deletion.

There's no reason to continue the discussion? lol

I'll report this topic to be closed as it's technically already implemented.
bump - i'l' be back on monday for sure ^^ and i swear on myself everything that exists and the scratch community i wont break this oath
6058: 'Illegal' bump warning at 1:32:27 PM 11/9/20204409504
You're saying that this system doesn't have to be perfect, and that you understand that millions of bump workarounds exist on Scratch. However, imperfection has a limit - a lot of people prefer to use bump workarounds (even I do, it's boring to just post plain bumps). Additionally, some things need to be done manually - if the Scratch Team makes everything that is not allowed on Scratch be removed by bots, it would be extremely unreliable and hard to work with. Of course, the Scratch Team uses bots for extremely bad purposes (like swearing or discussing inappropriate subjects), but things like taking down projects that haven't been mass-reported are done manually.

And additionally, the Scratch Team has confirmed that the 24 hours policy is just a little “protection” so that people don't spam bumps, but they said that people can bump every 12 hours, only it should be once a day (basically once everytime you're awake). So, unless this bot would have the power to track down people's sleep, or change the rule to something way less than 24 hours and make MBTI sensing characters very confused, I don't see how this feature could really help.

Scratch, being a website that accepts people of all sorts, should definitely not prohibit alphabets or phrases from different languages, as it might seem offensive or strange to users who speak that language.

Za-Chary wrote:

You should not share your password with anyone. You also should not have an “obvious” password. If you fear that your password is too obvious, then it's time to change it.

I think showing the email in Account Settings is useful for the account owner to know which email is tied to their account. If they want to change their email to a specific account, then they know what account they're starting with so they know whether they need to change it or not.

Regardless whether people share their password or not, I feel that Scratch should ask the user's password when they enter their account settings, as -InsanityPlays- suggested. It contains sensitive info either way, and if deleting all of your projects has a password confirmation, then seeing sensitive information should probably have one too.
I'm sick, and I even have symptoms of coronavirus ;P It's pretty hilarious tbh

I'll return once my dad's birthday party is over and this weird sickness is gone