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How do you make the little triangle things in the note to give it a different tone?
6: at 3:58:55 AM 5/12/20193775424

RandomAppleSoda04 wrote:

Okay, I swear I've done this before, but here's some sort of Rude Buster remix. Dunno what spurred it, I just went “oh hey those are some noice chords” and went from there.

I'm trying to figure out what my “composition style” is, whatever that means. I've noticed how I layer channels in intros and use countermelodies, but… hmm.

also unrelated but snom is precious and i will protect it
This song reminds me of dragon ball Z love the song though!!
5: at 3:56:29 AM 5/12/20193775422
Could anyone make unity by thefatrat? I sure as hell cant and would like to learn how
4: at 11:11:39 PM 23/11/20193765849
3: at 11:09:32 PM 23/11/20193765847
I have a request if someone could help me make Unity By TheFatRat on this type of beepbox
2: at 2:27:57 AM 2/11/20193746426
just place random notes I guess (its how my sis started making music)

But I wanna know how graywolf0805 does his beepbox so well or any other good player.
1: at 2:08:32 AM 2/11/20193746413
Hey guys I wanna start making cool songs but I tried so many times I just can never get the tunes right you guys got any tips or anything?