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3269: Color Palette for Scratch 3.0 at 6:29:05 PM 9/7/20204206785

jaguar1501 wrote:

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

ioton wrote:

No support.
It's just weird, and having to navigate through whatever things to make an actual colors that look good isn't convenent.
Exact white, black, grey, red, orange etc. isn't great looking for projects, unless you put a bunch of transparency to blend them;
which isn't possible in Scratch.
but what if we want exact colors?

the argument that it doesn't look good is pretty opinion based
The argument you gave that the sliders are weird is also pretty opinion-based. It’s not that hard to use the colour picker to get exact colours, or make a colour palette sprite. I don’t understand why you would want less freedom when it comes to choosing colours for your project (unless the palette would be toggle-able, in which case I understand).
I meant that they are hard to use for some people.

The suggestion is to make it optional, I think.
For 1.3, what is the “relatively easy workaround”?

lapisi wrote:

stickfiregames wrote:

Pretty much a duplicate of this.

how is it a duplicate?

this is the same topic as the one you linked to…
it might have gotten merged
I support. Why shouldn't it advertise free image hosts?
3265: MAKING 3 RANKS IN STUDIOS at 5:41:24 PM 9/7/20204206613
i dont think the blue whale challenge is even a thing anymore

aMelodysFantasy wrote:

Basic88 wrote:

Just promote people you trust. That solves the problem here.

Except, that won't raise enough awareness. What's the most convenient way to give attention to a studio? Invite curators. How do you invite more curators? Promote more people
Only promote people you trust.

garnetluvcookie wrote:

1. There are way too many spelling mistakes to count in that title.
There's… 2.
3263: Doing the friends list again at 7:44:28 PM 6/7/20204196632
It didn't exist in Scratch 2.0, it existed in 1.0.
3262: Waluigi - The Topic at 7:33:47 PM 6/7/20204196591

dftyu wrote:

Waluigi wants you to check this out.
Sorry, you have to wait 60 seconds between posts.
wario is irrelevant to waluigi.

why does waluigi have no games based around him?
why isn't there WaluigiWare or Waluigi Land?
3261: bring back the cave backdrop at 6:31:32 PM 6/7/20204196393

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

This one, I've got to say no support. For one, it was likely removed for a reason.
Or it just hasn't been added yet, like almost everything missing from Scratch 2.0
3260: Waluigi - The Topic at 12:28:16 PM 6/7/20204195373
take that mr. eyeballs

LegoManiac04 wrote:

The issue with this is that if users would display this, others could protest their ban. I believe this is one of the other reasons the ST has rejected the suggestion of showing when users are banned.
People protest bans the way it is right now.
Follows aren't for popularity*- it's for seeing activity of something.
3257: Pause button at 10:47:52 PM 5/7/20204194262

-PhoenixAnimates- wrote:

No support. This would lead to cheating in cloud leaderboard games. You could take the liberty into adding a pause button in your game yourself, however.
No pausing if there's a cloud variable, then?
3256: Rephrase The Account Ban Screen at 10:14:59 PM 5/7/20204194211
It's really phrased badly- it makes it seem like the Scratch Team is just harshly accusing you without providing any evidence whatsoever.
I support. It would be nice if my friends knew I was banned.
3254: Multiple Scenes? at 5:23:00 PM 5/7/20204193571
bumped topic for you
3253: Trusted scratcher at 3:08:41 PM 5/7/20204193255

--Explosion-- wrote:

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

[…]t will tear apart the community even further than it is now.
The community is torn apart? How?
Scratch is nothing but generic platformers and a competition for popularity nowadays.

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

Are creepy bad endings allowed to be posted here?

If so, then here.
How's it creepy? I played that game and saw the ending, it wasn't creepy.
Do you mean the weird looking boss?
3251: Waluigi - The Topic at 1:11:18 PM 5/7/20204193008
Discuss Waluigi, the ultimate Mario character.
3250: Gem Master at 1:01:24 PM 5/7/20204192986