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556: Re-add the tag limit at 10:27:13 AM 5/7/20204192678
Support, because this would stop people from spamming tags. But, how would this be implemented? The “#” hashtag sign can be used to express a lot of things, so there could be a lot of mixups.
555: Cool codes you can try at 10:22:01 AM 5/7/20204192662
Hello! Please don't make two of the same topics.
And the Bugs and Glitches forums aren't a place to show these. Please post this in the Show and Tell forums please!
554: How do you make chat rooms safe? at 1:54:07 AM 5/7/20204191942

Block_Point_Studios wrote:

Thanks! Wait a second…If the Scratch Team doesn't like a chat room because someone could curse, why don't they put a filter in the “Say ( )” and “Ask ( )” blocks? It would make everything easier if there was a word filter, not like Roblox's letter/symbol filter, but just something that could take curse/bad words, and replace them with an empty string!
The Scratch Team doesn't like:
1. PMing (Private Message)
2. Blacklisted chatrooms
3. Chatrooms that you cannot choose your own phrases.
The ST doesn't want to do create a filter, because they can never be trusted, and easy workarounds can be made. And, if like you said, you have an “report” button, then who handles the reports? Calculations? Three times? What about false reporting?
553: How do you make chat rooms safe? at 1:41:02 AM 5/7/20204191921
Sorry, but this is not allowed either. For this, you must use a list of whitelisted phrases, and not let the people that use your project able to chat freely.
552: Propose Studios to be Featured at 1:38:51 AM 5/7/20204191918
This studio was created to Be Moist
551: I'm quitting scratch just forever at 1:11:48 AM 5/7/20204191865
I'm sorry that you are quitting, but please announce this somewhere else, as the QaS forums are for questions about Scratch.

bigpuppy wrote:

If I'm understanding you correctly, you can use this button:

Please tell me if I didn't understand the question correctly.
I think they mean a semi-transparent shape, not completely invisible.
To do this, you would need an outside editor like Inkscape, Affinity Designer, or Gravit.
If you don't want to, then follow these steps to recreate this in SVE (Scratch Vector Editor):
1. Create a shape.
2. Fill the shape with a gradient of clear and another color, such as white.
3. Use the reshape tool, and reshape it in to a square, or any other small shape.
4. Voila! If you want to, you can also use the select tool to make the shape bigger.
549: Project at 11:41:22 AM 4/7/20204190060

Byron_Inc wrote:

I think yes. It's how many times the green flag was clicked.
It is dependent on unique viewers, not how many times the green flag was clicked.
Learn more about views here.
548: Profile page at 6:21:36 AM 4/7/20204189577

p4c1f1cr1m wrote:

I don’t know about links. I’m an 11 year old kid

See those little bars up there? Go to your project, and look at the bar on top. Highlight the link on there, and copy and paste it back on an new post here.

Did you share the project? Just to make sure you did.
547: Is this allowed at 6:11:33 AM 4/7/20204189563
Oh wait, you mean you are restricting stuff to your own followers? I don't think that's a good idea. It basically charms people to follow you, and that very unfair.
546: triangle eye at 4:22:25 AM 4/7/20204189445

fdreerf wrote:

Wikians wrote:

On April Fools' Day of 2017, a new emoji was discovered, showing the Illuminati symbol. After April Fools' Day, any use of the emoji would be replaced with the text “triangle eye”. It was reinstated for the duration of April Fool's Days 2018 and 2020, and subsequently once more became “triangle eye” afterwards.

According to Scratch Team member thisandagain, the emoji name ksllxmfcai does not mean anything, it was just “smashing the keyboard”.
oof okay i didn't read the wiki enough i guess
545: triangle eye at 4:14:32 AM 4/7/20204189435
How did the Scratch devs come up with “_ksllxmfcai_” for the illuminate emoji? Did they just randomly spam the keyboard?
My browser / operating system: MacOS Macintosh X 10.15.3, Chrome 83.0.4103.116, No Flash version detected
Works for me.
Version 3.12.0
Electron 8.2.5
Chrome 80.0.3987.165

Scratch 3.0 does not need flash anymore.
But that doesn't matter.
You do not need to update flash, and flash will be discontinued in December 2020.
543: Custom blocks formatting at 3:23:34 AM 4/7/20204189384
forever if <> :: stack  //?

GreenLimeAnimations wrote:

BearSlothCoding wrote:

To put another block with points there. Like you could do
forever if <this>
then define it as
when green flag clicked
forever if <(foo) = [1]> // you can't make a custom c-block but I can't fix it

define forever if <this>
if <this> then
but i tried but it not work
So basically, it works like this. You see the block below? The “mouse down” block?
<mouse down?>
It will report “true” if your mouse is “down”, or being clicked.
And “false”, if your mouse is not “down” or not being clicked.
So, in an custom block, you can do this:
when green flag clicked
Dance if clicked <mouse down?>

define Dance if clicked <down?>
turn cw (10) degrees
think [dance] for (2) secs
turn ccw (20) degrees
541: Is this allowed at 2:29:50 AM 4/7/20204189328
So it's like an upgrade in your game? Yes. As long as anyone can get it by earning it, it should be allowed. If you are restricting content for just some people, that, however, can be questionable.

BearSlothCoding wrote:

To put another block with points there. Like you could do
forever if <this>
then define it as
define forever if <this>
if <this> then
is that supposed to be like that?
fixed it for ya'

zedthehedgehog wrote:

belangermediaa wrote:

zedthehedgehog wrote:

My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 83.0.4103.116, No Flash version detected
(Title and GIF)

how do you have dark mode
It's a userstyle

It's from here
Please don't share any userstyles or userscripts.
So, Red? Can we just be done with this discussion because things have sprouted from it and you've got the answer, which is “Most likely no.”
It seems to be about 600x160 (px)
About 10 lines high (no formating)

jeez I took waaaaaay too long on measurement.