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5: Propose Studios to be Featured at 10:45:27 AM 24/7/20204252048
I feel that this studio: needs to be featured because new scratchers can find backgrounds. if scratchers dont know how to use the SVE or SBE, they can look at any projects in the studio. later on, they may even see in the vector editor how the background was made and they may get inspired to make their own and help other scratchers. that way, everyone is happy.
4: April Fool's Day! at 1:27:22 PM 1/4/20203905037
why is there a cat on the event bloxs?
nice feature!
luv it!

verrrrry useful
thx for this update
update on lol
2: light/dark mode at 11:29:41 AM 26/12/20193792127
oh thx for letting me know

scratch on
1: light/dark mode at 9:59:17 AM 26/12/20193792097
I've been waiting for this for ages

can u pls AD DARK MOOOOODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!