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153: I'm quitting scratch just forever at 1:17:20 AM 5/7/20204191873
like? why am i even replieing im deleting my account in 2 days
152: I'm quitting scratch just forever at 1:05:19 AM 5/7/20204191857
bye bye

formore info for why i quit:
151: 2.0 plugins at 3:34:04 PM 4/7/20204190674
its now 3.0
in my profile
But I told him to report quietly though, also that topic is very Scratch 2.0 old.
147: Chose to Remove Auto-Save at 11:15:44 AM 1/7/20204180212
also, that would cause necroposting
146: A Captcha Password Glitch! :) at 11:14:06 AM 1/7/20204180206
Thanks! But we still need to get the word out about this severe glitch for mobile only users.
145: "Turn Off" Studio Messages at 11:10:53 AM 1/7/20204180199
what about the invite everyone, f4f, add all project studios that they spam me up with
144: Chose to Remove Auto-Save at 11:09:29 AM 1/7/20204180194
Let's say you deleted something and you can't get it back, just refresh and it's back. But what it auto-saves? You're code/costume will be deleted FOREVER. and let me guess, duplicate, every new post in suggestions are duplicates. if it is a duplicate, don't tell me and report silenly.
143: "Turn Off" Studio Messages at 11:05:11 AM 1/7/20204180184

Nambaseking01 wrote:

Maybe just add an overall filtering system, as suggested in this topic?

It makes much more sense, just saying. There are more annoying messages than just studio activity.

not studio activity, studio invites
142: Remove public follower count. at 10:57:07 AM 1/7/20204180169

Nambaseking01 wrote:

ItsRainingScratchcat wrote:

no support, please don't add this, bad suggestion, -1, this is very bad

Why do you think this is a bad suggestion?

Please be constructive while making posts; no offense to you or them, but the Scratch Team implements suggestions based off of the reasoning of the supporters and not the amount of them. Thank you!

because i want to see my followers
141: Username glitch at 10:46:20 AM 1/7/20204180135
how can you get contacts, youre not on a phone?
But even the popular ones, they don't do and I AM SO TIRED OF STUDIO INVITES!
sorry for that anger :O
oh my this isnt in questons! ill report it
138: Remove public follower count. at 10:40:14 AM 1/7/20204180122
no support, please don't add this, bad suggestion, -1, this is very bad

There is a manage message suggestion thta they wont put on! Or any suggestion at all, also saying the original content is gonna cause more necropoating
136: "Turn Off" Studio Messages at 10:34:42 AM 1/7/20204180111
1000000000000000000000000000000000000 % support, i get 100s apon 100s of studio notifications
135: A new way to suggest! at 10:32:31 AM 1/7/20204180108
That would cause more bullying, -1
134: Glitch with Scratch projects! at 10:30:16 AM 1/7/20204180104