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139: Restoring Curators and Projects at 2:09:04 PM 17/9/20204425115

Ihatr wrote:

Total support, and I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested before. I can't tell you how many times I've seen studios get raided, and over half the managers/curators get deleted before action is taken. This would be an incredible addition. If this doesn't get added, one thing I like to do is invite my alt to the studio, and if my main account gets deleted, I can still curate on the alt, because you can't delete studio invites. Anyway, back to the point. Yes, this would be awesome. Anyway, could you update OP to include a history menu, where you could add back people that were deleted at a certain time. You don't want to add the raider back
Thanks for the support! The restore curators button wouldn't restore people that removed them self, so it wouldn't invite back the raider if they remove them self. If someone else removes them, then when you invite back the people that were removed by the raider, it won't invite the raider back since someone else removed them.

EZ-Games wrote:

scratchykit5743 wrote:

however some people in more professional studios like TFH or the AAA (just an example) might not be happy with it.
If you're mentioning The Forum Helpers, I'm one of them and I wouldn't mind this feature, I think it's fine. I'm not sure why we as a group would be opposed to the idea.

This reminds me of an incident that happened with a collaboration studio I knew about a while back when someone removed everyone and said that the collaboration was over. The owner(s) of the studio ended up making a completely new studio, which was frustrating for them. I can see how this feature would help out with incidents like these.
Thanks for the support!
138: Restoring Curators and Projects at 12:27:10 AM 16/9/20204421473

scratchykit5743 wrote:

semi-support. people in the RPing community, like my buddy redwolfowo, might be happy to try and restore bios and RPers in her studios. however some people in more professional studios like TFH or the AAA (just an example) might not be happy with it.
Thanks for the semi-support! Could you explain why TFH and AAA wouldn't like it?
137: Restrict Backpacking at 4:22:34 PM 6/9/20204396070
That's a pretty cool idea! Support! This would guarantee that credit would always be given for backpacking things, and no one would be able to forget to give credit or act like the code, costumes, etc., were made by them.
136: Restoring Curators and Projects at 2:10:13 PM 6/9/20204395770
If this suggestion gets added: this feature could be part of that
135: Restoring Curators and Projects at 5:41:42 PM 5/9/20204393981

Basic88 wrote:

Support! This could help restore raided studios. I would like one thing to be amended though:
Where it says “x restored x project(s) removed by x” I think “removed by x” should be removed from the sentence because that's naming and shaming. It already says “x removed project x” anyway.
Thanks for the support! Good point! I'll work on re-doing the example so that it no longer includes that
134: Restoring Curators and Projects at 5:34:58 PM 5/9/20204393965

Ham19-01-2011 wrote:

That sounds like a cool idea! Although I think it would be better to have that in a different topic since some people who support this may not support that idea and some people that support that idea may not support this idea. Do you think that you could make a topic for it? Yeah, it's probably a good idea to change it to only allowing managers to do it. I'll change that Thanks for the support!
133: Restoring Curators and Projects at 3:41:24 PM 5/9/20204393688


Support, this is similar to an idea I had
Thanks for the support! Could you talk a little bit about why you support? It helps the suggestion if people say why they support so that the Scratch Team knows why we want it added.
132: Restoring Curators and Projects at 8:56:30 PM 3/9/20204388911
131: Lunar chronicles at 7:41:49 PM 3/9/20204388685
Hi! It looks like this is a duplicate. Please continue to discuss this topic here so that the discussion can be kept in one place. Thanks
Sorry, but no support. This could lead to spam. Because users have to invite each and every one of their followers to a studio, it's a lot harder to spam their followers with several studio invites, but if someone could send a message to all of their followers with the push of a button, it would be very easy to spam their followers with several messages.
129: Restoring Curators and Projects at 6:03:24 PM 2/9/20204385292

FloatingMuffins wrote:

No support. This wouldn’t be necessary if people were careful about who they added. Scratch Team resources should be focused on other areas.
Thanks for your feedback!
128: Restoring Curators and Projects at 2:29:18 PM 2/9/20204384567

scratchastroLOL wrote:

Will the Restore Projects button restore projects from a curator who purposely removed it?
Yes. If someone comes and removes a bunch of projects from your studio on purpose that weren't supposed to be removed, instead of adding each one back one at a time, you can just add them all back at once

Bluebatstar wrote:

I Semi-Support for the same reason as @YeetoBurro1. That, and I simply don't feel this is necessary, because re-adding projects isn't that hard. But I can see how this would still be very useful for people who curate studios.
127: Restoring Curators and Projects at 12:21:47 PM 2/9/20204384203

LydzWinry wrote:

Support. It would be useful for restoring raided studios.
Thanks for the support
126: Restoring Curators and Projects at 1:13:02 AM 2/9/20204383447
I just added a mock up image of what the activity could look like when a user restores projects.
125: Restoring Curators and Projects at 12:42:41 AM 2/9/20204383415

Yeetoburro1 wrote:

Semi-Support. While this would be an AMAZING way to recover a studio raid, it could be used to do studio raids. Sometimes someone will add a bunch of unrelevant projects, and so you have to delete them. Then they could just click that button.
Thanks for the Semi-Support If someone adds a bunch of unrelated projects though, another manager should probably remove them (or if they are a curator, they won't have the ability to re-add them.) Also, it's a lot easier to remove a bunch of curators or projects then it is to add them back. You could easily remove several unrelated projects from a studio withing a few seconds to a couple minutes, but adding them back takes way longer.
124: Restoring Curators and Projects at 10:24:46 PM 1/9/20204383223

Burgher1679 wrote:

in the THANKS FOR 80 FOLLOWERS i make a mistake and i removed one manager amd all the projects
123: Restoring Curators and Projects at 10:14:47 PM 1/9/20204383202
It can be really annoying when someone removes all of the projects and curators from one of your studios, but I have a suggestion that will make adding these projects and curators back a lot easier!

Note: By curators I mean curators and managers.

My suggestion is to add two buttons on the activity tab which could be used by managers. One says “Restore curators”, and the other says “Restore projects”. Here's what this could look like:

Restore Curators: This button would require the manager to enter a starting and ending time and date of which the curators were removed and who they were removed by. To make sure that a manager can't add back a ton of curators from a really long time ago, they can only add back curators that were removed 24 hours or less ago. This button will also not add back curators that were removed by themselves for two reasons:
1- to make sure that they aren't inviting back people that don't want to curate using this button
2- to make sure that the person who messed up the studio isn't invited back if they removed them self.

Restore Projects: This button would work exactly like the “Restore curators” button except it would add projects back instead of curators.

Let me know what you think of this idea and how it can be improved. Thanks

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@Illusion705 {for the reasons above}

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Sorry, but no support. This sounds a lot like the top loved section, and it wouldn't be fair because some projects would probably always have the most votes causing the section to almost never change. For example, Paper Minecraft has been the most viewed project for a long time, so if their was a “Most Viewed” section that had the projects with the most views, Paper Minecraft would always be on it.
121: Add button to demote managers at 7:15:13 PM 29/8/20204374028

pandacorn_owl wrote:

Support and I agree only the owner should be able to demote because on Whatsapp everyone was admin on a groupchat someone then demoted everyone which was really annoying. Imagine a studio has lots of managers who were chosen based off certain criteria someone then gets premoted and decides to remove all the managers. It also helps studios which have specific criteria to be managerand if someone no longer meets this they could easily be demoted
I think it would be better to just let all managers demote people so that if the owner is inactive people can still easily be demoted. When you think about it, managers already have the ability to remove other managers which is probably worse than demoting all of the managers, so I think letting any manager demote other managers wouldn't cause any harm.
Support! This would make stamping sprites a lot nicer!