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393: Project Won't Share at 12:47:22 AM 20/9/20204431873
Is the project large in size? That might cause it to lag, or just not work.
392: Origins of a sprite at 12:34:08 AM 20/9/20204431857
Well, I would say it makes the player look “cooler” than just a basic square. It's easy to add, and makes the platformer look like more work was put into it.
I didn't even realize it was gone.
No, I don't believe so. However, you might find out if you get lots of comments on that project, or if you go to the front page and see it.
389: A Question about Unsharing at 8:31:13 PM 19/9/20204431467

Basic88 wrote:

Yes, the views, loves, favorites, and remixes will stay. Just curious, but are you planning on doing the trending glitch?
They gave the reason for the unshare/reshare, as they are adding a highscore feature.
388: hei at 6:33:06 PM 19/9/20204431295
387: New Coding Languges at 6:10:08 PM 19/9/20204431235

EpicEnderman2000 wrote:

Re: scratchastroLOL
I want scratchers to be able to change what coding languge they are using without deleteing there work.
I can send you a screen-shot of what i mean.
Also, your project would not load. And when i copied the link, the “Aw Snap!” Page. It must be a big work of art.



Za-chary wrote:

2.2 Text-based syntax in Scratch
Some users wish to code Scratch not with the blocks, but with typing code instead (similar to how more advanced programming languages work). Others are interested in an option to view, convert, or download Scratch code to other programming languages. However, the Scratch Team has discussed this possibility multiple times and has decided every time that it would not be beneficial for beginners or for teachers.

This suggestion extends to coding, viewing, converting, or downloading Scratch in any text-based language, including BBCode, Javascript, some form of pseudocode, or some other programming language. If you wish to code using another language, then you can learn it on your own, but it would have to be done outside of Scratch. For those who are interested, it may be worth checking out Tosh. It is a text-based programming language which serves as a text editor for Scratch projects.

Before making a topic read The Official List of Rejected Suggestions aka. TOLORS

PullJosh wrote:

Hey everyone! I found two videos on my computer that I had totally forgotten about! They're two Leopard tutorials I recorded a long time ago.

I've uploaded the first, What is “Yield” in Leopard?, so definitely check it out. I hope to edit and upload the second one soon.

Have a great day!
385: Youtube at 4:24:37 PM 19/9/20204431009

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

X-UltimateGamer-X wrote:

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

X-UltimateGamer-X wrote:


fdreerf wrote:

Why not just use Youtube?

Because It is blocked!
So basically you just want to watch youtube but your school blocked youtube so you want Scratch to make a youtube like thing so you can bypass the youtube block and then end up getting Scratch blocked aswell?
no, I mean so that it is safe for kids. Because it is blocked, if not by the school, for most kids!
If the school finds out scratch has a giant youtube like service they will end up blocking scratch as a whole.

(also most school districts don't know about the discuss youtube links, but since this suggestion seems that it would become a big part of scratch it would probably end up getting scratch blocked in most schools)
The discuss YouTube links are basically videos embedded into scratch, so if a video was blocked in your school, you still wouldn’t be able to view it using the video player.
384: Profile Picture Not Working at 4:19:39 PM 19/9/20204430998

tashu17 wrote:

I tried putting a profile picture on my profile,it never works!!I take any picture from the folder it always come ‘The picture you tried is larger than 500-500’

A help?
What this means is that the picture is more than 500 by 500 pixels across. Try shrinking the picture in an photo editor.
383: Automatic 'Troublemakers' list at 4:17:49 PM 19/9/20204430997


I am 99.99999% sure that this is a dupe
If you don’t have the link, don’t post that it’s a dupe.
382: can we link google sites? at 4:16:46 PM 19/9/20204430996
As long as all the content in the website is appropriate INCLUDING links to other sites. If it is appropriate, then you should be able to link it.
381: Increase PFP size at 1:29:38 PM 19/9/20204430653
Somewhat support. I think the profile pictures are a good size already, and a profile picture is more of a picture, as per the definition — I don't think words are necessary to put in, and in the case of the username, we can just read the username right next to the profile picture. Again, though, I see no benefits or downsides to this.
i was tired and just copied and pasted this from something @Za-Chary said, because when I tried to word it, it sounded awful. thanks Za-Chary
380: Music help at 3:34:06 AM 19/9/20204429833

SirSimE wrote:

That would take too much out of the song
Well, unless you want to risk your account, you really can't.
379: Lego Mario at 12:05:59 AM 19/9/20204429496

BaBy_Fin wrote:

Truck11111 wrote:

probably not going to be added because of copyright
well, one of scratches sponsors is LEGO Education, and maybe they could work things out w/ nintendo.
That still doesn't change the fact that copyright gets in the way. LEGO is only a sponsor, not a shield from copyright.
Bump, as I'm redirecting from a dupe
377: Change the events blocks back to brown at 10:40:33 PM 18/9/20204429327


Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

IndianRuby718 wrote:

Maybe there could be a poll about how much of the community would support or not support this?
I feel like that would cause an issue of people no supporting just because it's not necessary or they are used to the current colors.
well people who came in 3.0 are likely not to support
They do help vary the colors and make scratch less confusing, and besides, it's just a color change. It's not like we are reverting scratch back to 2.0. I think most people will be happy with it, as I don't see a single negative benefit
376: hei at 10:35:02 PM 18/9/20204429316

MeowyTitan08 wrote:

hei hei hei, h-ei hei hei h-ei-ei hei hei
hei der
375: Convert all YouTube links in comments at 10:33:35 PM 18/9/20204429314
Good idea, but it's a dupe
rip i know
374: please hack my website at 10:27:24 PM 18/9/20204429298

fdreerf wrote:

Jeffalo wrote:

LandonHarter wrote:

Jeffalo wrote:

LOL who tried ilovelasagna
Wait, you have a log of all the incorrect password attempts? I need to see it.
well yes but that also includes correct password attempts
Did people manage to guess the correct password already?
If someone guessed the password, they would almost certainly announce it on this topic, I'm almost sure of it