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322: How to get popular on Scratch at 11:26:45 AM 16/9/20204422218
While Scratch isn’t about fame, one of the quickest ways to popularity is to just be super helpful and welcoming in the community. Or just make animations, and then you can probably become famous.
321: I'm new! at 9:50:57 PM 15/9/20204421174
Hi! Welcome to Scratch
320: What happens after you get reported? at 11:07:50 PM 14/9/20204418439
A variety of things could happen, and it all comes down to a few factors
1. Have you been reported in the past? If so, how many times?
2. What were you reported for?
3. Was it a comment or project that got reported?
4. How many reports did that comment/project get?

If you get reported, you will most likely get an alert letting you know. If you get reported for an unfair reason, then you can contact the ST to appeal the report. If you get reported multiple times you may be either muted or blocked based on how bad what you posted/ said was.
319: Age requirement on forums at 7:04:02 PM 13/9/20204415364
While I know that Scratch is for all ages, sometimes I feel like the forums are not. For example, if someone asked:
Can I say (insert swear word here) on Scratch?
And another user responded:
No, because Scratch is for all ages
Then a younger child could still see it if they looked on the forums, which kind of defeats the purpose of Scratch being for all ages if sometimes the forums are not.
I think that a solution for this problem is that if a child is younger than (certain age yet to be determined) then there won’t be an automatic link at the bottom of every page leading to the forums, or an alert that pops up stating that the ST has emailed their guardians email address (provided when creating an account) for their permission for the child to access the forums the first time that they try to access the forums. Or maybe this only happens in the questions forum topic, which mostly has all of the “Is this allowed?” forum posts.
318: UNDERSTAND TIMEZONES at 10:45:03 PM 12/9/20204413575
This seems like more of a personal issue with the Scratch Team, for which you should use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page.
317: better contact us feature at 10:43:56 PM 12/9/20204413572
I think that this is a wonderful suggestion, because even though it technically doesn't speed the process up, it can help them sort through e-mails faster by deciding if one of those three reasons is more important than the others
316: My Birthday at 9:30:59 PM 12/9/20204413411

Ihatr wrote:

Ihatr would think it is fine. Ihatr wouldn't recommend saying “I'm turning ___ today!” as that would be giving out too much info.
Yes, or maybe post the project in a week or two, and say “sometime in the past few weeks I turned — so this is a happy belated bday for me”. Then people won't know the exact day.
315: my idea at 9:25:58 PM 12/9/20204413404
By c block do you mean one of these?
if <> then


(some websites consider them c blocks because they form the shape of a c)

If so, Scratch already has those. If not, then please elaborate more on your suggestion
314: Is sharing Spotify allowed? at 2:56:13 PM 12/9/20204412603
The title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m just wondering if I can share my Spotify account on Scratch.
Is sharing social media allowed? For example: a comment like

My Instachatbook account is @abc123 (not true or even possible)

And, before you respond ‘no’, then how come sharing youtube accounts are okay. I mean, obviously everything is appropriate and fits the Scratch Guidelines (other than I guess a face reveal). I just am not sure why not. Thanks for reading my question
312: Is this allowed? at 11:22:01 PM 8/8/20204308119
Ok, but, I don't understand how that would scare an 8-year-old. Thank you though for your answers. I would also appreciate it if an ST member could let me know.
311: Is this allowed? at 10:57:06 PM 8/8/20204308033
Okay, so, my Scratch friend and I are doing a collab, and part of the collab is the song ‘cardigan’ by Taylor Swift. We're changing a few of the words already, but I wasn't sure about the phrase: ‘now I’m bleeding'. I'm just honestly not sure because of all the debates about if animating blood is okay (just to clarify, we wouldn't animate anything, or anything like that for that part of the song). Would keeping it be okay?

HarryPotter_Hamilton wrote:

HarryPotter_Hamilton wrote:

309: F4F at 11:15:19 PM 7/8/20204304663
F4f is not a bad thing, but if you spam someone's profile with ‘f4f’ requests, you can be reported for spam. Also, don't ask ‘f4f’ if they say somewhere not to.

HarryPotter_Hamilton wrote:

307: How illegal is texturing your art? at 11:31:25 PM 4/8/20204294077
I'm sorry, but I have literally no clue how texturing could even be 1% illegal. What if that is just someone's art style? As long as you don't state: I am texturing my art so that no one can recolor it; then you should be fine.
306: poll what should i do? at 9:06:49 PM 4/8/20204293562
Hi! This doesn't seem like the proper forum topic for this. I would recommend making a studio, project, or poll (i.e. strawpoll) for this.
305: Try this out. It's fun. at 4:28:28 AM 4/8/20204289243
Hi! This isn't the place for advertising. You can do that in the Show and Tell forum, though.
304: Collabration [READ WHOLE POST] at 7:19:16 PM 3/8/20204287372
Could I maybe add something onto this suggestion that would fix this problem:

Za-Chary wrote:

Not to mention that there are still ways to break the Community Guidelines on an account without it being caught by the edit history. Suppose Scratcher A signs into the account, makes an edit with the project, then signs out. Then Scratcher B signs in, does not edit the project, and then posts a bunch of disrespectful comments on other users' projects. Then the account, as well as Scratcher A, would get blocked, even though Scratcher A didn't do anything. (“Clearly Scratcher A did this since they edited the project last…”)
The way to fix that problem would be to have collab accounts only be able to use the editor (i.e. no commenting, liking, following, etc.) If that is implemented then I will support this suggestion.

aarini36 wrote:

HarryPotter_Hamilton wrote:

Well, I would first ask her to give credit, if not then I would report her for not giving credit. If the situation gets worse, then I would recommend contacting the ST

kinda ninja'd?
How do i contact ST??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
say how[]
Here is a link: Contact Us.